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This story is a sequel to Hearth's Warming on the Rock Farm, with Trixie Lulamoon

It had been awhile since Trixie returned to the rock farm and rejoined the pie family. Yet even with a new lease on life, a place to call home and even a family, there is still an emptiness in her heart she can't seem to overcome. Actions of her past still haunt her nightmares and her waking moments are filled with more emptiness than pleasure these days. Lucky for Trixie, there's a certain somepony that might just have an idea of how to heal her broken heart.

Art by Colon Exclusionzone (I think)

This story was made as a request from: Crowscrowcrow

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So far so good, I am saddened at the lack of a romance tag, but it is nice to see more on Trixie's preferences and admitting she has a crush on one of the Pie's. Makes me wonder; hope it's Limestone myself, they have a interesting relationship with how protective Lime seems to get about Trixie.

I feel so bad for Marble though, both ponies she has a crush on have canon ponies they fall in love with in the show. Seeing her cringe away in pain was bad enough in one episode already. :twilightoops:

I can somehow imagine Trixie trying to combine the pie farm with her talents if the rocks ever ran dry; a hot spring spa with entertainment might make some decent bits with the right work put into it. Limestone would...not be a great host for it though.

Marble squeaking out swears no one can hear or understand was cute. Surprise sister swap day? I look forward to more. :pinkiehappy:

Awesome! I'm glad to see the sequel is off to a good start. ^^

Poor Trixie. Not only does she have nightmares, but now she has to feel vaguely guilty for having bad dreams about AJ who she is on friendly terms with now. She can't help what she dreams about.

It's funny how the entire chapter is Trixie's point of view, yet I still am not sure who she is actually crushing on. xD

I suspect Marble might be adorably freaking out because Trixie wrongfully assumed that 'related' meant 'sister'. Which makes sense for her to think, since that's where she is at, but might be a troublesome idea to Marble. Granted... Marble doesn't deny it. ^^;

I wanna see see what this Surprise Sister Swap Day is all about. Do the sisters sometimes trade places for a day? Does that mean sometimes Marble is suddenly in the middle of a ponyville party planning commitee? Or Limestone ends up at Rock College while Maud is home? The only way to find out will be to wait for the next chapter!

Yeah I could see Trixie doing some really fun stuff with that hot spring. As for any cannon ships from the show, I take them with a grain of salt, especially since this is technically a season 5 fanfic, pretty sure Sugar Belle didn't exist then.

I'm not sure if the sister's ever trade places. I know that according to cannon Pinkie took Marble to Rainbow Falls once for the PSSSD. and somehow Rarity gets to join in on them now too? And with luck, Pinkie stops trying to sell her freaking party cannon.

I guess the answer is Pinkie Pie then. xD
I hope we find out how that got started.

The mechanics of her nightmare problem seem clear, but it is certainly curious that Luna cannot enter them. That can't be good and should probably raise more alarm than it seems to. Course, it's possible Pinkie is playing it cool.

The 'swap' part of the Surprise Swap Day doesn't seem to mean what it normally does, but heck, that's Pinkie Pie for you. xD

with something like me?

Dang, Trixie, don't refer to yourself as a thing. QQ

Unless im mistaken, wasn't the psssd all about pinkie dragging her sisters someplace and then exchanging a gift?

I'm unfamiliar with the entire thing. You mentioned it was from the comics?

Its from an episode where maud rarity and pinkie go to manehatten for rarity to find a store location. Pinkie ends up selling or trading her party cannon for mauds gift

Ahh yes. That's right.
Well, I'm back up to speed on PSSSD.

a bit short, but not a bad chapter. Kind of curious if Pinkie asked Fluttershy to be at the meeting since she said 'everypony', I don't see Fluttershy not showing up if she was asked to be there, her and Trixie don't have any issues with one another.

Yeah, Dash I can see either forgetting to go or thinking it's a joke. Not sure on Rarity, a bit 'uncouth' of her to be asked by a friend to show up to an event and not bother to.

Looking over the last story and the interactions from this one; I still do not get Trixie's crush on Pinkie at all. I guess the reader doesn't have to understand it, but it just seemed alot more to lean towards Limestone than anypony else considering the dialogue between them. Lime just acts so considerate when it comes to Trixie, just felt like there would be something there if it was to be any of the Pie's.

