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Brilliant plots, total dick.


After the events of Season 8, House lost his reason to smile anymore

Until life as a Doctor sucked him back in, differently than he'd expect.

Either I have died and gone past purgatory and straight to my own personal hell.

Or I stumbled upon another group of idiots who somehow need my help, despite the fact I'm not even the same race as them. Like they would understand what they were doing if they somehow decided to treat the measles with a spell, it would make the bacteria stronger thus you just created more life of super mutants.

Good work, now lets play doctor.

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I watched enough House to know you got his personality pretty much spot on. I'm so proud!

Really like House's interaction with his fellow doctors.

Literally studied his character

6300205 Your writing of him is definitely getting better.

That Authors note... Dam now I wish I watched house more...

Mn, the case was exciting. I wonder though, what House made to piss Applejack off? Guess we'll find out in the following chapters.

I seriously recommend it, it's on Netflix now (the entire eight seasons)

Get ready for a thrill when you do, it'll be great.

Thank you!

Oh and don't worry, much, about House's safety regarding Applejack.

A little... incident :ajsmug:

ah fuck, now i'm all feely and sad! damn you, you magnificent bastard!

Dr. House?! In Equestria?! Engage emergency escape plan "Nope"!

Goodbye, I'll be back after I'm done binging this on netflix. Good job on the writing, I can't wait for more.

But.....its septem-April Fools

... I am extremely confused. This jumping around doesn't make for a cohesive story.

Chase's surprise appearance was great and I really want to know what patient House must cure that is top priority to Celestia.

If you ever seen the show, they jump around on the time line occasionally. Sometimes it's in order, say they just finished case a and moves on to case b, but other times- they would leap months ahead of the year.

I'm keeping true to the show, as much as I can. They don't just vomit the backstory outright through narration, they explain it through situations and dialogue that would be meaningless (or like common knowledge that they already knew).

Of course, I have a plot for this story, but I'm going to take my time and let it happen naturally instead of forcing it.

I cut out unneeded fluff because it's not fun to write about Doctor House traveling down the hallway while limping, and it wouldn't be fun to read. So I stick with the show method and just cut out unnecessary fodder unless it has some meaning to it.

This kind of medical fiction about House MD, you don't need to know everything at once. It's cohesive once I place the puzzle pieces in, and even then- Dr. House is not the best narrator in the world.

You shouldn't be able to guess what happens tomorrow, or what happened yesterday. It's the present, and no one dawns on the past unless it was meaningful.

I'm going to assume emotional manipulation by celestial by a changeling she let out of her dungeon. i am a pessimist

I only watched so much house....
but a House in equestria story can't be that bad,
so long as he's in character.

Will you be continuing this story anytime soon?

Not really I was expecting a dog hair joke of her sitting in his seat. But then again he has been there for a year. Overused?

Is this story or you dead on this site? Will this ever get an update? The surprise appearance of Chase was unexpected, I'm eagerly awaiting for more.

MORE! GIVE US FUCKING MORE!! would you kindly?..

Now this sounds much more like House than that other fic. You have my curiosity.

Twilight glared at me, "What? Too soon?"

That line was so House. Still, you'd think there'd be a day of mourning, or something, I don't know... it'd be a bigger deal than this.

"Better than you will be," I said, "You have Optical Radiation, stage four."

I'm guessing being cross-eyed is a symptom of ORP in this story? So I'm guessing strabismus goes hand in hand with ORP?

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