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Twilight takes Celestia to McDonald's to get a special toy, they gave her the wrong toy.

art by: alumx, and jargon scott, and threetwotwo32232

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Jargon Scott made the art, unless by some cosmic event I'm wrong.

Artist is Alumx.

it seems to be alumx indeed

I was a collab between Jargon and Alumx

Now you need to write a story for that "Celestia at soccer practice" art.

art by: alumx, and jargon scott, and threetwotwo32232
(its a bit confusing to me but this is what derpibooru says)

What’s so confusing about this?

:twilightoops: Spike?
:moustache: Would you like fries with your meal?
:twilightsheepish: Why are you working here?
:moustache: Rarity's the new manager
:duck: Fazbo had a monopoly on this years fashions , It has to do with a new movie coming out soon so I suffer so.
:twilightsheepish: At least you have Spike to help
:raritywink: and he cooks too!
:scootangel::unsuresweetie::applecry: and we wait tables
:moustache: And the executive break room is all ours! Know what I mean?
:facehoof: I only wanted a stupid toy
:moustache::raritywink: Break time!
:trollestia: It's only 9 O'clock

Celestia appears to be half giraffe in the image

is the 1st line supposed to end with "Twilight takes Celestia B"

retirement has really done a number on her..

Alumx Celestia is always the most deranged version of Celestia imaginable.
Glad to see her make an appearance here :trollestia:

This was absolutely stupid and I loved every moment of it...

Comment posted by The-Equestrian-Wolf deleted Oct 10th, 2023

lol no, but since I've been forced to move to apache open office, I've noticed a lot of surprising auto-formatting issues. This is fixed now XD

mostly confused by who did what? Three artists on a short little comic feels a bit much, who did the writing, who did the line art, was a separate person there for coloring/shading? Great comic though so it clearly worked.

lol yes

Oh my stars this is hilarious! I can see Celestia being like that blessedly innocent yet obnoxious child while Twilight is that frustrated parent who just wants to get it over with. Have an upvote, a fave and a follow!

Not sure which I’d be more afraid of: Karen Twilight or yaoi fan girl Celestia.

Unrelated to the story, but just so you know, the art is by jargon scott!!


I'd say Karen Twilight. Karens and Kyles are generally the ones I'd have more concerns over. This version of Celestia seems completely harmless....well except for the fact that she could cause ponies to panic by playing with the sun like Discord would. I personally find this Celestia as downright adorable.

Absurdity at its absolute best and I loved every moment of it.

It reminds me of when I was a kid and used to get Happy Meals at McDonalds. I don't remember if I ever complained about getting the wrong toy, but if I did, my parents managed to persevere.

Celestia started out as an oversized dog in a small car an quickly transitioned to small child wanting their special toy.

Celestia blinked at her. “no. Dusk Shine is a very original toy, as is the one I want Bubble Berry, he's pink and cheerful and always throws parties. I don't know any pony like that, do you?”


this is funny and also SHIPPING:heart:

The problem with these very short comedies is that the joke is often spoiled by the description and/or the cover art. Like here. I kinda don't have an incentive to read the story, because I already know everything.
It would work better as just "Twilight takes Celestia to McDonald's" in the desc, and if the text was erased from the picture.

Need Jargon Scott to do a reading.

This is the greatest piece of literature ever created. Nothing will ever surpass this.

I bursted out laughing so many times at reading this.
Celestia acting like kid and karen Twilight are the two funniest things I've ever read, not to mention the shipping. :rainbowlaugh:

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