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A look at what Rainbow Dash may have been like if she were born as a unicorn instead of the ever popular pegasus so many know and love.

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Buck. Yes! Unicorn!Dash is bucking awesome. I guess Twilight is a Pegasus in this reality ... unless she's an Earth Pony and Pinkie is the second Pegasus. LOL ... epic prank on Blueblood ... I hope that stays long enough for the twit to see it. And her shushing Spike while he was trying to do his lookout job made me snort juice out my nose!

Really weird and not very amusing but keep up the Gud work!:twilightsmile:

This leaves me with all KINDS of questions! How did her friends get their cutie-marks if not for Rainbow's sonic rainboom? What is Twilight doing? If the elements of harmony aren't together or won't be then what of Nightmare Moon?

Anyways, considering Rainbow is living in the castle it seems like you're either intending to right about just her or maybe transitioning into the bigger stuff later. Either way, I'm definitely keeping track of it :D

A very interesting AU, I hope someone decides to expand upon this idea some more in the future.

Unicorn prankster Dash is best prankster!:rainbowdetermined2:

I hope it's:
Pegasus Twilight and Pinkie
Earth Pony Fluttershy and Rarity
and Unicorn Applejack (there is already precedent for earth pony families having unicorn children)

That was a really cute story.

For some reason, Rainbow Burst reminds me of Naruto...

AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :rainbowkiss: And soooooooooo funny!!! :rainbowlaugh:

You know what? You really need to continue this story or write another one with a unicornified Pegasus or Earth pony. Because...

I dont know how but you pulled it off. I just hope the sequel is just as good.

also can you plz add a cover photo.:raritywink:

Prince Blubber Butt


Princess Celestia watched them go with a smile, shaking her head. Instead of chasing after them, her horned lit up once again. With a poof of magic, she teleported to the dining room. If she had been racing the others, it might have been considered cheating. All the same, she got there first.

Fair enough.

4587277 I hope it wasn't grape juice. That would be the worst case scenario... Unless it was sparkling grape juice.

6090501 It was probably orange or white grape, seeing as those are the types I generally keep around the apartment. Given that my comment was almost a whole year ago, I can't remember for sure. But yeah, grape juice is no fun, but orange actually feels worse ... it's the acid.

I wonder if the Wonderbolts accept Unicorns...

This story is adorable and very believable!

Hehe, always good to see Blueblood get pranked, I never liked him.

Nice little story.

I like the show as is, but I think it would have been better this way.

She watched the caught pony tensed,

either replace "tensed" with "tense" or put "as" before "the"

them moved quickly as

moved as quickly

Full review here, but in brief: a really fascinating concept that isn't given enough space to be explored.

A look at what Rainbow Dash may have been like if she were born as a unicorn instead of the ever popular pegasus so many know and love.

Well there'd be no sonic rainboom for starters and we've seen quite a few timelines on what would happen in that scenario.

Just realized this was made in 2014 lol.

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