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Twilight Sparkle is sure that Rarity and Rainbow Dash are having relationship issues, primarily because they keep inviting her to join them on all their romantic dates.

Commission for the ever-lovely Kits. Artwork by Maxima.

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“Oh, yeah,” Rainbow replied, and then did The Grin™. “Wish you and Rares had been there to see the goal I scored at the last second. Would have blown your mind. ”

First thing that came to my head reading this.


OK, have your updoot and favourite for making me cackle . .
Have i mentioned how glad i am that you are posting here again?

Rainbow:"Rarity . . Twilight is an Idiot..."
Rarity:"What? No she isn't!"
Twilight:"Are you breaking up with each other?"
Rarity:"OK so she might be" ._.

Oh lord a household with those 3 will be chaos, I love it

Commissioning this was definitely a great idea. I still love it. :heart:

That was a good story.

This is a beautiful shipfic and a strong handling of the characters...and made me laugh a lot!

(Many of Monochromatic's fans are probably saying, 'Yeah, like this is news?' :twilightsmile: )

Excellent, really enjoyed it (and there are far too few RariTwiDash stories out there:)

ha41 #10 · Jan 21st, 2023 · · 10 ·

I wish Twilight would've just awkwardly declined. Now that would've been an interesting conversation:raritydespair:

I will never get enough of Twilight being oblivious to romance.

Agreed. It is almost always "everyone accepts because everyone is into everyone". What killed the story for me was the time jump.

I cannot tell you why this hit me so well. It is a well done story, but for some reason how it was written had me invested from like the first line. Possibly the spot on characterization of Twilight. A nice little surprise and a great way to start my day. Have a like and fav.

My chaotic mind can't help but wonder at the sheer expansive heights of awkwardness if Twilight hadn't been interested in them romantically at all, but her abject friendshipping panic had created all of the wrong signals.

kits #15 · Jan 22nd, 2023 · · 3 ·


So I commissioned mono for what I wanted to see. And for around 3k words. I will encourage you to commission her for a length and content you’d like see. But what I asked for was twilight being oblivious to raridash trying to flirt with her.

Just an fyi.

“Rarity,” Rainbow said. “Rares. My dude.”

Perfect last line. 10/10, no notes.

You are not really telling me anything I don't already know. I read all that before I started as it was in the description.

>Complaining about someone's commission because it's what they wanted not what you wanted

Literally could not be me.

Anyways, phenomenal work as always, really loved this one!!

Not gonna lie would like to see how they make the Three way relationship work.

They’d invited Twilight to every single date.

"How can someone be so Smart and so Dumb at the same time?"

Easy; you start with a conclusion and work backward from there.

It’s like a year’s worth of disgustingly adorable Raritwi compressed into one story with a Rainbow Dash cherry on top.

Cute and very amusing little story. :pinkiesmile:

Heh. Asking somebody out without asking them out. "I'm interested but won't tell that I'm interested." The classic. :trollestia:

“I told you this was dumb. I told you! I told you we should have just asked from the start!”

That awkward moment when the only one with the right idea is Rainbow Dash. :rainbowhuh:

at least six official date nights and four impromptu date nights in the past two months

All that time spent together, and the girls never made their intentions clear? Never made Twilight feel special? Ouch. Somepony, get Cadance on the case! :unsuresweetie:

That would make too much sense. :facehoof::raritycry::rainbowderp:

Three-way lesbian relationship isn't exactly a common occurence. Also, see the quote from RD above. Even if Twilight is supposed to be the dense one here, she is still in a good company.

Amusing. Also I’m kind of surprised their first joint purchase for a new place was an air fryer.

I found this story adorable and hilarious.



I don't think Sci-Twi is dumb. Remember, she spent a long time at a school where no one particularly liked her. The idea of being "desired" by anybody, let alone an athlete and a pretty rich girl, is something she has never experienced.


Why is that the perfect final line?

The contrast of the clear romantic chemistry through the rest of the story, and then Rainbow dropping something as casual and platonic as "my dude." It feels like a perfect thing for Rainbow Dash to do.

Well hey there stranger.

This is adorable. Oh Twilight...:facehoof: Well, everything worked out in the end.

MrNumbers would be proud XD

Oh they are so dumb and clueless and -adorable- together! :rainbowlaugh:

I only just realized the contrast between

“Twilight. Darling, dearest.


“Rarity,” Rainbow said. “Rares. My dude.”

“ Girls!” Twilight exclaimed, snapping Rarity and Rainbow Dash back. “What is going on?!”

Well they clearly don't love her for her brains :trollestia:
Never seen this ship before but this author is always finding new creative ways to ship Rarilight.

Cute story.

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