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Claire, the dracony daughter of Rarity and Spike has always been known as a strong fearless female. But it wasn't always like that, there was once a time where she did indeed have fears, and they almost consumed her. But one night, while she was cowering in fear from the monsters that were born from her own imagination. Her mother entered her room and taught her the most important lesson of her life.

Another one-shot inspired by the artwork of Kilala97.
Pre-read and edited by Brownie A La Carte
Spike is of legal age in this story.

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 167 )

Too adorable!

'effing hell, you guys, stop making so many cute fanfictions based off of these characters, I'm gonna die from all the sweetness.

This was a very cute little story.

Really good, one nitpick: Indent the paragraphs. The word choice and flow was perfect, and totally got the feelings across. Have an upvote.

3975852 hey jake I didn't know you were a fan of this next gen world too


Take this favorite before I pass out.:pinkiehappy:

Hell yeah! I love peeks into the future. All that shipping, but no inter-Mane Six?! Sign me the fuck up!

3975990 I know right!!! I hate the inter mane 6 stuff but I love ships. this universe the artist and all her fan writers have created....I cant get enough of it. im almost inspired to write my own fanfic on it. im kind of at a writers block as to where to go with my fic and am considering abandoning unless you can give me some ideas of what I should do for the first mission

D'awww. :heart: I can never decide if I like Sparity or SpikeBelle better, and you aren't helping.

It's always nice to read a short story about a mother helping a daughter. :heart:

cute story

Congrats on your featured:twilightsmile:

3976659 Thanks, it didn't last long but it still felt good to know it made it there.

Actually it's still there.

Love this fic... and now I pass out from cute overload

Awesome. Just... awesome. :twilightsmile:

Why don't you have more followers? This story's good!

So the things that scare us most are inside of us?
What was the name of the original story?

Yay!! You got featured! That's awesome! :pinkiehappy::heart:

I need more of this

So freakin' SWEET! Tears of joy!

Fun little fact. The chinese have this thing called a kirin which is the legitimate offspring of a dragon and a unicorn:raritystarry:

This story is beautiful! If you want to, you could post it into the Weekly writers Competition... Here's the link! Hope you join in, you'd have a high score on my part!

So cute ;3; There were a few typos though, but that doesn't matter cuz the story was just adorable :rainbowkiss: lol It's so cool people write stories based on kilala's pictures, I wish people did that for me :pinkiesad2: lol At the end though I couldn't help but imagining Rarity saying that last line in a demonic voice because it's in italics xD

That's actually not 100% accurate. The qilin (lit. "legendary fire(?)-deer") is actually its own unique creature, looking more like a cross between a deer and a Chinese dragon (and is generally on fire), though there are some known as "one-horned (unicorn) qilin". The Greek-invented unicorn never figured into the original conception of the qilin as it wouldn't have been known to the Chinese at the time, so it's not really meant to be a hybrid of the two (in fact, it's generally thought that they come from descriptions of giraffes, and were referred to as qilin upon being brought to China, proper). The Chinese do have a general dragon/horse hybrid which was explicitly described as the result of a dragon impregnating a mare, and these are called longma (literally, "dragon horse"). Of course, Turquoise Blitz fits the longma description much better than even Crystal Clarity.

pony + dragon = literally absolutely nothing
I can't read something if it makes less sense than the original show about magic talking ponies does. Also RARITY ISN'T INTERESTED IN FUCKING SPIKE. (In either way.)
[embrace the nonbelievers for the darkness of ignorance accentuates the light of truth muhuhahaha]


Ok, first if spike and rarity had a child more likly than not, the kid would be a more pony like till the begining of maturity, likesay the skales would start to grow in when the child is around appleblooms age, the horns would start at 16 months, and the tail would be longer and more draconian.
Second, AWWWEEEEE. SOOO CUTE!!! Went tnrough the same thing, slept with home made wepons for years.
And finnaly, this is a well writen story deserving ofa like,a fave, and 20 trolestias.
1 :trollestia: 2 :trollestia: 3 :trollestia: 4 :trollestia: 5 :trollestia: 6 :trollestia: 7 :trollestia: 8 :trollestia: 9 :trollestia: 10 :trollestia: 11 :trollestia: 12 :trollestia: 13 :trollestia: 14 :trollestia: 15 :trollestia: 16 :trollestia: 17 :trollestia: 18 :trollestia: 19 :trollestia: 20 :trollestia:
And a 5 mustash rating
1 :moustache: 2 :moustache: 3 :moustache: 4 :moustache: 5 :moustache:

I see more fantastic stories from Kilala's work! Excellent showing! It is a simple and touching piece. It doesn't have real conflict or deal with any major character development, but it still manages to do exactly what it set out to do.

A quick, touching story to flesh out all of the characters we know and love. Keep up the great work!

Also, grats on the feature!

you do realize this is a fanfiction right?
does it really matter?
don't need to get so uptight about it.

3977991 Well whether I am wrong or correct:rainbowderp: I applaud you and your research:twilightsmile: and humbly accept the fact that I have been schooled:eeyup:

3978006 Eat a Snickers, you're not you when you're hungry.

It was very simple, but very sweet. I'd very much like to see a more maternal side to Rarity, as she's usually the most vapid and self-focused member of the Mane Six.

I rarely look at the feature board, but today, I found your story intriguing. I am glad I read this, and I love the artwork as well.

3978006 Do you also go on every lesbian ship-fic and yell at the author when one of the female characters becomes pregnant with the other female's child?:ajbemused:

Cute sweet and short, I really like it.

I don't know man this is pretty me

Lol fuck no

I love the smell of butthurt in the morning. Sorry for pointing out your OTP's obvious major fucking flaw.

3978578 Don't worry bro, he's just a hater.:rainbowwild:

Well done, very cute. I love these stories based on Kilala's work. At this rate we're going to need a fan group for these fics. Personally this fic is my favourite so far out of all of them. Very heart warming. :twilightsmile:

Cute story and picture. Half-dragons are pretty cool, especially if they have unicorn magic. Is the story title from one of Veinna Teng's songs? (Lullaby of a Stormy night or whatever, I forget.)

*heart attack from adorableness*

:pinkiesad2::ajsmug::eeyup::twilightsheepish::scootangel::raritywink: SOOOO CUTE!!!

This is Equestria.
A world where a griffon, a mix between a lion and an eagle, which is said in the show, is possible.
A world where Draconequus, a mix between several animals exist.
A place where alicorns, a mix between earth pony, pegasi and unicorns exist.
A place where a mix between a bat and a pony can be created with simple magic.
Who are you to say that a dragony is not possible? :ajbemused:

Rarity is best momma :duck: hahaha. I love mother/child bonding. It's part of why I made these characters in the first place. Seeing the parental side of characters is just so sweet. Anyways FANTASTIC job with this :heart: you are amazing :pinkiehappy:

You point out all OTPs' f:yay:king flaws... probably even your own.

I don't have an OTP. All pairings COULD work, but pairings that DON'T work generally WON'T work. The ship depends on the fic, not the ship itself.

Yeah, especially for fresh ones that come out of the blue that aren't good. This was a good fic, a good ship, and I support both of these.

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