Ah wells, crushes don't have to make sense really, I just like when they do. :twilightblush:

It's kind of amusing that the chapter starts with Trixie musing on how well Pinkie can predict the future and ends with an event Pinkie didn't forsee.
I wonder if the intention is to show that Trixie's perception of Pinkie Pie is rose tinted. As even the original event, prebuying a ticket, didn't have to be a sign she knew Trixie would agree versus a sign she wasn't going to let her back out. (Or even, if Trixie was truly adamant, pick a different sister to swap day with.)

It also was kind of not cool of Pinkie to try to 'surprise' Trixie with all of them, but it's understandable because she really thinks it's no big deal and she's trying to help speed it along.

Pinkie Pie definately feels like this whole apology event would be nothing special. In her mind, she'd bring Trixie to the map room, everyone who needed an apology would be there and the entire thing would be solved with a quick "I'm sorry." followed by all of them not even being all that bothered about it to begin with and happily accepting. Then a party, presumably.

She's wrong, and I think we can count ourselves lucky that her 3 surprise guests bailed on the party before it could start. :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks for the comment, it's always a little challenging to know what readers will be able to 'see' when reading. So I didn't realize it might be a little challenging to understand Trixie's attraction here. It makes more sense as the story goes on though, at least that's my hope XP

Oh you know Pinkie, she'll create the worst disaster possible that somehow always leads to the best parties and friendships. Even from episode one she was doing stuff like breaking into Twilight's house, throwing a party and replacing the alcohol with hot sauce. I'm actually not sure where I'm going with this, oh well, it's Pinkie I don't think she knows either.

It must be a bit strange for Trixie to see Twilight again after so much growth. When they first met Twilight was a neurotic bookworm with all the social competence of a desk chair and now she's the princess of friendship with all the maturity and wisdom she's gained along the way... AND a neurotic bookworm. :trollestia:
Good to see that with Twi's help Trixie's one step closer to mental health. ^^

If we think of it as Trixie is trading Maud for Twilight, that's not a bad deal when it is a friendship problem. xD

I wonder if Pinkie Pie was just teasing Trixie a bit here or if she was serious. We know she's fine with Trixie's crush on her but we don't really know how she feels in return yet. She doesn't seem to have the same romantic attraction but maybe more of a physical one. Trixie's good looking and into her, so she might think of having some 'fun' with her and seeing where it goes.

Trixie can't actually remember everything of what she did while wearing the amulet. That's got to be a scary thought for her in trying to apologize. Really, she probably should have brought that up before and maybe asked Pinkie Pie to tell her what she did. Though, that's probably difficult for her given her feelings for Pinkie. It's even less likely that she'd ask one of the pies to find out for her, because what if they find what mystery evils she did so bad they won't accept her anymore?

We'll see where it goes. ^^

Yeah, I really enjoyed writing this scene with Twilight. Even with how much I enjoyed the episode where Trixie returns, it still felt very out of character for Twilight to be all mean to Trixie instead of trying to support the idea of friendship. (Especially when her own apprentice created/destroyed like seven multiverses...) So trying to take a different approach for how Twilight would interact with Trixie after meeting her for the first time after the amulet event was fun.

As for Pinkie, who knows? She's a mystery even to herself some times

Maybe Rarity should be reminded of the time she was possessed by a cursed magical artifact and preceded to terrorize the citizens of Ponyville. If she can be forgiven for that surely she can forgive Trixie.

Rarity spat words of venom. “That’s not it you, you, you feather brained monster! It’s because you forced me and my sister to work for you until our hooves bled from the effort. You turned us and random children into slaves, and every single thing you forced us to make you burned in front of us just to watch our spirits die. If it had just been me, maybe, just maybe I might be willing to forgive you one day, but that was my baby sister you hurt!”

You’re not exactly in the position to high road Trixie, Rarity. After all, didn’t you endanger all of Ponyville when you were under the influence of the Inspiration Manifestation spell?


to be fair, I think every one of the mane six have nearly destroyed the town at some point or another.


Certainly, and I hope that gets brought up at some point.

Well, RD was pretty easy. Or perhaps more appropriately, fast. xD
Too bad we didn’t end up learning what Trixie actually did since it looks like RD realized that Trixie can’t remember it. Unless Pinkie told her that, it would seem that RD figured that out based on Trixie’s apology being too light for what she’s done. Kind of like she feels that the only way Trixie could have the audacity to be here is if she didn’t remember what she did.

I mean all I did to her was mess up her mane once right?

I recognize that this is really just for comedy and a bit of foreshadowing, but this is an odd thing for Trixie to think. We just went over how Trixie can’t really remember the things she’s done while wearing the amulet, but in this one case she just assumes she did nothing and the only thing to apologize for is their initial meeting?

