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Artists sometimes spew creation like a fountain of colorful vomit. Other times we must work, and toil, and practice until our fingers paint our keyboard and our story red with our efforts.


It's been nearly twenty years since the mane six first met each other and things have calmed down. An era of peace has settled over Equestria and now that they have kids they realize that not even all their years of experience saving Equestria could prepare them for the trials of parenthood.

Amber Light is a young unicorn and apprentice to Twilight Sparkle. Watch as she goes on a journey to discover who she is, and what she can do with the power of friendship.

Chapters (14)
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Comments ( 25 )

interesting so far:pinkiesmile:
can't wait for more:pinkiehappy:

5814007 Thanks, I'm glad to hear that you're enjoying it. XD

i cant wait to see twillights reaction too:trollestia:

i really like it so far:heart:

keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

i hope twillight won't be to hard on amber afterall she just tried to help:unsuresweetie:

i already got an idea who the mist was andwho will become the new elements:pinkiesmile:

keep up the good work:pinkiehappy:

how nice of her to take jade with her:raritywink:

i bet the others will like her:pinkiehappy:

"Tree Hugger always brings brownies and mom won’t let me eat them....."
:rainbowlaugh: i can totally imagine what kind of brownies these are

What exactly are the ships in this?

6104852 So far from what's been revealed, the ships are as followed.

Fluttershy is married to Pinkie.
Applejack is married to Soran.
Rarity is married to Spike.
Rainbow Dash is a single mother.
Twilight is dating somepony in secret.
Trixie has a special somepony who has yet to be revealed.

Cool thanks It was really hard to guess but thats the point since we don't know Twi's special somepony and Trixie's isn't revealed yet either. You write in such a way that it remains a mystery and that's awesome agian thanks for replying. :scootangel: FlutterPie Sparity and Soarenjack are cute ships. Dashie being a single mom is interesting since most people never approach the Dash is a single mom story.

6105181 Thanks for saying so. I'm always glad to see comments on my stories, XD

I'm a little surprised to hear that the idea of Rainbow Dash being a single mom is uncommon.

"Trixie spread her forelegs apart and in a powerful voice said, “I became an alicorn of darkness, and struck down the stallion who murdered my father. Then I went to take out our Princess Celestia and-“ "

a spoiler for your other story? :rainbowhuh:

6118302 I'm afraid that answering that particular question would be a violation of the "Spoiler" treaty. Though I can say this for certain, I won't reveal any information that hasn't been posted for those who are stuck head first in my universes. (I do have multiple universes for my stories.)

So... Color splash is daughter of AJ and Soaring and her mane has 6 color. Then who is married to RD??? I think I gonna need pictures of who is who.

6104947 Wait. So, RD is a single mother with 4 childs??? what happened there?????

6262155 Color Splash is a unique case, and the bane of Rainbow Dash. It serves as a constant joke that Color Splash should have been RD's kids, but after she got her cutie mark, they all just accepted it. Her mane is that of the primary color's and the secondary colors

In regards to Rainbow Dash, it's not a big secret, or even that much of a spoiler, but, Rainbow Dash has had several failed marriages, and multiple relationships. Eventually she decided to focus on her job, and her kids.

great chapter:pinkiesmile:

i guess Blackout will stop bullying them then

why do i have the feeling there's more behind what Hushpuppy said:rainbowhuh:

Hah, bleeding fragile heart. Where do you come up with these ideas for characters?

6392219 from the depths of my own insanity. Mwahahahaha
But seriously, yeah I love making up characters, ponies or otherwise. There might have also been just a bit of inspiration taken from anime and JRPG's for some of these characters. XD

6392146 What better place to end the story on, than that? XD

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