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One big happy functional family.
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Everyone goes along to tell how a child is born pure of heart, but how Twinkle Star not supposed to be blamed when she's exactly the worst of Twilight and Trixie combined with only a trickle of good traits. Her entire existence is to be the worst pony ever, and she pretty much embraces it!

If you could take your worst qualities, and your lover's worst qualities, and place them into one child who naturally already have some good traits passed down from both parents, you would get the worst filly in existence.

Twilight, Trixie, and their "lovable" daughter, Twinkle Star, are one happy family. If only Twinkle would actually get along with her two mothers and not strain every-pony's patience, that would make for a stable family.

no, Twinkle Star is not a Mary-Sue. Don't get that idea. She's literally supposed to be the worst of both Trixie and Twilight, with the exception of natural inherited traits like proficency in magic and [censored for comedic relief/laugh and applaud in German pls] like that.

title also not stolen by one of my favorite authors, pls don't soo

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Damn you, sir. Damn you. Well played.

You've written my trigger word, so now I'm going to follow this story through to the end.

That's not the only reason, of course. So far I've really enjoyed what I read. Keep up the good work, old chap.

Well at least Twinkle doesn't seem to have Twilight's tendency to go bat-shit crazy. Yet. :twilightoops:

can’t even remain a friendship with a bloody rock
that they’re names goes along with
Twinkle star doesn’t even know
bash her head into solid gold had enough to make

1. I believe you meant Maintain.
2. Their.
3. Forgot to capitalise.
4. Hard.

At first glance, one does have to wonder how they stayed together like they have. Though guess this also answered my question on who was the mother of the relationship here.

and now, it’s going nowhere from her grasps and if it does

Umm... I understand the line but it feels... Awkwardly structured.

Is the thermostat part a possible reference to Spongebob?

Hmm... Now I'm going to have to rethink on who was the actual mom in this regard since both are moms... Just call it my curiosity.

I’m not about to carry a stupid bolder
Fluttershy was quite, but stern in her voice
did not expect her house to be so calm and quite
the only thing I want to spend a peace of mind, it has to be peaceful
is to make even more detailed and complicated lists
Because you’re goddess is right here
the next five minutes of the intense lector she will get
You got about five seconds to get out of this house, looking for Twinkle
and Pinkie Pie being way too god at this activity
You pink, brainless, imbecil
I need an adult who has brain without the size of a decaying pistachio nut

1. Boulder.
2. Quiet.
3. Quiet.
4. Time. Least I think you meant Time.
5. List.
6. Your.
7. Lecture.
8. Look.
9. Good.
10. Imbecile.
11. I need an adult who has a brain that isn't the size of a decaying pistachio nut.

Let the adorable shenanigans continue.

Ah, thanks for that! Being proper is always a bugger to write, because I talk how I write. But thank you for pointing out my mistakes

6443793 No problem, but funnily enough, my teacher said the same thing. As if I was talking with my writing. Or... Yeah, you put it better. You talk as how you write. Or write as how you talk. Either or, same to me.

I wrote that line as a last minute effort to add an extra line in my paragraph. I seem to not have gotten away with it

The Thermostat, how'd you guess? :ajsmug:

6443832 The uhh... Thermostat? Did I reference something unintentionally again? I didn't... Really guess anything. Though there could have been a chance I read or heard something similar when I was younger. Strange how some things stick.

It was a reference to Family Guy, mate, but you were close!

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