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Equestria Girls: Love Is Magic - onekface

A new enemy threatens Sunset's new home. It craves magic and it craves all who has it. She and her friends must rise to face it. But they can't do it alone. Flash x Mane 7

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Chapter 8: Chase

(Streets of Canterlot)

A lone car sped through the streets of the city that night racing around like its life depended on it.

For the occupants of that car, it really was a race for dear life.

“Look out!” Adagio held on as they hit another hump on the road making the car bounce along with the passengers. Her head rattled slamming on the ceiling while her body rocked back and forth from the impact. “Can you be a little more careful!?”

“Hey you’re free to take over if you want!” The driver snapped back, one part angry while another part panicked over the shadowy terror chasing behind them. “Is that the magic wolf thing that’s been going around town?”

“What gave it away? Its giant fangs or its shape?”

“I thought there was only one!”

“Quit your yapping and drive!” The boy did so, putting his weight on the acceleration already passing the legal speed limit around here. It was a fast car but the shadows were just a tad bit faster. Soon they slipped out of the ground galloping on their four legs. “These things are really starting to tick me off!” She blasted a beam of light at one of them banishing it to the void.

“Ugh! Dang it. There’s no room back here!” Aria complained, trying to find a comfortable spot to put her feet up.

“Sorry but this is a two seater car. Not a lot of room for a third passenger.”

“Then I’ll make room.” She grabbed the largest object at the back and tossed it out the window.

“HEY! That’s my guitar!”

“Not anymore!”

“Eyes on the road!” Adagio barked again to which the driver had little choice but to comply. “Aria. How’s she doing?” The girl on the back glanced over to her unconscious friend who seemed to be drained of all her color.

“She’s not looking so good.”

Adagio bit her lip swallowing a curse. Whatever those monsters did it was sucking the life out of her friend. “We need to get to uptown.”

“What? Why!?” The driver questioned back. “That’s half way across the city!”

“These magical creatures thrive in darkness. While there’s shadow they’ll never stop hunting us. Uptown has the biggest lightshow in the city. They won’t be able to come after us there.”

He didn’t trust that argument one bit but when one of the shadow wolves latched on, he knew he didn’t have much of a choice.

“Uptown it is. Hang on!” The driver quickly changed gear and spun the wheel taking a sharp turn on the next intersection. The beast that clung onto the car lost its grip tearing a good chunk of the car with it. “Hey come on! I just got a new paintjob!” He complained uselessly like it would actually care.

The chase went on for another minute or so with the shadow monsters cutting close with every attack. More and more began to show and several pedestrians nearby could’ve sworn they saw something too but were too engrossed by the speeding car to actually take notice. By then they’d simply shrug and think it was just a pack of stray mongrels.

“Hey! No free rides!” Adagio blasted another of their pursuers that somehow managed to land on the hood of the car. Its blackened body evaporated from the blinding light she emitted. But when it vanished another three latched on with their claws and fangs eating away at the car, chipping it off piece by piece. “Don’t these things give up!?”

“What did you guys do to get them so mad?”

“Why don’t you go and ask them yourself!?” She barked back, flashing another beast away. “Can’t we go any faster!?” The driver growled but decided to keep his comments to himself.


A claw pierced through the roof cutting the boy up ever so slightly but just enough to make him bleed. He would’ve panicked but not before a thought came to mind when he noted a narrow alley directly ahead.

He licked his lips, narrowed his eyes and shifted gear, putting the pedal to the metal.

“Uh… driver man.” Aria called out, noticing the alley as well. “What are you doing?”

“Hang on. I know a shortcut.”

“But… that’s too narrow.”

“Relax. We’ll fit.”

“We’re not going to fit.”

“We’ll fit!”

“We’re not going to fit!!”

“Then you’d better suck up that gut.”

“We’re not going to fit! WE’RE NOT GOING TO FITTTTT~~~~~!!!!!!” The two girls screamed as the vehicle slid in just barely through the two opposing buildings. The side view mirrors were the first to tear off as the walls closed in on them, the alley getting narrower as they progressed. The sound of metal scrapping against the bricked wall was irritable but it was drowned out by their screams and wails. The windshield cracked and many other parts loosened and scattered all over the ground never to be seen again. The whole process lasted for a good long minute until finally… they got through.

The boy panted heavily, swallowing a chunk of his vomit back in, eyes blaring as he made a snarky comment. “Heh. I told you we’d fit.”

“I don’t think that counts.” Aria groaned before noting Sonata’s lack of breath. “Oh no. Sonata? Sonata!”

“Aria. What’s going on?”