“Because I ruined her mane and made her look silly in front of the crowd. It was wrong of me.”

Oh, gosh. She really did think that, somehow. o.O

Twilight gets a pass because she wasn’t in town for all this, but Pinkie Pie or Applejack really should sit Trixie down and tell her what she’s actually done. xD
Especially now that we know how bad it was for Rarity&Co. 

Thinking about it, I wonder if Trixie’s done things to AJ and Pinkie that they have not told her about either. 


Probably. xD

Twilight already got hers covered.
Rarity’s inspiration one got mentioned.
Rainbow Dash broke the weather factory.
Pinkie Pie flooded the town with clones.
Fluttershy.... I dunno, do we count that time she promised not to stop Discord? That coinflip could have gone the other way.
Applejack… I can’t think of anything major for her. 

I believe Fluttershy began the parasprites as well as committed terrorism by stealing Celestia's pet pheonix. Oh and the whole 'taking self confidence to a lethal extreme' thing with Iron WIll. Fluttershy actually used to be kinda chaotic before season 4 and up.

Applejack decided not to sleep and poisoned the entire town in like episode three of the series.

As for not mentioning every single thing Trixie has done, I don't think she's in the right head space to handle that yet.

FS gets a pass for starting the parasprites thing. She had no way of knowing it was a pest, but the part where she kept one AFTER they knew what pests they were and she restarted the plague that I think is fair to add to the 'town apocalypse' list. xD

FS's phoenix, iron will, and AJ's bad cupcakes I don't think make that list, though. Yes those and others are problems they caused but it's not on the scale of the others. We'd be downplaying how bad those big ones were. Granted, I do think that they'd make for great ways that AJ and FS might be able to relate a bit to Trixie's problem as they both had a time where they caused problems while their mental state was unusual. Heck, all of them should know how that feels given that Discord messed with them mentally once before.

Protecting Trixie's mental state by not telling her is understandable. It does leave her very open to an angry victim screaming what she did at her, though, like Rarity. It is a bit of a gamble. A gamble that paid off for RD who choose not to tell Trixie and forgave her. Thinking of it like that, I would not be surprised if AJ was on team 'tell her the truth' but she's respecting Pinkie's choice to hope her friends will be nice and not rub Trixie's face in it. (And tell the truth later.)

Looking forward to next week. ^^

Mhm, I gotta find an image of ponies riding on ponies to help me visualize this later, but it sounds cute. As was their talk in general. ^^

It's also a great distraction from how the story would be over now if things had gone just a liiitle bit different...

I like the bit of hinted at story for Jackass Pot here. Either he is a huge star or that bloated ego thing runs in the family. xD
It almost would have been worse if he'd offered her money to leave him alone, gosh. I wonder if he was being literal about those sisters or figurative. I don't expect we'll find out, but it's interesting.

It's too bad we don't have an indication of how long the 'nap' took here. It seems that enough time has passed for Pinkie to look for Trixie and fail to find her and for RD to scout around.

Rarity needs a dictionary. She's not forgiven Trixie at all if she's still angry. :rainbowlaugh:

To be fair, that's probably because Twilight made her say it, and Twilight seems to have some ulterior motives:
“Yep, gonna take that brain apart and figure out why you’re still suffering from after effects of the Alicorn Amulet.”
I like how Pinkie and Trixe are so busy making innuendo jokes that they don’t seem to realize this is where they should be terrified. :pinkiecrazy:

For a bit there, I thought that Trixie and Pinkie were gonna spend the night together after all in the face of those castle lodgings, but Twi got there in time to put a stop to that. :trollestia: It is surprising that Twi and Rarity arrived so quickly. Trixie hadn’t been there very long. Maybe Rainbow Dash’s next stop was the castle to inform them.

I wonder if the nightmares are actually over now. That was the original theory, but Twilight does not seem to think that will be the case.

Again, is no one gonna point out to Rarity how much of a massive hypocrite she's being. Also Twilight maybe looking into Trixie's mind to see what effects the Amulet had on her should be left to some one with more experience, like say Princess Luna.

Of course Twilight gets in the way of some saucy num nums. She can't have ponies acting 'indecent' on her watch can she?

Twilight is a master of all things she's never done before, stopping parasprite swarms, preventing wars between ponies and yaks, and understanding dragons and how they work. Clearly from all these examples she is the perfect candidate for prying into Trixie's brain juices.

