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The Gourd Fest is a three-day-spanning changeling ritual a drone holds for a special individual in times of tremendous happiness and great prosperity. With how everything has changed in such a wonderful direction for them after Queen Chrysalis' defeat, they've decided to promote the tradition to a full-on festival the entire kingdom can be a part of. Upon one midsummer day, Thorax, king of the changelings, gleefully invites Starlight Glimmer and a few of her friends to attend the first, fast-approaching Fest with him and the hive. Tagging along with them with only the biggest of smiles on her face is Twilight Sparkle.

Twilight, ever the avid and agog learner, is positively eager to study and write about the customs of changelings during this joyous celebration up close. Thorax, ever the obliging character, is more than happy to show them to her first-hoof. And as fate would have it, a simple and amiable lesson taught in changeling culture won't be all either of them come out with by the time the Gourd Fest comes to its conclusion...

Note: I have no earthly idea why I like the Twilax ship so much, but I like it just about as much as the Sporax one. Also, the rating and tags may change over time, depending on where I go with it (hint - it's probably going to go the 'M' route).

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Another Twilax/ThorLight/TwiRax story? I am beginning to think we need a group for this. :derpytongue2:

Hmm, A Twirax story? I'm game. Consider this tracked.

great story so far cant wait for more

As long as a good story goes good with these characters' well... 'escapades' then lets do it :pinkiehappy:

Spike groaned, flopping down underneath another tree nearby them and running his hooves along the green crest of scales

Shouldn't that be "claws"?

Good story so far, though I guess I'll have to turn off my mature filter at some point to read it in it's entirety, lol.

Holy crêpes, you're right! My mistake on that one.

Aww come on. You HAD to leave it there? Oh well :derpytongue2:

I love how this is coming along. Keep it up my good man :pinkiehappy:

Well, I hope Thorax has heard of Baseball, because he just became a living one.

Really!! no one, no one is going to make the joke.............................. fine I'll do it

This was so adorable and adorkable and I must--- I mustn't... I... :pinkiehappy: "SQUEEEEEEEE!"

No, I am pleasantly moistened. Would you like some of my moisture?

Nay! Get thee and thy vile lactose hence, fiend!:pinkiesick:

You seem to be... Dry. Don't worry, I'll take care of you.

I like Thorax a lot and like him ship with about anypony. A good story with a promise of smut at the end, count me in. :twilightblush:

Thorax chirp was adorably cute. :twilightblush: Twilight must have talked to Cadacne on her feelings towards Thorax. The swaying of hips as she walked off would be something that Cadance would tell her to do. Because I don't see Twilight thinking of doing that on her own. :pinkiehappy:

I'm interesting in see this story goes

Hey when is the next chapter gonna be out? Or is this story dead?

I'm not good at sex scenes, especially those of the M variety, so it'll take time.

Got ya because I thought the story died lal XD

awwww so awesome! you make me ship Twilax too xD
cheerful Twily and shy Thorax are so adorable!

Love this story. When will next chapter be out?

Hope you are doing alright! I love where this has gone so far, I hope we can get the rest one day. I remember reading when it came out.

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