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We all dreamed of the day when we would turn twenty-one, the day when we would finally be able to legally drink our first alcoholic beverage, and Claire was no exception. Now that she had finally come of age, she asks her coltfriend Illusion to take her out for her first drink. However neither she nor Illusion were prepared for the hilarity that would ensue.

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Watching Rarity pretend to be sick and intimidaste Illusion made me laugh:rainbowlaugh:.

Saw this pic, and was hoping someone would make a fic out of it. Can't wait for more.

Ha ha! :rainbowlaugh:

Cannot wait for more!!! :pinkiehappy:

Nice chapter, but needs a small change. Rarity is the element of Generosity, not Honesty.

Already hooked, more please. :pinkiehappy:

Only one error I noticed, in the first paragraph.

Rarity is the element of generosity, not honesty.

4896783 Fixed, now excuse me while I spend the next couple of hours beating myself up over that....

You caught my interest!:ajsmug: I would like to see more soon.

There's an error in your description:

Claire was no expectation

The word you want is "exception".

This can only end well. :trollestia:

4898136 She author fixed it. Were is says Generosity, it said Honesty before.

I like where this is going.

I loved Rarity's "message" to Illusion! :rainbowlaugh:
It was simple, you know what she is implying, but she isn't saying it.
I eagerly await for more!!!! :pinkiehappy::yay:

Rarity´s talk! and her dramatic `couch´ LOOOOOOOOVE IT GIVE ME MORE!:raritywink:

ah man! :rainbowlaugh: I was going to write a story that involved this. Too late, I guess. lol :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

4898958 oh OK, it was my first time reading it, sorry about that

“Splendid,” said Rarity as she turned around, something hiding behind her. “Because I am putting a lot of faith in you to assure her safe return. And I will be rather upset to find that my faith was misplaced.” From behind Rarity’s back a large knife revealed itself and was raised into the air. Illusion watched as Rarity -with what was scarily the sweetest smile he’d ever seen- brought the knife down on the cucumber splitting it in two.
“Have I made myself clear?” asked Rarity as she looked Illusion in the eyes. Illusion gave a loud gulp as he crossed his hind legs in response. Illusion couldn’t bring himself to say another word, so he simply nodded his head in agreement. Fully content with herself Rarity took one of the cucumber slices and sat down on the other side of the table.
“I’m so glad we could have this little chat.”

Psycho Rarity? Now that's a scary thought. Reminds me of what Rarity is like in The Unexpected Life of Dusk Shine.

4914394 I see here lil' Miss Rarity.

I feel sorry for the people living in America as they have to wait till they are 21 till they can drink.

That was funny. Great idea. I feel so bad for both Clare and Illusion. Good luck with the next chapter.

What is this? An interesting fic that I may actually want to read? This simply can not be rea-

Featured 9/25/2014


FOR TEH LULZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5055209 Rule of thumb: Never read stories that puts 'Featured: <Date>' in the description, hell most people go by this and just nope out.

5055212 Oh...did not no that. Will fix. :scootangel:

Something tells me Claire will have no interest in having a drink again tomorrow.

5055214 We've all gotta learn somewhere.

5055219 Sorry about that, it's gone now, won't do it again.:pinkiehappy:

I almost feel bad for Illusion. It's a weird position to be in. Sometimes it's fun/funny and sometimes it's a huge pain in the ass.
I wish him luck.

Yes, even the child of an immortal Princess and Chaos itself isn't immune to...his girlfriend's parents.

At least she can hold her liquor better than I could.

Claire's drunken shenanigans are hillarious.

Yaaaay, congrats on winning the battle against writers block! Good luck with the war o7

Also, what'd be funny is if she passed out, but woke up without a hangover! And then she didn't remember drinking, and wanted to try it (again). :rainbowlaugh:

Anyways, thanks for the new chapter! /)

Very funny story. I think you did a great job with this story. I hope your future stories are as good as this story.

Spike,that's what you get for the I.O.U letter you gave her :rainbowlaugh:

A very good fic indeed really enjoyed every chapter of it. Also I found some errors:

When she looked up as him.

It should be 'at him'.

but she already guessed that go like you thought it would.

I'm guessing there was supposed to be an 'it didn't' between that and go.

picture of lemonade.

I think you were thinking of the word pitcher here.

she first work up.

Woke up.

asked one of the two figured.


Very cool. Nice build up and very cute moments. It is the third chapter that earns the fave from me, however! :pinkiehappy:

Unrelated side note: That drink Claire took that subtracted hangover and sense of taste... based on something or standard alchemical plot device? :pinkiehappy:

Wonder what will T and Spike find inside...

I saw,

shuffling around as thought she was in paint.

Should be, Pain?

From behind Rarity’s back a large knife revealed itself and was raised into the air. Illusion watched as Rarity -with what was scarily the sweetest smile he’d ever seen- brought the knife down on the cucumber splitting it in two.

Oh Rarity. Still as subtle as a hockey puck to the face. Never change.

Oh Celestia, Claire killed me in this. And for the son of the Lord of Chaos to essentially be her DD? Ha! Nice...

This was fun to read.

Rarity gets revenge at last.

5055358 I think he is, he's just scared of the pain that comes with it

Overprotective parents - Rarity edition!

I wish that the bars name implied that Celestia's a light weight and Luna's a heavy.

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