“It’s Sonata.” The girl panicked. “She’s getting cold. I don’t understand. It’s like…”

“The magic was sucked out of her.” Adagio deduced with her eyes widened. Realization dawned on her. “Of course. That explains it.”

“Explains what? I don’t under…!” The driver asked before suddenly hitting the breaks. The tires screeched to the halt just a few dozen feet away from a large intersection where the mother of all shadow wolves stood between them and Uptown. “Oh… that’s… that’s a big dog.” Adagio agreed on that notion. And there was certainly no way to outrun that thing, not in this wreck of a car. They’ll be dog chow before the sun came up.


“Quiet! I’m thinking!” If they charge in they’re dead, if they reverse they’re dead. Not a lot of plans to go by and her magic was waning with each use.

“Wait!” The driver boy spoke. “These guys are afraid of light, right?” The Siren beside him tilted her brow but nodded. “Do you think you can use some of that magic to boost the car?”

She looked over at the broken vehicle and the idea dawned on her. “I like your thinking. Aria – together.”

“Got it.” At her command the two placed their hands over the steering wheel. They poured what little remained of their magical energies into that broken hunk of metal letting it glow with power.

With one last look, the boy revved his engine and smiled, shouting. “Hey dog breath! You think you’re so tough!? Well why don’t you have a taste of 60 gigawatts of pure power!” With a flip of the handle his forward lights lit up and shined like the sun itself. It banished the darkness away covering the whole block with a radiance so magnificent that one could paint a picture on it.

The shadow monster let out a mighty pained howl as it felt its body peeled away inch by inch. It tried to sink into the pavement but there was no shadow to hide under. Its little minions vanished instantly, drowned out by the light. Finally after a moment of pain, the big bad shadow wolf was banished letting out one last roar in defiance. It disappeared not soon after, not a spec of it remained.

“Whoa…” Yeah… that was the word she’d use too. Who would’ve thought this stupid bucket of bolts had fangs of its own. “That was AWESOME! Sorry. Too loud?”

“A little.” She answered stoically. “Aria. How’s…? Oh…” She didn’t need an answer. She could see it as plain as day. Sonata was turning pale and cold. Any more so and she’d look stiller than a statue. “We need to get help.”

“Help? Who in this world would want to help us?”

(Twilight’s home)

Ding dong.

The doorbell rang with a cute tone alerting the resident of visitors.

“Be right there.” A cute and honest reply. Figured someone was expecting company. But at this hour? Someone might get the wrong idea. They could hear locks being undone on the other side. “Hey Flash. You’re late. What took you so…”

Adagio reached out and slammed the door open catching the girl mid-sentence. “We need your help.”


“YOU WERE WHAT!?” Sunset exploded in a yelling tone that night, eyes brimming equal part furious and confused. The Dazzlings spent the last fifteen minutes explaining the incident to her. It was quite a tale to be sure though some of the action scenes were toned down a bit to save time, much to Rainbow’s dismay.

“Like I said: We were attacked by that giant dog.” Adagio replied irritated that she had to repeat the gist of it all. “Which part of that didn’t you understand?”

“And you brought in other people into this mess!? What were you thinking!?”

“I was thinking that I didn’t want to be the monster’s next meal.”

“I’m ok~” Flash announced, raising a thumb up to the Mane 7 while his face had this cheesy grin plastered on it. For someone who just experienced a life-threatening scenario, he looked pretty happy. Perhaps it was the adrenaline kicking in… or more likely the fact that Applejack offered her lap for him to rest his head while Fluttershy tended to his injuries. “Don’t worry about me.”

Sunset took a breath and calmed herself down. She was letting anger cloud her emotions and it was messing up her tone and the words she was using.

“Alright. Let’s say for a moment I do believe you. Why in the world would the shadow monster go after you? I thought it was only targeting us.”

“It wasn’t after us.” Adagio corrected earning a questioning look from the girls. “As much as it looked like it, that ‘thing’? It was after our powers.” She paused on that sentence. “To be more precise, I’d say it was after our magic.”

“Your magic?” Twilight parroted. “I don’t understand. I thought you lost your magical abilities.”

“We may have lost our forms and much of our powers when we were banished to this world, but that doesn’t change that we are still creature of magic.” The Siren leader explained, demonstrating her magic through a glow in her hand. “We breathe magic, feed off it like water. Unlike most magical creatures in Equestria, or you humans for that matter, it sustains us. Without it, we’ll wither away and eventually turn to dust. And trust me, that’s no way for anyone to go out.”

