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With the time for her mothers party drawing near, Cotton Candy is trying desperately to bake her a special birthday cake. But the problem is that she can't bake to save her life. As time starts to run out and she begins to give up hope of making it in time, will a special friend be able to help her achieve her goal?

Story inspired by the cover image created by kilala97.

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If the father is Cheese Sandwich, I will read this. :raritywink:

While an adorably sweet story, why does the bake oven go up to 3500 degrees?

I'm more than a little concerned by the fact that Pinkie apparently has an oven that can go to 3500 degrees... :twilightoops:
Not all that surprised, but still concerned. :facehoof:

Doesn't Everypony's?:derpyderp1: I thought that was a normal temperature to bake things at.

I have not read this story yet, but so far I like it. I give points whenever a story ends with an even number of words(by the thousand).
+10 OCD Points :pinkiecrazy:

Baking ceramics only goes up to 1800, and that's a kiln. My oven only goes up to 500.

Really good. I hope you plan on making more of these.

3888541 I suppose it would be normal...
That is, normal if you were testing the capacity of baked goods to withstand atmospheric reentry!!!


That was my thought process too. I mean, at first I thought it was a logic oversight...

Then I realized it was Pinkie's kitchen, and everything made sense.

A few grammar hiccups or odd worse choices (An hour to six? You could say the party was an hour away, sounds more natural) but over all there were only a few problems. Otherwise it is a very solid story, and quite cute as well.

Thumbs up, soldier!

3888619 Glad to see you caught that, glad to see you liked it, means a lot coming from you.:pinkiesmile:

:pinkiehappy: Aww now ain't that sweet? This is likely going to blow up into an entire story if it gets enough followers! :twilightblush:

Very nice.

Oh my God, this was ADORABLE~! :twilightsmile: :heart:

3888389 You should probably go home then, it's Pokey Pierce,

These two make a cute couple, the content country colt, and the fun loving filly, sharing a moment together. This is how movie romances grow!

This is just great. I love it. Golden and Candy need more stories like this. Speaking of that, I think I might try to write one. Tomorrow that is, I need to get to bed.

I was wondering the same thing myself.


I am so outta here.

“I’d like that.”

AWWW!!!! So CUTE!!!!!:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:


Unf. Bake dat cake.

-Brought to you by Classy Toad Inc.: destroying innocence since ****

Very sweet and very cute. Have a like and a favorite and 'staches! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

What I take away....
Sugar cube corner has ovens capable of 3500 degrees.:pinkiecrazy::rainbowderp:

It must be for spike.:moustache:

To anyone who kept a straight face throughout that

This was very cute and I liked the story. Too bad there's no way you could actually frost a cake right out if the oven. If you did the frosting would just melt right off. It has to cool first.:rainbowderp:

D'aww this is cute

This story... I like it!

A few grammatical errors here and there, though these two were the most glaring for me:

a thick black cloud of smog smoke

“Okay, first we’ll need the ingredients, eggs, milk, flower flour, bu-“

Because Pinkie needs to plug something into the thermonuclear reactor in the basement. Duh! :pinkiehappy:

Only Pinkie would have one of those in her basement. Why didn't I realize that. :facehoof:

Maybe the smiley is actually a zero and Pinkie is the only expert to pull it off in case of speed baking.
She probably wrote it off as a smiley to make it a sort of fun/expert mode or something.
I really like the story.

Thank you for pointing those out, I fixed them now.


Awww this was very sweet!!

I just came from reading a Gold Star, and I must say Golden Delicious is a ladies-stallion

Vell, zometimez, hyou need a heavhy-duty oven...
For zos hard to remowe ztainz...

Dang! I shipped candyxprism

Daww this story is so sweet it almost gave me diabetus.

3888505 You are forgetting exactly who owns that oven.

Pinkie owns that oven right?

If you can't bake, just get Pinkie Pie to make you... oh yeah, she's you mom.

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