Twilight spoke first. “Rarity, you really need to forgive her. None of are free of mistakes.”

Rarity scoffed. “Well at least I made up for mine.”

“What do you think she’s trying to do here? Really, Rarity, we’ve already talked about this, between that one time in Manehatten and when you used that magic book to ‘Rarify’ the entire town, you of all ponies should have more sympathy.”

Good answer Twilight.:twilightsmile:

Seems like Rarity's starting to come around, though she still has a ways to go. The amulet's side effects preventing Luna from entering Trixie's dreams is interesting and ominous, hopefully they'll all be able to achieve a breakthrough in the next chapter.

“Oh, but it gets so much juicier. It would seem that our hatred of Trixie knows no ends. Would you like to tell her how come it is she was never able to obtain a job, why her father threw her away like the garbage that she is?”

Rarity growled. “I have no idea what you are talking about you monster.”

The monster laughed, it sounded inhuman, cold and wet. “How many potential employers did you go to in secret, how many did you tell about Trixie’s sins. How many did you convince to never hire Trixie because of her actions in Ponyville? Do you even know, can you even count that high?”

Rarity shouted. “SHUT UP YOU FREAK!”

What’s wrong, Rarity? Can’t stand to hear that you’re even worse than Trixie ever was? Don’t like being reminded that you ruined her life? And you had the gall to be mad at her for what she did while she was under the influence of a mind corrupting artifact when you did a lot more damage to her life of your own free will? Sounds to me like you don’t get to be pissed at her anymore.

What a shock, it didn't work. xD
Well, at least the nightmare was a little bit different this time? Although, I guess it's actually gotten worse. Even the ponies that previously took her side in the dream are laying into her again. It is nice that she's getting inceptioned soon, maybe we'll find out why the rules changed.

It was funny to see Pinkie Pie so jealous. And who can blame her? Twi boxblocked her at first and now she's cuddling up with Trixie? Clearly, she just wants the little blue disaster area to herself. :trollestia:

Alright, I might need a hand here.

Twilight nodded. “Yes, but Fluttershy is currently out on some kind of expedition to see some exotic animals.”

What is going on here? Is it a reference I don't get? I read the rest of the story and there doesn't seem to be a payoff or explaination for this tidbit. The fact that she is missing doesn't seem to matter since only Rarity gets into dreamland anyway.

Rainbow Dash grinned. “I’d like to see your show again though. After I got into wrestling I realized that pretending to be a self centered villain is actually kinda cool. The Thunder Tanker is one of my favorites and he’s all like, throwing people’s soda’s in their faces and stuff, and he’s really popular so… yeah, I realized I was kinda a jerk.”

I smiled. “Glad to see some fake pony grappling changed your mind on my performance.”

She glared at me. “Wrestling isn’t fake.”

This might actually be my favorite exchange in the whole fic. I love the idea that RD learns about the concept of a 'Heel' from an interest in wrestling. Even better is that she seems to realize that the characters aren't real, but is still totally convinced the wrestling itself is legit. :rainbowlaugh:

Dang it. I seem to have run out of chapters. The site must be broken. :trollestia:

All's well that ends well, and this certainly ended well for Trixie despite everything. :yay:

I also saw my sisters Nixie and Pixie as well as a third one I wasn’t familiar with but considering she looked just like me, and my sisters only purple

I get the sense I'm supposed to be able to guess who this is, but I can't. Who is this? :unsuresweetie:

I am a bit surprised the whole magic duel thing didn't get mentioned again. I thought for sure the dream sequence would involve a bit where we got to see what Trixie really did during that time. Seemed like a great and informative bit of mental torture to put her through.

Thanks for writing a lovely story. :twilightsmile:

I can't find the image but it's a pink version of trixie with a flower cutie mark from season 5 when I was looking for Trixie EVERYWHERE. She was in some CMC episode I think she appeared in one of Applebloom's songs. Point is, we had a perfect naming scheme going for all of Trixie's 'siblings' Trixie, Nixie, Pixie and then this one named Dasiy Sunflower or something... I call her Dixie because I can.

Also no problem, glad to hear you enjoyed the story so much. This was a blast to write and helped invigorate my love for the slice of life styled stories.

“She should just kill herself.”

I hate that the first thing my mind went to
when I read this was this video: https://youtu.be/HviBn_L6quA?t=37

The way Rarity looked at me specifically, it was something I couldn’t erase from my mind. The look of disgust and hatred in those eyes was inhuman.

that's probably because uh, they aren't humans

they're horses

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