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Artists sometimes spew creation like a fountain of colorful vomit. Other times we must work, and toil, and practice until our fingers paint our keyboard and our story red with our efforts.



It was a quiet boring day, until Twilight realized she might be Celestia's daughter. Celestia however has very different feelings toward the Princess of Friendship

There is now a sequel: Celestial Reunion

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You know, I'm kinda not surprised by that answer, considering how weak both actually are and their fondness for illusions.

I'm just gonna call this now: This story's gonna get featured sometime this week.

“Celestia’s daughter…is Trixie?”

Well that was my first guess...:trixieshiftleft:

Haha, loved it. Love the ending too bits, have a fav!

“No… no mother would do… that with their child.”

Simply the best line ever. Also, that was brilliant. You've earned a cheeky li'l like :)


I called the shit out of that twist. Still, quite the enjoyable fic. Nice work!

... Though personally, I was hoping that mid/post sex Trixie would barge in, bemoaning having to hide her wings in public

A sequel to this needs to happen. Celestia finding out about what kind of pony her daughter is would be hilarious.

The whole time I was thinking it was Sunset. But seriously Trixie!

Too cruel.

6700245 I know right, still true though.:pinkiecrazy:

“No… no mother would do… that with their child.”

Oh sweet innocent lamb :pinkiecrazy:

It's a good thing you shall never know what some of your counterparts have done with Twilight Velvet in other, less savory, fics.

This was short and simple with some great little punchlines. I quite enjoyed it!

Trixie, huh? I actually wasn't expecting that twist...

“Celestia’s daughter…is Trixie?”

as she explained, “well it made sense.


no mother would do… that with their child.

I see Twi hasn't learned about the Mature tag yet.


Here's the sequel you asked for. Celestial Reunion.

Stars guide your path, good sir.

While I don't ship Twilestia, this was still pretty adorable.

Well, Celestia's certainly chosen the right way to tackle the situation. But that ending was quite unexpected :rainbowlaugh:

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It appears that I have read this already. I don't know how, because if I had, I would have made sure to imitate Steve Rogers and said "ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!"
I mean, I couldn't make sure to put this YouTube video in at the time, because it wouldn't have existed, but now I can

All right. Now, with the power of belief, you can hear Steve Rogers saying Alternate Universe instead of Language!

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