• Published 16th Nov 2020
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Trixie is Pregnant and It's Twilight's Problem - TheCrimsonDM

What happens when a pregnant Trixie shows up at the Golden Oaks Library during a storm? Twilight ending up as an unwilling caretaker of the showmare and her unborn child is what. What happens after that is all chaos.

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Chapter Forty One: Of Morning Mistakes and Raining Emotion

Chapter Forty One: Of Morning Mistakes and Raining Emotion

Written by TheCrimsonDM

It had been a little over a month since Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash had seriously started dating. Ever since their sudden engagement Fluttershy had found her once lonely and empty house to be all too full with Rainbow Dash constantly being there. It wasn't that Fluttershy didn't like having Rainbow Dash around, it was just that the longer she stayed there, and the closer the wedding got the more Rainbow seemed to change. They were set to be married in just five day's time and Rainbow Dash seemed even more antsy than usual.

While Fluttershy was busy brewing tea and trying to think of the best way to help keep the animals safe during this upcoming storm, Rainbow Dash walked in for the seventh time in the last hour. Fluttershy looked at her, with a patient smile. Rainbow Dash looked down and away. "Hey, uh, Fluttershy. I was just wondering if you know, you could give me a hug?"

"Again?" Fluttershy replied dryly. She caught the look of hurt in Rainbow's posture and quickly added. "Sure. Come here."

Rainbow Dash walked over, her entire body was clearly tense, and Fluttershy wasn't sure what was going on with her. Still she gave Rainbow Dash a quick hug and then went back to her tea. "So, the storm is coming soon, what are you going to do today?"

Rainbow Dash stared at her. "I'm going to spend it with you of course."

Fluttershy looked at her. "But, don't you have work today?"

"Nope, took this week off for us."

Fluttershy blinked. "O-oh..." there went her plans for some privacy. She might still be able to get some alone time if she played her cards right. "W-well I'm planning to help out the animals today, so I'll be gone all day. It'll be kind of boring, but I enjoy it."

"Cool, so when do we leave?"

Fluttershy looked at her. "What do you mean, 'we'?"

Rainbow Dash offered a weak smile that didn’t reflect in her eyes. No those eyes looked fearful. "I'm going with you to help right?"

Somehow hearing that did not foster feelings of warmth in Fluttershy’s chest. In fact all it did was slightly annoy her. She’d been planning this day for a week now to get some peace and quiet, and to de-stress. No hugs, no kisses, and-

Rainbow Dash spoke quietly. "I love you."

Fluttershy let out a sigh. "I love you too."

-no need to validate Rainbow Dash’s emotions.

Rainbow Dash's wings were about as tense as they could get. It was... not an attractive trait to see Rainbow Dash so tense, all the time. It was like ever since that makeout session with Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash had been stressed out. Fluttershy had to admit to herself she promised to just keep her polypony stuff down or get rid of it if she had to for Rainbow's sake, but the longer they stayed together the more she realized she needed some breathing room and some extra attention. Pinkie was going to be a great help with that, but Rainbow just wouldn't give her a break.

Fluttershy opened up one of the fashion magazines she borrowed from Rarity and took a sip of her tea. It opened up to a stunning mare with brown fur and golden mane. She had the kind of curves to die for, and was wearing a white saddle that was positively sexy on her. Fluttershy didn’t intend to stare as hard as she did, but it was undeniable that she would have offered this mare her body if she somehow appeared in front of her.

Rainbow Dash looked from the magazine to Fluttershy. Her smile crumbling as she did. "So... um... you like saddles?"

Fluttershy hummed. "Sometimes. I also like the mare wearing it."

"O-oh..." Rainbow Dash lowered her head. "Do, you want me to wear one?"

Fluttershy looked over at Rainbow Dash. Ignoring the positively weak poster she had at the moment she couldn't deny Rainbow would look good in a white saddle. It would complement her blue fur quite well. "I could enjoy that."

She went back to her magazine. Just as Fluttershy was getting a good eyeful of this mare Rainbow's wing reached over and pushed the magazine down covering it up so Fluttershy couldn't enjoy it. Fluttershy looked over and just as she did Rainbow Dash leaned over and kissed her on the lips. For a moment Fluttershy paused, confusion and annoyance battling inside her. she gave up and kissed Rainbow Dash back. After a few minutes of that Fluttershy all but forgot about the magazine, the tea, or weird behavior from Rainbow Dash.

Once they pulled away Rainbow Dash was looking a little more relaxed. She whispered. "I love you."

Fluttershy nodded. “I love you too."

Rainbow Dash offered a smile, it wasn't as strong as she'd like, but at least she was looking a little more relaxed. Rainbow Dash walked away, something tucked under her wing. It was a shame that Rainbow Dash wasn't quite the same as she'd been before. Not as powerful, stoic, or confident. Something had changed in her, and all the parts Fluttershy loved had simply up and vanished. Perhaps one day they'd return, but until that day she'd have to deal with this nonsense.

She went back for her magazine but found it completely missing. She stared at the table in silence for a long moment. It only occurred to her after a long moment that Rainbow Dash had just stolen her magazine and absconded with it. Fluttershy let out a low growl and went back to her tea. This was the third time Rainbow Dash had done that, the first time it was one of her adult pony magazines that Fluttershy kept hidden under the bed. The second time one of her books, and now it was her fashion magazine. Wasn’t Fluttershy allowed to have any sexy mares to stare at early in the morning? What was wrong with Rainbow Dash?

