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Brilliant plots, total dick.

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Hello, and welcome to my profile!

I upload stuff that I find actually good content and hopefully won't suck ass.

So uh, enjoy!

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Tea or coffee?

Cynics have to look out for each other, mate! :heart:

Ah! No problem! I don't normally follow peeps because, well, I'm a nerd who writes stories about pretty little ponies bickering at each other while I grin at my story views, adjusting my over-sized cigar as I roll in the literal cookie dough!

On a more serious note, given how I am instructed to talk in absolute sarcasm other wise the man behind my head will stomp on my pretty pony stories and italics, I'm glad you enjoy the story!

Honestly, comedy is easy to write (as I found), so that means more chapters on a regular basis; without the hassle of waiting twelve months for a single update, without strenuous pressure on me.

That is, until vacation is over and real life starts choking the adhd out of me, and I end up having to judge sleep or ponies.

Hey thanks for the watch! :scootangel: And keep with the great work with your story "Family Does(n't) Matter" I want more :heart:

  • Viewing 7 - 11 of 11
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