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Octavia is sick of playing under-appreciated classical music to crowds of only a few dozen, so she switches up her format to become a top-40 pop musician and appeal to the masses.

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At least she is rich now. Elitist fans don't pay the bills. Why do you think, *shudder* Miley Cyrus and *blech* One Direction make money.

Well...this happened, I guess. Triple Platinum's pretty fucking crazy if you ask me, especially for a debut album.

Wanderer D

For shame, Tavi. :raritycry: :facehoof: :pinkiehappy:

Saw it, read it, laughed twice at 'you know that's your car, right?' And now I have to see if I actually own a Noteworthy blindbag...

I demand a sequel where she quits pop music.

Drugs make any story better.

3386337 You have a point. It's not about just making music anymore it's about survival just like everything else.


"Good morning and good night, I wake up at Twilight's, it's gonna be alright, we don't even have to try, it's always a good time! Whoo!"


The music industry merely gives the public what they ask for. It´s also our fault for allowing lowbrow music triumph over talented one.

This story isn't really complete.

By not establishing Octavia's predicament more clearly, the jokes don't land because you're dealing with a cipher, not a character.

You've got a premise ripe for satire, and a number of scenes appropriate to a montage. But there's no climax to it all, no denouement, no... well, anything. You took the barest bits of it rather than sinking in to the meat for the premise or character.

The end, where things are plainly spelled out? This feels like the end of a chapter, but not the end of any kind of story. I think the last sentence is supposed to be a joke, but it doesn't land because there is an enormous tonal dissonance.

I'd read this story in a later draft, but it needs a lot of work.

3389002 Thank you for your in-depth feedback. You are correct that there was a lot of fleshing out that I didn't do that I probably should have. I'll probably go back and revise this story at a later date.

3389295 Then I'll keep it favorited for when you do. :)

Y'know, this was decent. But it feels somewhat unfinished.

What about her husband? WAS he watching? What does he think of all this? I know that if I was married to Octavia, I wouldn't approve of actions like those she has taken at all.

I don't even enjoy pop music, but air humping another stallion? Man, that would piss me off...

Okay, I'd actually probably curl into a ball and cry. But the point still stands.

Normally I'd say that "this stuff is what's wrong with society" and "she sold out, but she kind of had to" and all kinds of stuff that would make people reply to the nobody who posted a comment.

However, I'm just going to say that this was good. It was funny, it had references, it made sense, and I liked it. That's all I'm going to say.
Except the stuff above that I guess.

This, this is precisely what I've had to deal with all my life; often times my friends ask me how I can listen to the crap that comes on the radio (and not just "these days" either, period), but the truth is that any real standards I had shriveled up and died a long time ago. I love music, I always have, and I wish that our society rewarded talented people for doing what they love instead of what was popular; who knows, maybe someday in the future following your heart will be "in".

It's good for what it is:rainbowlaugh:.

3386337>>3386347>>3386361>>3386429>>3386631>>3386728>>3386994>>3387243>>3387542>>3387707>>3388045>>3389002>>3390512>>3391928>>3392096>>3398232 Title made me think of this.

You turned Octavia into Miley Cyrus! :raritydespair:

This was a fun little read, but it could use about an extra three-hundred words on the end. The old admirer feels almost shoehorned in, and her emotional reaction is crammed into two sentences.

I rather think this story is exactly the kind of cautionary tale Friendship is Magic would tell, about selling your dreams for money. I'd be very interested to see Vinyl's reaction to what the cellist has become, especially since the DJ only has a cameo so far! :twilightsmile: One does not get to perform at a royal wedding if one is a risque sellout, after all. The sad thing is that just as fast as these stars pop up, they burn out. Who remembers NSYNC, or any of the flash-hit rappers of yesteryear? On the other hand, great bands like AC/DC and Daft Punk are still touring, and underground hits like Anvil are starting to get a lot more exposure thanks to the Internet.

As for you the author, you've done well here! The story opens with a tantalizing premise, takes us through an interesting little story, and stumbles only a bit at the end. I think you could improve the story a bit by actually writing out the scenes with Octavia singing rather than just narrating what happened, especially since the lyrics themselves are such boring pop drivel. Well done on producing some authentic-sounding boring pop drivel, by the way! :pinkiehappy: You also did a good job describing Octavia as we've seen her in the show, a long-suffering musician with ladylike manners. All you need is a dose of Vinyl Scratch to show her the true path to monetary and musical success, fan loyalty!

3426235 I appreciate it! I will go back in the near future and revise this story with those things in mind. :pinkiesmile:

3432703 Revise It? I think you know we would settle for nothing less than a sequel.

This really needs a sequel.

So Octavia is a juke box hero with stars in her eyes

3426235 This story does feel like you've missed out the third act. An ideal resolution would be to extend that meeting with an old admirer, and have her decide to break away from exactly what Noteworthy is telling her to do. To be homest I'm getting a Svengallop vibe from him.

She goes and starts playing her cello again, but this time she covers modern songs, including her own, and uses what she's learned to do modern versions of classical pieces, creating her own style rather than a generic pop, which gains her a far larger and longer lasting following.

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