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Life on the rock farm is dull, hard and cold. It's also all Marble Pie has ever known. But she doesn't mind being alone in the quiet fields- it gives her time to think.

Once, she admired her sister, Limestone, for stepping up to manage the farm for their elderly parents; now, her admiration has turned to something quite beyond the familial love she knows well. But what will the target of her affections think about her abnormal love- Will she be accepted and her feelings requited, or will she be turned away and disgraced forever?

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Poor Marble, in love with her sister.

How sweet, getting a Limestone-kiss.

Just to let you know, I believe it was Pinkie and Marble that were twins, not Marble and Limestone

Argh! I completely forgot which way around they went. I was sure Marble and Limestone were twins as they look pretty similar and it's been ages since I've watched the episode they're all in.:facehoof: You're completely correct, thanks for the catch :twilightsmile: fixed.

Well done. It's not every day that an incest story can really work, but you pulled it off.

7878695 Thank you very much :twilightsmile: I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Why couldn’t Celestia take the next obvious step and make it just as okay to feel for a sibling?

Yeah, I mean, it's not that she and Luna were paired together before (wink wink, nudge nudge)

“…Then she did the cutest, most adorable-est thing and I thought ‘Hey, Pinkie Pie, you should go and ask her on a date’, but then Rarity said…”

Oh boy...

Rarity: Don't even think about it, she's MINE :duck:

This was a nice story, and I enjoyed reading it. Definitely one of the better-written Limestones out there, Marble too. Emphasising how Marble appreciated the loneliness and slow pace of the rock farm was a nice touch, and I liked that Pinkie didn't immediately guess what was wrong as she does in so many other stories. Having Maud recognise it was nice though.

The only thing I'd suggest as a criticism is that it would be nice to hear more from Limestone near the end about how she feels about Marble and why; to have her go from showing no interest to 'heard you talking about me, now I smooch you' without any reservations kind of makes Marble's worries ring rather hollow.

Good story though, thanks for writing!

Thank you for the lovely comment:pinkiesmile:
You've picked up on most everything I wanted to show, and yes, I do agree the ending seemed a little...rushed? Easy? I dunno. Limestone definitely wasn't the finest written. Still, I'm glad you enjoyed:twilightsmile:

8925222 You're welcome!

I dunno, I thought Limestone here was still one of the best I've seen :twilightsmile: I've suddenly become rather obsessed with her this week and have read all the stories about her. These were the five that stood out, in no particular order:

Stone and Sky
Heavy Rock
Marbled Lime
The Quartz Quartette Quarrel

All five were really good. I think Stone and Sky probably got Limestone's personality closest to how I imagine it when extrapolating from canon, and all the others had things about her that didn't quite feel right to me. Quartz Quartette, on the other hand, definitely made her feel the most human (or pony, but in that story's case it's really human as it's an EG story), but not quite the way I see her. Yours was the best for highlighting her positives. Even when you can imagine she'd be intolerable in person, it's sweet that Marble sees so much good in her.

I think the ending would probably be ok as it is if it weren't a secret love confession shipping story. Unfortunately, as it is, and they almost always end with the confession being accepted/reciprocated, I felt it needed a bit more to give the kind of predictable ending the dramatic impact it deserved. Maybe if Limestone talked through a few things about it with Marble, and listed why Marble appealed to her?

It's theorized that all four sisters are quadruplets.

I'm pretty sure Maud is older than the other three.

Being in love with one's sister is not something I would wish on people. I like the fanfic though.

A nice story, sweet, and it didn't go into creepy levels of incest, it's kind of understandable in their situation. I'm not keen on incest, but so long as no kids come from them being together, it probably isn't a problem? Not something I think of often. :twilightblush:

Good to see at least the other sister's were okay with it.

I know the comment is two years old, but I just found this and was happy to find a comment on The Quartz Quartette. I really had alot of fun with her personality and I am glad you liked my rendition of her so much. I'll need to check the other stories you mentioned to see how their Limestone's are as well. :pinkiehappy:

10413914 I've reread Quartz Quartette at least once since then, it's a really nice in-depth look at her. And while I don't want to hijack someone else's story comments for self-promotion, I think it's relevant to say I've also tried my hand at writing Limestone (and Maud and Marble) a few times myself since then: here, here and here :twilightblush:

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