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What happens when a pregnant Trixie shows up at the Golden Oaks Library during a storm? Twilight ending up as an unwilling caretaker of the showmare and her unborn child is what. What happens after that is all chaos.

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The people of Liberia object to being involved!

This has potential.
I'll be coming back for more!

Interesting.... Very well, the mighty and majestic Ebony shall follow this story to its conclusion 😉

But seriously great start!

as one should when a pregnant showpony is around :trixieshiftright:

Thank you, I'm sure both me and the Great and Pregnant Trixie appreciate your support XD

I thank you

I have no idea how to respond to this so here is a link to the wikipedia article on the Republic of Liberia.

Twilight blinked. “Like… his muscles or something?”

If you listen carefully, you can hear every single mare in Equestria and the Crystal Empire face hooving all at the exact same time. And if you really listen, you can hear Celestia and Luna pounding their heads against the wall at Twilight's naiveté.

Couldn't resist. That was just asking for it.

You misspelled librarians in the chapter title. It comes across as it means people living in Liberia. Not a very annoyed librarian.

"¿Que hay de tus padres?"

"Trixie no tiene ninguno".

She has but does not accept them as parents or are their parents dead?

Spike estaba bebiendo de una taza de chocolate caliente. Tosió un par de veces antes de ahogarse, “S-sí, seguro que no. No, nunca he tenido sexo. No sé cómo es en absoluto ".

Sure Spike, we believe you :ajsmug:

Will this be a story where Trixie and Twilight develop feelings of love for each other as time goes on?

This story promises to be entertaining, I think the first thing on the agenda is to take Trixie to the hospital so that she can take a correct medical follow-up, ensuring that she has a healthy pregnancy in the coming months. I wonder if the Alicorn Amulet might have some magical side effect on Trixie's pregnancy? I don't know, something like taking her to have a delicate pregnancy or something more crazy like having an Alicorn baby, well, that would already be the author's decision.

lol okay, that serves me right for posting chapters with not enough sleep to spell correctly XP
Thanks for pointing that out.

I really am liking where this story is going. Please continue!

Oh boy, this could get interesting...very, very interesting....

In a good way! Can't wait to see more!

I'm waiting for pinkie to ask if twilight the father :rainbowlaugh:

So your diverging from canon with trixie parents being dead interesting to see how you play that

Twilight has never had sex before...but some how spike is her biological child? .c. I'm confusion.

One could say that Spike is adopted. Or he's like a chicken.

Oops im srry I acidently sent the vid u sent to me to you- ;-; Anyways thanks for explaining it :>>

its all good, the show makes it confusing by sometimes letting Twilight act like a mom, other times a big sister, and other times still treat Spike like a servant.

YEAH it like the writer forgot about him, really annoyed me in holiday with family ep where she left him to do her paperwork while she went on a holiday with her family :ajbemused:

Trixie deciding to hide her pregnancy may, perhaps, be bad for her. Since, a short time has passed since the accident she caused with the amulet, it is very possible that several ponies in the town hold a grudge against her for literally treating them as slaves during that short time, I fear that they will hurt her even knowing that she is pregnant.

On the other hand, good luck with hiding something from the element of honesty, I think that even if they say a half truth, she will feel that they hide something. Also, with a family as large as Applejack's, I would be surprised if he did not recognize a pregnant mare when he saw her, I am not saying that he will notice immediately but over time depending on what Trixie does in front of her. On the other hand Fluttershy might realize because one of her animal friends told her, it is known that animals have an innate intuition to perceive changes in the weather or in our bodies before we realize it, I would not be surprised if it were the Angel himself who tells Fluttershy. And Pinkie Pie, well it's Pinkie Pie, it wouldn't be surprising if she wanted to throw a party for the new mom in town.

It seems to me that the social interaction Trixie has had has been "you use me, I use you", which makes me think that she has not had healthy relationships with ponies in the past, which includes her parents. So maybe before you force her to befriend a pony, maybe it would be best to get her an animal friend, you know one step at a time. Speaking of friendship, I wonder if Trixie would feel hurt or used, when she found out that Twilight helped her just so that Celestia congratulates her, of course that could happen when a relationship is already forming between them.

Since Trixie is a new mother, I was wondering if she would get anxious or stressed if she ever read a maternity magazine or book where she would read about the risks that could occur in pregnancy, all while waiting in the office. doctor or in the same library, of course this does not have to happen right now.

I still think it would be fun to watch Twilight survive Trixie and pregnancy symptoms like mood swings or famous midnight food cravings.

really enjoying your story.have alike and follow.

they were joking about pretending to be a couple and deciding not too, doesn't mean rumors will not spread by gossiping ponies that why there living together

Trixie replied. “Trust is what foolish ponies believe in before being betrayed and intelligent ponies use against you to betray you.”

Trixie had eaten six cookies so far. She finally looked up to see every eye on her. There was a brief moment where Twilight saw the reflex. Eyes widening, breathing stopped, lip quiver. It lasted only a fraction of a second, enough for an observant Twilight to see the fear in Trixie’s body. It quickly turned into a scowl and Trixie spoke, “Trixie is fine with all the attention but you all should be thanking her, honestly, Twilight is lucky to have Trixie as a pupil.”

Pinkie Pie grinned. “After all, you’ve spent so much time distancing yourself from everypony that letting anypony in even a little is a miracle. We thought you’d be prickly forevah.”

