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This story is a sequel to By The Light of the Moon

All Trixie wanted was to be Great and Powerful, and to study magic at Celestia's School. Fortunately, she had two excellent teachers to guide her. Unfortunately, one of them was a Nightmare...

For more of this AU, see: Ring Around the Moon -- Part I

And also check out the series, beginning with Not Exactly Friends.

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I was wondering when the next entry in this series would come. Another one starting Trixie.

Well that's a huge pile of suck, poor Trixie.

Wow, so that’s how Trixie became her student. Also, pretty surprising that Trixie’s real name is Patricia here, that”s a first.

That was interesting, Luna helping Trixie on her way to Canterlot and she gets each of her signature items along the way. Was that the Flim Flam brothers she got her wagon from? If so then I gotta say I always love seeing those two get some karma.

Oh, Trixie. :fluttercry:

See, this is why authority figures need to listen.

LOVED how Trixie was helping Starlight learn stage magic in this chapter. Yeah, Starlight is a powerhouse (as proven when she matched Twilight move for move and spell for spell) when it comes to REAL magic, but she DOES need patience and hard work for simple stage illusions.

Anyway, splendid work on the exchange and characterizations.

And now, on to the next chapter.

The bits of Trixie's backstory here are well done (particularly the parts where she is just starting to learn stage magic, her real name of Patricia and her first meeting with Nightmare Moon. Though, yeah, the family background explains more than it should.

Anyway, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up in this flashback chapter are quite well done.

Excellent job on this further backstory chapter. The exchanges, characterizations, action and future chapter set-up are quite well done. Loved Trixie's meeting with Luna in the woods, Trixie's encounter with the Flim-Flam Brothers in buying her wagon (as well as Trixie showing she is NOT as gullible as most of the brothers' usual marks) as well as Trixie's very first show and that show of Hoofdini's most famous stunt.

And I'm on to the next chapter.

Once more, the exchanges and characterizations between Trixie and Luna/Nightmare Moon as the former is reflecting on the lessons from the latter is quite well done. And, yeah, Trixie's scene blackmailing those officials into leaving her alone was darkly entertaining and Trixie's determination in finding a way to help her mentor was quite well shown.

On to the next/final chapter.

REALLY good work on the final chapter of this Whole Episode flashback.

Excellent show on the behind-the-scenes details leading up to Twilight, Tempest and Starlight's first meeting with Trixie.

All in all, the exchanges, characterizations, general story wrap-up and future story set-up are all quite well done.

Thanks again, CK -- I really appreciate your detailed feedback, as always!
This one took a bit longer than previous installments to bring together, since I wanted to give Trixie an opportunity to show her "side" of things, so it's great to hear it works for you!

You are quite welcome.

This version of Trixie really seems to use blackmail a lot to get the better of others.

That was an interesting origin story for Trixie. Luna is using her as a mole within Twilight’s group of friends, but it is clear Trixie is having second thoughts on this. Let’s hope she will make the right decision when the time comes.

Oh I have been so waiting for this part of the tale.

Nightmare is using her as a mole, but Luna seems to be using her as a double agent against Nightmare.

Oh, sometimes I can get them mixed up.


Well she's got Nightmare Moon living in her head, and everypony she intimidated really needed blackmailing.

Huh, it's no wonder Luna went spare if part of her duties included knowing the details of every little bit of corruption or malfeasance around her whilst being largely unable to do anything about it. Dreamer's confidentiality and all that...

...Aww, I missed this yesterday... This must be remedied immediately!

In a rush of shadows, the Mare was gone. The room was suddenly very much brighter and warmer. For it was cold and dark... very cold and dark indeed... in the Moon, where the Nightmare was imprisoned...

...The cold and dark of the moon returns...

Luna is the best thing that's ever happened to Trixie.
And the worst... I want to say the Nightmare, dearly I do... But I fear, perhaps, the Nightmare is why Luna can aid her. No, the worst... The worst is her living nightmare...

"Oh, my dear!" Sunflower said, putting a consoling hoof on her withers. "You're not alone! You're never alone! Not ever! Don't even think that! Now, we'll stay and watch you take your exam, all right? Give you a little extra encouragement, eh? And don't you fret, Trixie! Just do your best. That's all anypony could ask of you, right?"

...I sense Luna's influence here... And it feels abnormally strong, unless this mare is just normally like this. Which is a possibility, but an improbablility...