At this rate, Fluttershy was going to be forced to stare at mares in real life. What would Rainbow Dash do then? Steal the mare and try to hide her someplace? Fluttershy would like to see Rainbow Dash try. Today was going to be a weird day, she could feel it.


Rainbow Dash had just enough time to pop over to Pinkie's and back before she went out with Fluttershy to help the animals or whatever it was she was going to do. Some part of her didn't want to leave. The longer she stayed with Fluttershy, the more she felt like Fluttershy was less interested in her. She was still cool right? Still too cool to care about, or need Fluttershy's attention right? She just kept stealing things, and checking up on Fluttershy constantly because she knew Fluttershy's attention was better served on her than some slut in a fashion magazine... okay, maybe she wasn't as cool as she tried to be.

She flew onto the balcony of Pinkie's loft on the top of Sugar Cube Corner and opened the door. She found Pinkie easily enough sitting by a table and putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Rainbow Dash flew down to her and took a moment to look at the puzzle. It showed a wilting flower, kind of depressing for a puzzle if she asked herself. Still it was Pinkie's weird puzzle to put together, not hers.

Rainbow Dash put her hooves to her lips intent to get Pinkie's attention with a whistle. Just before she could Pinkie Pie looked back up at her. "Morning, Dashy! How are you doing?"

Rainbow Dash had the wind taken out of her sails. She landed behind Pinkie. "Just coming to check up on you."

"Is it because we're lovers?"

Rainbow Dash shrugged. "Or because we were friends first? Point is I'm just here to say hi."

Pinkie Pie looked back at her puzzle. "Glad to hear it. Wanna help me build a puzzle? With the storm planned for today my plan is to do all these puzzles."

"All of them?"

Pinkie Pie pointed a hoof toward the nearby wall where at least twenty boxes of puzzles stood. Some were simple at only fifty pieces, a few were three thousand piece nightmares. "You’re going to do all of these, tonight?"

Pinkie Pie nodded. "Yeppers, my record is doing eighteen of these in one night. Imma beat that record like a dominatrix tonight and make cupcakes out of it."

"I don't think cupcakes made out of puzzle pieces sounds tasty or healthy."

"Hmm, you’re probably right. Smoothies it is!"

Rainbow Dash giggled. "I love you, Pinkie. You’re always so crazy."

Pinkie Pie turned and smiled warmly at her. "That's the first time you've really smiled, or laughed today isn't it?"

Rainbow Dash took a step back. "Pffft, I've been smiling, and laughing like, all day. When you live with the love of your life how could you not?"

Pinkie's smile never wavered, but her eyes somehow looked sad. "That's what I'd like to know. Is everything okay, Dashy?"

Rainbow Dash lied. "Yep, never better. All happily ever after and all that."

Pinkie looked back at her puzzle. "You know, if you need a new space, a safe space, to just relax and be friendly in, you can stay here tonight doing puzzles with me. Just the two of us."

"Is that all we'd do?" Rainbow Dash wasn't sure if she was excited or terrified to hear Pinkie's answer.

Pinkie smiled. "That's all I have planned, if you want to do something different, just let me know. I'll do whatever you want, because I love you."

The offer didn't seem like some kind of double entendre, it just felt like an earnest and happy offer. One that Rainbow Dash could take or leave. She already had plans to stay in with Fluttershy all night, cozying up to a fireplace and cooking marshmallows. Yet there was a part of her that thought, perhaps, just perhaps Pinkie's offer was better. At least she didn't have to worry about Fluttershy’s eyes wandering all over the darn place that way.

Rainbow Dash caught that last thought and held onto it. She came here for a reason and this was it. "Pinkie, is it... normal for couples to look at other ponies while dating?"

Pinkie waved a hoof. "I'd rather look at you than anypony else, but if you’re talking about the occasional glance that's normal. Its only when ponies start staring that it gets worrying."

Rainbow Dash nodded. "What if... Fluttershy was to start staring at other ponies?"

“Is she?” Pinkie asked.

“Well… magazines and stuff…”

Pinkie hummed for a moment. “Well… for normal relationships that’s not a problem, like sometimes you just want to look at porn, or watch a movie with a hunk of an action star in it. That one strong germane actor comes to mind, Arnold Shorts or something. But if she’s making you uncomfortable with it. That’s not okay.”

Rainbow shook her head. “I’m cool, she’s cool, we’re all cool.”

Pinkie bit her lower lip. "Rainbow... there are... other reasons me and Fluttershy didn't work out. I don't think she can help some of her traits. She's just got too much love to give, but if she's not making you feel good, maybe you should take a break? I mean you’re getting married in five days, we should try and be extra careful with each other’s feelings."

Rainbow Dash nodded. "Right, she's just... got too much love."

"Rainbow Dash, my offer stands. Even if you decide you want to come over in the middle of the night, I'm here for you." Pinkie Pie smiled so warmly that it almost hurt to see.

Before Rainbow Dash could reply Pinkie Pie wrapped her up into a tight, warm hug. It was so warm and safe in Pinkie's embrace. Rainbow Dash had to hug her back. Pinkie Pie kissed the top of Rainbow's head gently. "I know you want to spend time with Shy. So I won't hold my breath or anything, even if I am really good at holding my breath, but I just wanted you to know that my home is open to you any time day or night."

Rainbow Dash nuzzled into that soft pink fluff. "Thank you. I'll keep that in mind."

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