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A young colt is rumored to be running around the Everfree forest. The Cutie Mark Crusaders decide to investigate. Who is this colt? Where did he come? Why does he flip a coin to solve all his problems?

But most importantly, why does he have two horns, and what effect on Equestria will this have?


(RGRE story)
(tags added as the story progresses)

Chapters (2)
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An interesting start. Is this one of those universes where the colts and stallions are seen as weak? I wonder how Twilight is going to react to our twin horned wonder?

So far so good

Fascinating. Looking forward to more.

Yes, yes it is.

I should probably put that in the description, shouldn't I?

They are sometimes referred to as 'opportunistic hunters.'

Oh wow that’s an actual term.

Looking to the other two crusaders, she said, "Girls, I don't think this is just some lost colt.” (——


Reverse gender role equestria



Why am I not sure I wanna know what that is?

It's nothing sinister or fetish based. It's simply reversing the roles commonly associated with males and females. It was first thought up when people noticed the gender ratio in the show to be mostly mares and only a few stallions.

Here is the group: reverse-gender-role-equestria-rgre

So... Rule 63? Okay then, I can handle that.(Mostly...)

Kind of, only it's society that's been switched not the characters.

Absolutely right, Apple Jack, the three of you put yourselves in unnecessary danger that almost cost you your lives

Make Applejack’s name one word is the only error I caught.

Otherwise this was a good breather chapter and a good way to show other ponies reacting to our unusual colt.

Much better pacing wise. Makes this alot more enjoyable to read. Really looking forward to more now.

She walked through the front doors to see the main lobby, clean as always. That isn't what she came to see though, and the mare at the reception desk knew that too. "Third floor, room C13," the mare told Applejack, Applejack thanked her, then walked to the stairs.

Uh... Did AJ ask her for directions? Or is that nurse a psychic-type Pokemon?

It's a small town, and the medical staff obviously know why he's in their care, and they know who brought him in.

Ah, okay, thank you. It just wasn't explained clearly in the story.

Redheart thought they were the best caregivers in the country, second to the hospitals in Canterlot of course.

I bet it’s staffed by snobs. :ajbemused:

Scanning over the papers again, she decided to check the one thing that all the staff had been avoiding talking about. The one thing that spooked even the hardened doctors that served here for years. The colt's teeth.

*in a smart ass tone* Just go find Colgate!

Applejack sat on her haunches rubbing her temples.

Definitely liked the pace better in this chapter and I liked how they were astonished by the colt’s appearance.

How often are you going to update this story? I just wanted to know, so I knew when to check for the chapters.

Colgate... Hmm. New possibilities have been opened up.

Not sure, I'm making this up as I go along. Not that I'm writing then forgetting the past, I'm logging everything.
I write in chunks, so the next one should be coming out this week. Some time.

No criticism necessary. This is well done. Very well done.

Not only do you get a well deserved thumbs up, but I will be keeping an eye on this one.

The Monk

Of course he gets upset about the loss of his axe. it's the only thing he kept from home, after all.
Also, I can't decide of this is Two-Face or not. Clarify?

No, it's not Two-Face, he's an original character. Sadly, I don't feel as if I could even write that man in a believable way.

Ah, no probLlamas here, then. Glad it's not that kind of story, as you don't seem like the kind of writer who could really pull that off.

More please is more like two faces for me but if not still ok for me

Rule 63 is the switching of character genders, rgre means that the genders stay the same, but aspects of society change to be the reverse of what our society is today.

Note: the below is "outdated" thoughts and NOT meant to offend anyone (the fact I have to state this irks me)

Example: Today, most people say women are 'weaker and usually prefer around-the-house jobs, while men usually do all the outdoor-work, hunting, etc'
RGRE means that you would reverse that. 'Men are typically weaker and prefer around-the-house jobs, while women usually do outdoor-work/etc.'

Ah, okay, that makes sense. I don't think I'd fit into that society though... Specially if that meant girls would think I couldn't fight.

Nice first start, I hope you will keep on writing it, noting much to say at the moment, as it still looks generic at the moment, at until you have the main plot of the story appear. I think they could wonder his his brimstone horns are that of a goat. Still keep up the good work.

Also if you are ever interested I often do cover art on Fim and I am available for commissions, so PM me is you want to know more and the link to my DA gallery is in the link bellow.


That's the best, and to the point, explanation I've ever heard of for this. :twilightsmile:

My only question is where, on his head, are his horns? If your looking at his face are the one in front of the other? Back if his head? One on his forehead and the other his snout?

Also, a two horned Unicorn is more often than not, called a Bicorn. :pinkiesmile:

Well here's to hoping more chapters come out soon.

There will be... I'm just too good at procrastinating.:twilightblush:

Well i think they might be on the sides of his head like this ( ps don't watch the video i just needed the thumb nail )


or they are on the top of his head like this https://www.deviantart.com/alphawolfrkn/art/Bicorn-PERSONA-5-Speedpaint-702178431

To be honest, the fact I procrastinate and yet STILL get my work done is enough motivation for me to continuing procrastinating.

Pretty interesting story so far, i'm curious to see where this leads. I'm also curious when in the MLP timeline this starts.

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