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Broken, that is the word that Amber used to describe herself when she discovered that she was unable to have her own child. It was a word that her best friend Annie wished she'd stop using, but Amber wouldn't budge. But Annie wasn't going to leave it alone, if Amber was going to accept that she was broken, then she'd have to accept that anything broken can also be fixed.

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Damn, this is getting good! I actually cried a bit! And I don't cry too often!

Loving it so far. Though one question, is this story with human versions?

5540585 Glad you like it, and yes, they're human in this. But they still retain abilities of their pony forms so magic and flight are still a thing.

Someone writing a humanfic that doesn't use the anthro tag?
Jesus I love you.

taking care of silky animals

While I won't deny Fluttershy probably did look after some really soft animals I think you meant to say sickly animals "silky animals" give the impression that she looked after a lot of really physically soft animals.

MORE!!!!! I WANT TO SEE MOREEEEE!!!!!! :fluttercry: It's so sad!!!!

5549030 More will come, maybe :trollestia:

Where almost there

I think you meant to say "we're almost there" There were some other little errors, but this one was the first I noticed and one of the more glaring.

but there are times when she just budge

your missing a word in this sentence, I think you mean to say, " but there are times when she just won't budge." Maybe you should look through the chapter and see if you can spot the rest of the errors. I'm really liking the story.

5540603 wait, so does that mean they fly like superman? Or do they still have wings?

5632152 My favorite of the human headcanon is that those with flight ability can manifest their own magical wings which allow flight.

5632264 so that's what the 'pegasus' in this story are able to do then?

it isn't Athena it's Anthea but great story so far :twilightsmile:

i was listning to this song reading the chapter https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70VlAyEUXYM idk but it fitted so much...

Really love the new chapter! :pinkiesmile: But all of hat aside there were a few grammatical errors. Other than those, it was fun!

Amber in tern smiled back at him and gave a node of her head.

I noticed this slight mistake, I think you meant to say " Amber in turn smiled back at him and gave a nod of her head." You should always be on the lookout for errors, and check on your posts every week or so to see what errors you can notice and correct.

I'm enjoying the story.

6675630 Much as I've tried I could just never find the motivation to continue this.

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