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Wallflower Blush finds three bored sirens who are sick of being cooped up at her apartment door. With little else to do, she decides to try introducing them to the game, Dungeons and Dragons.


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Have to say, love the work that went into the humor, exchanges, action (during the D & D campaign) and future chapter set-up in all the right places. Yeah, I could, unfortunately, see some people being stupid enough to think Dungeons and Dragons could lead to devil worship. And, yeah, I could ALSO see the Dazzlings getting bored enough to give the game a try and admitting that it actually IS a good time killer.

On another note, I could see Rarity and Twilight having to do most of the shopping for THEIR respective families (Rarity because her gem constructs are more protective than a mere mask [though she could definitely make some rather sweet-looking masks and gloves too] and Twilight because her telekinesis makes it a lot easier for her to pick things up from FARTHER than six feet away).

But, anyway, really entertaining one-shot.

If I remember correctly, JonTron on YouTube does something on this. He watches some religious thing that says it means you worship the devil. It was hilarious, even if it wasn't JonTron.

Very entertaining. Nice job!


So, the Dazzling's are following quarantines… And go over to somebody else's house to play D+D?

First, like they say in the story, they aren't following the quarantine by their own choice. It's more that with everything else on lockdown, there isn't really anything else they can do.

Second, they live in the same apartment building as Wallflower. So it's a little safer in that they don't have to go out in complete public.

Although she had skipped out on the big finale performance, but that did not really matter at this point.

It does help explain her "Sunset's no different now than when she ruled the school" stance. Based on my own experiences with an allergy to school spirit, Wallflower might not have even been on campus during the Friendship Games.

"Wait, wait," Wallflower called out, holding up her hands. "What does any of this have to do with Dungeons and Dragons?"

I envy her ability to ask that question given the context.

It would be like accusing The Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia of somehow leading to devil worship.

Oh, you sweet summer child...
And Sonata actually has the Dark Dungeons Chick tract. Oh wow. :rainbowlaugh:

Hmm. Well, as far as single-class parties go, bard is one of the better choices. Three jacks of all trades can get a lot done... but that still assumes some degree of competence and cooperation. Hopefully Wallflower explains that the girls aren't vastly powerful mistresses of emotion... yet. Possibly restarting the campaign with Sonata as a rogue and Aria as a sorcerer or barbarian. (Adagio's clear bard material if seduction was her first impulse. :raritywink:)

Delightful stuff. I'd like to see this continue if you have any ideas for where else to go with it.

The movie in question was actually based on the tiny religious comic Sonata mentions. They actually got the rights for it and everything. They mocked the everloving crap out of it, but still.

Oh boy, there's nothing more entertaining than reading about the satanic panic in an EQG fanfic. :trixieshiftleft:

DnD shenanigans are always the best shenanigans. Any chance of this story continuing?

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