Trixie eyed her suspiciously for a moment but then relaxed. “Assuming you did not poison it, then yes.”

I really have not seen the series completely, just enough chapters to memorize the names, it is thanks to the fandom (drawings, comic fans and stories) that I became a fan of MLP.

So I don't know what Trixie's past is in the series, but all those signs that I seem to see in this story, tell me that Trixie had a tough childhood, and now she doesn't really trust anyone, because she thinks they would stab her for the back if you trust someone a little. She locked her heart inside a fortress, and as Pinkie Pie said, it's a miracle that she allows someone to enter. Living with Twilight will help you let out the real Trixie, not her mask that she uses all the time in front of everyone, something like "show no weakness to your enemy or it will be your end".

It seems to me that Rarity is already suspicious about Trixie, and now that I think about it, since she is a clothing designer, who really knows how many mares she has worked with and how many of those mares would be pregnant.

This story makes me debate whether to start reading "Trixie and Maud: Heart of Stone" or finish reading the ones I started reading before starting that one.

thank you for another fun chapter.

Trixie replied. “Trust is what foolish ponies believe in before being betrayed and intelligent ponies use against you to betray you.”

Ah, Maxim 30: "Trust goes a long way. The less you use, the further you'll go."

Well, this is an intriguing start. I coiuld see Trixie swallowing her pride on behalf of her foal after all Trixie loves Trixie and the foal is part of Trixie.

...This kid's gonna have issues.

Twilight’s cheeks turned a little pink. “I have too had the sex! And it was with a handsome stallion. It was good.”

This was hilarious. Nice, warm chapter. Twilight caring for Trixie was heartwarming.

“‘Hey everypony, Trixie got knocked up and we’re taking pity on her. Try to be nice to her okay.’”

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: best spike ever jajaja

Applejack was an asshole and deserved no apology.

There is nothing better than receiving a massage from "just a friend". :P

Rainbow's still in the cloudcloset I see.

Trixie looked over at the wall of books. “Trixie actually bedded a stallion while she was here. She suspects he is the father. Well… he would have to be after all Trixie usually prefers herself a pretty mare. This stallion was just so handsome, strong, and gentle. Perhaps too gentle.”

Interesting, if he had included "big" in what he said, I would be much more sure of knowing who he is, although I already have a good idea of who he is, but if it turns out to be true, the question would be if a certain mare will be happy with the news.

Twilight didn't really think about it much, people don't become friends that fast, of course there are exceptions, besides that the situation at the time helped to form their bonds of friendship between her and the others. The others are not going to be friends with Trixie just because.

Fluttershy’s lip curled up at the corner. If she caught on to what Rainbow Dash was doing she wasn’t arguing. So long as she had the opportunity she was going to milk a free Fluttershy massage for all it was worth. Of course there were other parts of her that she felt Fluttershy would be better off massaging but the idea of asking for that gave her the image of a terrified Fluttershy running away and not talking to her ever again. No, she’d keep those ideas firmly to herself. Fluttershy was a friend, just a friend…

This confirmed my thinking that Rainbow was acting like a possessive jealousy towards Fluttershy. I was hoping he was just taking care of her, after all, Fluttershy suffered from school bullying. I really hope Rainbow doesn't do something stupid on Trixie or try to control Fluttershy or both. A phrase comes to mind when I imagine Rainbow like this, which is "You became what you swore to destroy."

so it big mac then it gonna get rowdy here

im expecting trixie to just walk up to him while his family next to him and just bluntly announce she preggers

I have read four chapters of your longest story and I was wondering, will we see Maud in this story? Does Trixie have the same problems as in the other story?

um, probably not. As much as I love Maud, she doesn't really fit the tone here. Also this is a much more light hearted story, so no crazy insane mentally unstable ponies, unless its for comedy.

Rainbow better not do anything stupid.

Doing something stupid, is Rainbow's middle name. Of course she will.

I'm waiting for the point we're for some stupid an funny reason Twilight ends being the father

Well that went nicely.

When will Twilight let the others know that Trixie's pregnant?

Probably when it is the most inconvenient for absolutely everyone on the planet.

Yea i think its gona be the worst moment in equestria.
But i bet fluttershy is the first trixie told about the filly

…you weren’t really supposed to be a dragon egg. You were supposed to be a rock somepony painted to look like one.

Ooh, I’ve read that one.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhohoho nooooooooooooooooooooo

welp rainbow did something stupid, just like 10559891 predicted.

Twilight was very bad at this whole friendship thing. She was far better at magic. How come Trixie couldn’t be here to learn magic instead? Twilight had no idea how to teach friendship, she hardly understood it herself. Was this friendship letter she wanted really worth it?

The answer was yes. Yes it was. Any extra attention from Celestia was worth practically dying for. She’d even gone right up to a mean old dragon for Celestia’s love-er affection. This was not even close to a dragon.

I’m pretty sure that’s not a way to make a friend. Teaching somepony to be a better friend in a selfish attempt to get more love from somepony else seems like a contradiction, and might blow up in her face when Trixie realizes she’s being treated as an experiment or tool for Twilight, only so that the already spoiled unicorn would gain something from it.

Tu historia me a encantado hasta ahora. Siga así e animo en todo

Fluttershy... Put away the lust. NOW. She isn't for you.

Wow, what interesting thoughts you have Fluttershy. :duck:
Hope that doesn't cause problems with a certain mare. :rainbowderp:

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