Consider also the possibility that it works the other way -- where did Luna/Nightmare Moon get that little catchphrase from anyway? :twilightoops:

Hmm... Also a possibility. Inspiration can come from even the dreams of others, it seems...

And why not? Makes sense to write about interesting characters.

I love Trixie so much! And everything you keep adding to her story just makes it better and better! I literally cannot wait to see how this alternate universe finally shakes out.

Thanks much! I've really gotten to like Trixie myself, as a character. She's such a bag of ego, but one gets a sense, even from just watching the canon episodes, that it's more than just being mean or self-centered, that there's a reason behind it.

I really like all the characters I've written so many stories about: Twilight, Tempest, and more recently Sunset and Moondancer. And it's in part because in doing such a "deep dive" into a character, you really find yourself understanding and caring about them, and wanting to help them really shine.

Hopefully you'll enjoy where I take Twilight and the gang next in this... :twilightsmile:

Man this was a fantastic Trixie origin story. In the first chapter when we met Showcase, I have to admit I was mildly disappointed that she wasn't Sunflower, considering how much work you had done with her dad in a way that shows you obviously did a lot of research on Trixie before writing this. Then that twist in the last chapter!

The one thing I noticed, that I worry about: The way Luna acts and what she says to Trixie, it makes me wonder if she's really Luna at all, or just Nightmare Moon as well, disguising herself because she wants to control Trixie with the carrot AND the stick. Luna is nice and kind and caring, but the way she tells Trixie she wants her to free Luna someday, and in her last speech where she doesn't say anything about 'don't do something evil even if its to help someone' but instead says Trixie should do whatever it takes to help. It kind of reminds me of the siblings in Ender's Game, where Peter and Valentine Wiggin posed as Demosthenes and Locke, offering different perspectives and values to establish their authenticity, so they could come together at the right time to convince people to follow a single course of action.

Thanks so much! Yes, I was really hoping someone would comment on the Showcase/Sunflower dodge, since that was an intentional recasting of that one-panel scene in the comics showing Trixie attending Celestia's School.

And yes, Luna is somewhat handicapped here by being Nightmare Moon's "dream self", so her motivations are a mixture of the Nightmare's waking aspirations and her own regret -- but she is the pony of dreams, after all, so there's a method in her madness...

Great job. I finally caught up and it’s already looking really good.

I’m hoping that tempest gets some training or something to be more awesome or something.

I also really love what you did with Trixie, the only thing I believe is missing currently is giving more development for Starlight. Other then that forest job can’t wait for more.

This was really good, as usual. I can't wait to see things develop. Though I would also enjoy more backstory stuff if there's anything left to tell at this point. Really, this AU is just great and well-realized.

The official harrumphed, then read out an apparently memorized litany of potential hazards of the test, up to and including physical injury, thaumic dissociation, and simple, unvarnished death.

Varnished death only happened once in the school's history, and the maintenance staff were always given examination day off afterwards.

Fascinating backstory for Nightmare's mole. Also the first time I've seen a Patricia Trixie outside of my own work. When the time comes to give the order...

Well, I'm honestly not sure what will happen. Looking forward to finding out.

... God damn it I hate it when people make a character so much more alive and sympathetic! Now I just wanna hug Trixie and tell her everything'll be alright. :fluttercry: Why you gotta make Fluttershy cry?! WHY!?

Anyhow! Fantastic work! I really have loved this entire series of stories you have and I really can't wait to see what comes next. Also, cause I need to get this out of my head before it burns into my subconscious. "Your editors. Give them to me now." I dare you not to read this in a deep Austrian accent and see why I don't need it burned into my subconscious. Seriously, your dedication shows in the work you do. Be proud of this because it's top tier.

Thanks so much! I'm my own editor, so it's doubly reassuring to hear that the result is so well-received.

And I kind of can't help making each of these "pre-villain" characters sympathetic. I spend so much time figuring them out, so to speak, that I really get to know and like them. It would be hard not to make them likable, or at least understandable in their motivations. Especially Trixie, who's wound up being the catspaw of the group here. It's amusing seeing how likable Trixie has become over time, even just in the show. I think it's because while she is incredibly egotistical, she's aware of it, and doesn't defend or sugar-coat it. It's just how she rolls, and her friends understand that and tolerate it.

