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I enjoy smole horse words


This started as a RP between myself and Nihatclodra, but soon took a life of its own... so we decided to see where it would take us

7/13/2016: THe cover art is provided by the awesome mix-up! Thanks for the great cover! Here's his FiMfic account and here's his devientart account!

A Sadistic Mama's Boy and a Highly-Amused Master Manipulator find themselves as foals in Equestria... This sounds like the beginning of a bad joke. Good thing it's the beginning of a hilarious joke then, eh?

Come, watch as these Man-foals fuck with the whole of Equestria.

Come, see as Hilarity ensues around them.

Come, read what these two authors write without thinking whilst somehow making a good story.

Come, join the Co-Conspirators in alleviating their Boredom.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 94 )

More! this is awesome!

5966606 Sweet!:pinkiehappy: My first comment!! YAY!:yay::yay::yay:

5966774 I love every story that involves adults in foals bodies. So funny! XD :rainbowlaugh:

This was hilarious indeed.

We need more human-turned-into-colt/filly fics. There aren't enough, and the ones we have are short, incomplete, or on hiatus...:fluttercry::raritycry::raritydespair::fluttershbad:

this is a great start, it's pretty funny so far, it is too bad that their isn't any more story to this aside for two foals how are acting like dikes so far, I wander if Shift Spaced will need to be put on medication because their is no way that a person/pony could get so violent to be harm so may ponies for no apparent reason.


Damn this is unexpected! Well I'm sure you'll love to hear that I and my cowriter/editor are working on chapter 2 right now!

6999734 I completely agree, which is one of the reasons Nightmare and I started writing this... of course he had to start having computer problems so we couldn't write most days... :ajbemused:


This great to see an other chapter so soon after discovering it. So, Shifting Space psychotic episode was caused by the overwhelming realty that he was in, still I think that he would need treatment to help him calm him down at least until he manages to accept his new realty, and start to redefine his identity. I wander if Shining Armor will help his to canal his aggression into more constructive venues, and serve as a role model to look up to. The other sibling is the more worrying of the two, seeing his past as sort of prostitute if I understand it that has seen a lot of shit in his days. While the first at least manges has no trouble to evacuate his frustrations, if it really need to have a rein on it, the other I hope that his calm and collective disposition that borders sociopath won't a manifest itself as a psychological manipulator.

I hope this story will be more then just a bunch of foal endlessly prank ponies for their own amusement and hope that they will get better as the story progresses. at the very least I hope that they pranking skills could become useful later in the story. I hope their will be a national crises that they will take part of.

... Please redirect your question to Nihatcoldra please...:rainbowderp:

7002973 Sorry, have I offended you in some way? please tell me it is not my intension to do so.:unsuresweetie:

7002981 You haven't I swear! It's just that he'd probably give you an answer that's a lot more in-depth. Especially regarding his character Inanis. So I'm not insulted.

7002786 Okay, let's go over this:

How I am writing him; Inanis was pansexual and a bit of a man-whore as a human, but was never a prostitute. He didn't have a bad childhood either, but, as you pointed out... he does have sociopathic tendencies. Now, he had morals practically beaten into him at childhood due to a very Catholic upbringing, so that curbs a fair amount of his urges; but that doesn't change that he is legally a High-functioning sociopath... even if he's not a full sociopath. Basically, he can and will manipulate everyone around him without even trying (case and point; he gets everyone in the story so far to do exactly what he wants, yet you as the reader probably didn't even notice... I'm honestly proud with how I wrote him like that, and how I keep managing to get Nightmare to write the other characters doing what Inanis wants JUST by writing Inanis the way I do... it's hilarious and frustrated the hell out of Nightmare because I keep doing it), and will manipulate things in the way that best benefits and/or entertains him; but if he gets close enough to genuinely care about someone, then he will act more... "human" around them. He's not about to start killing ponies because they're annoying or inconvenient though, if that's what was worrying you. And this story will mostly be for fun while they're still kids, with most of the drama happening with older characters, but once they reach their teens and/or majority; the story will get more serious and there may be a war happening at that point, but neither Nightmare nor I have decided anything concrete at this point.

Any other questions about Inanis, or did I clear things up?

All the blame on Nightmare. Hhahahahahah! hilarious. But the adpotiong thing from Cadence? Oh boy, some shenanigans are gonna ensue when Shining knows of this. I feel like some hilarious shit is going to be happening soon.