... Still makes me wanna bundle her up and let her know everything'll be okay. That and you keep giving me ideas. That's not a good thing damn it! I've still got a story to work on that I can't let myself drop! :raritydespair: Now I've got like 2 or 3 new ideas and I wanna write them all up! Though I'm questioning one of those ideas and I'm not sure how it'd go over considering it's sort of a crossover, sort of not. The ever expanding web is driving me mad and what's worse is I don't really have anyone else to bounce those ideas off of and refine em.

This is a great origin story for Trixie in the series. It explains why we never see Trixie's parents and her relationship with her mentors. Personally, I think her mentors differ in what they want from Trixie. Nightmare Moon uses her as a tool to aid in her escape and revenge. Princess Luna guides and comforts Trixie and pleas to her to free her. (Not from her prison. But from her nightmare) Fitting representations of dreams and nightmares.

Trixie having the ability to know the deep dark secrets of other is interesting. We see her hilariously outsmart the young Flim Flam Bros and many other bad ponies. But it would have been nice to see her also use that ability to do good out of it other than selfishness also. It would make an excellent contrast on how Trixie mirrors her two faced mentor.

I like how you know that she was and still is divided on her loyalties which will come to head in the thousandth year of the sun. I'm surprised that Celestia didn't bother questioning Trixie's fake mother Sunflower after hearing of her name Trixie Luna Moon in Trixie's first story appearance.

In the end, I can't wait to see where this will go next. Perhaps a story involving the Unicorn Six just spending a day together? You finally introduced the six mares that will play a part in the future. Either get on with the Summer Sun Celebration or make some stories with each unicorn playing off with one another to further establish their relationship.

Thanks! Good point about NMM/Luna representing dreams/nightmares. And yes, the idea has always been that Luna, as Trixie sees her, is essentially the buried, subconscious core of Luna's personality -- though she is also Nightmare Moon's dream-self, so her motivations are more complex.

But it would have been nice to see her also use that ability to do good out of it other than selfishness also.

The interaction with Gingham Quilt (the mayor's wife) was intended to show that Trixie wasn't just being cruelly vindictive at this point, and could still do the right thing (though for the wrong reason) -- but at that point she's still not "over" her past enough to be able to be truly altruistic.

I'm surprised that Celestia didn't bother questioning Trixie's fake mother Sunflower after hearing of her name Trixie Luna Moon in Trixie's first story appearance.

Good point -- I think that she would have quickly determined that Sunflower had nothing to do with it. Trixie is more complicated, though: Celestia is taking a cautious, wait-and-see approach here, motivated by the hope that Luna may be returned to her safely, and not wanting to mess things up by interfering too soon.

In the end, I can't wait to see where this will go next...

Great suggestions, and thanks so much for your detailed feedback -- it's responses like this that really help keep me writing!


Whoa time slowed down there for a sec.

I just caught up, and I must say despite it's seeming simplicity there's a lot of depth and hard work put into the story, including the change from Trixie's initial character and composure to "herself" as we know. I'm really excited to see how this AU moves forward, especially with this version of the Mane 6...I really don't want it to end with NMM/Luna! It must go on...forever!

One can dream, right? :twilightsheepish: However, thanks for the amazing read. Looking forward to the next installment. I'm going to assume there is one, right? :scootangel:

Thanks so much for the read, and for your kind feedback! And yes, there's another episode coming up soon, which I hope you'll enjoy. Having been working with these versions of the characters for so long, I've really gotten to like this "alternate 6" team myself, and the responses I've gotten from everyone all along have been wonderfully encouraging. It's much appreciated!

It was a very thin line, but Trixie nailed it perfectly.

I feel like this connection with Trixie might be the key to redeeming Luna from the Nightmare in the long run.

Trixie also wondered about what had happened to Princess Luna. Did Celestia banish her too? Then why did she want her back? Why did she keep the Princess's rooms so carefully preserved and tidy?

Keep those contradictions in mind.

That scene with Sunflower was a bit heartbreaking.

" Trixie, thou are a strong, capable pony. Trust in thyself. Thou will do the right thing, when the time comes."

A possibility that may not work as planned for the Nightmare.

Thanks for catching that! Fixed.

No problem!

Interesting story so far. Can't wait to see what you do with it.

Clever Luna working your own plans into Nightmare's,


Goes to show that no one can be good at everything.

Trixie appears to be going mad with power.

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