The characters are pretty nice too! Inansis (hope that is spelt right) and Shifting space. Keep up the work! Oh....did i do good btw? I love commenting it's so hilarious! :pinkiehappy:

This was a more interesting chapter this time around. We finally see a little more world building along with some info about the pony subspecies. The foals seem to have finally calm down a lot seeing that they didn't harm anyone during the course of the day when they had the chance. Predictably Shiny isn't entirely on board with this, and his narrow reasoning with foals shows that that he is likely going no fun to b in company with most of the time and to be their main target for pranks, with the possible exception of a truce time during D&D games. I think Shiny could start to get their respect if manganese to impress them by showing them how awesome he can be with his magic marshal combat prowess; at least they could lesson to him when it comes to the use of precotions magic and training, but I hope they will still keep bickering with each other for the rest. Cadance will probably play the role of reffery between SA and the foals. I wander what stunt the nobles will try to show to Celestia that that the Crystal couple are unfit parents and will probably try to create incidents to show that. One thing that I wander is are those to expected to fill any roles in the royal functions of Equestria in the foreseeable future? and so how will they be groom into the position without being broken by the pressure that they will undergo with it and they can't just say no, and keep making tantrums all the time, tutors have ways to make them comply by force if necessary. Their is also the issue of what friends they will be allowed to have for company. the way that the story seem to foreshadow things it an be expected that the nobles will try to impose their own foals on them to strengthen the relation with other families as well as their foal will be instructed to be sicko-fans with them. I could imagine that SA and Caddy or their guards could also ask friends with foals to offer playmates. Public schooling would probably be out of the question, seeing that they would be expected to have the best possible education for them, so privet would sound better then home-schooled as they could make upper and middle class friends that don't have anything to do with the nobles.

7024949 Hmm... you raise some very good questions actually.


Indeed, he does. Unfortunately most of the answers to those questions would be spoilers, though I can and will say this: you are quite accurate in many things you mentioned, but not all of them.

im so happy its like you stole my mind and gave it physical for in shifty with a body to back up what the minde is saying

7070047 Ummm... that's a good thing right...?

Man you need to update like noaw!

Seriously though I'm freggin lovin this story.

7151732 Thank you! We are currently writing it.

Time to re-read this again... I have a problem; please send help...

7189268 What sort of help you needing?

7189290 Hello. My name is VikingOtaku6, and I'm addicted to Of Boredom and Co-conspirators...

7189425 Oh... well sir I'm sorry to say but... you're royally bucked.

7189530 I guess I have no other choice, but to cope...:raritywink:

7189537 HUGS It'll be alright. Chapter four is in the works right now.

7189542 I'll just have to wait for the newest batch. In the meanwhile, I'll continue trying to keep this fix going!:scootangel:

This is one of the best things i've found on this site. I always find the match of 'unstable' and 'sadistic' far too entertaining to be normal. Please keep this up.:pinkiehappy:


7919532 Nihatcoldra's wifi is spotty at best so until he get's that worked out we can't work on this story. I am soooo sorry.

8118953 As soon as my co-author gets the modivation. Sorry. :fluttershysad:


YAY! new chapter, :pinkiehappy:

Yes its back in a blaze of glory blowing the minds of readers everywhere

“Perhaps a reminder of whom serves whom is in order? There’s you,” ‘ then the dirt, the worms inside the dirt, my nephew, my horseapples, the rocks, the plants, the insects, the animals, the other sapients,

TFS For the Win!

Wish I could say that was my idea but... I'm not entirely sure if it was my idea or my co-authors idea... huh...

I distinctly remember being the one who decided to do that...

Well, it nice to see you again after so long, and the hopes that there might be more updates would be really great, but I think you two forgot two little things to talk about of more precisely 2/3 of a deal that we agree upon a year prier I believe. For the chapter I think it was nice and it is funny to see Shining armor to be as childish about as those two little scamps. I wonder what with the inquisition will be all about in the story, it sure looks like the two of them has stirred a hornets nest with this as unintentionally as it was of them. I wonder what sort of unsavory things they will uncover from the nobles that has nothing to do with all of this.

Like I said I couldn't remember if it was me or you who came up with it! But if it's yours the all the kudos to you my friend!

Could you do it for the next chapter? I would call it even after that.

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