“Is that what’s happening to her?” Rainbow pointed over to Sonata who lay on the bed with Aria cradling her head. The poor girl was looking worse and worse by the minutes. “Ouch…”

“That wolf is a syphon.” The Siren continued. “It drains host or objects of their magic robbing them of all their energies. Seeing as there’s about as much magic here as water in the desert, we must’ve stood out like a buffet.”

“Food?” Pinkie jolted but was put down quickly with a stare from the others. “Ok. I get it. Not a joking moment.”

“That… does make sense.” Twilight’s face beamed as if coming to a realization. “When I chased that wolf creature it didn’t attack me until I used up a light spell. And it came after Applejack because she was using her powers to set up the things for her family reunion. It can sense magic.”

“Give the girl a prize.”

Sunset scoffed, still looking angry. “Fine. That makes sense. But I still don’t understand why you’d come to us.”

The two Sirens still standing traded looks and nodded. Adagio groaned but sucked her pride in. “Out of everyone we know in this city, you girls are the only ones who possess any real magic. So…” She sighed. “I’d like to propose a trade.”

A trade?

Sunset turned to her friends who looked all partly confused. They’ve never had any kind of dealings with former villains but it doesn’t seem like anyone disapproved. They may as well hear what they have to say first.

“We’re listening.”

“You give Sonata a portion of your magic. Just enough to restore her.” She gestured over to her unconscious friend. “At the rate she’s going, she might just disappear forever. Do this. And in turn we’ll help you find whoever is behind this magical conundrum.”

“Wait what?” Flash choked. “Didn’t we just beat that thing?”

“We only banished the monster.” She explained casually so. “The summoner can simply replace it. And whoever was controlling it is definitely getting stronger. He probably used the magic from the museum to bring it out and hunt other sources of magic to sustain it. If you want to get rid of the shadow beast… you need to take the summoner out.”

“And do you know who this guy is?”

“… no. But I’m willing to put an effort.”

“Please.” Aria pleaded. “She doesn’t have a lot of time. Anything will do.”

“Listen…” Sunset spoke up. “We’d love to help you out but our powers aren’t exactly what you think they are. We use spells. It’s completed magic.”

“But you have a power source, don’t you?” Adagio snapped. “All that power you wield requires magic! And it must come from somewhere!”

“It does.” Twilight added. “But we’re not sure of it ourselves. While our powers are connected through our geodes we don’t rightly understand where the magic comes from. I’ve been studying it for a long time now and even I don’t know the full extent of it.”

“Is there really no way?” Fluttershy asked.

“I could probably do some tests and see how it works. Maybe even perform a biometrical rea…”

Adagio’s eyes flared. “Arghh! Shut up! I don’t care about the details! Just help her!”

“Hey easy!” Rainbow stood her ground. “There’s no need to fuss. We’re all on the same boat here.”

“There is no boat! Gah! If I knew you lot were gonna be this useless I wouldn’t even suggested to come here!”

“We never said we had a method of helping. You made that assumption on your own.” Sunset countered.

The shouting match started with both sides berating each other with insults and mean words.

Thankfully however Flash jumped between the two sides and raised both his hands to stop them before it escalated any further. “Guys. GUYS! Hang on a moment. Fighting isn’t going to get us anywhere. And……… I think I have a solution.” They all looked at him questioningly before he pulled an object from his jacket. “You said that you need magic to sustain yourselves, right?” He offered the bowl to the Siren leader who eyed it from a distance like it was live grenade. “This thing is supposed to contain a fraction of magic. I don’t really know much about the subject but… maybe it can help her.”


Adagio ignored the nerd girl’s yelling and looked at the thing. Quietly she reached for the ceramic bowl jolting back when she felt a familiar presence lingering within it. “This magic. It’s the same from that monster we fought.”

“Do you think it’ll work?”

She looked up to his worried expression and slowly nodded. “It’s faint but this is definitely raw magic. We can use it to restore Sonata.”

“Great!” Sunset beamed with a sigh of relief. “I can use a spell to extract the energy inside and…”

“No time!” With one swift movement Adagio yanked the bowl and dropped it to the floor before stomping it shattering the relic to pieces.

Twilight mentally screamed within while everyone else stood in shock. “What have you done!? That was a priceless historical artifact!”

“Oh put a sock in it!” Adagio waved her hand over the shattered relic drawing out a blue mist from its shattered remnants. “Aria, hold her steady.” With a wave, the mist hovered over the Sleeping Beauty and slowly flowed in through her mouth and nose. Nothing was wasted, nothing was left behind.

Everyone in the room stood still not trusting their actions. No one dared move in this crucial moment.

After a brief pause Sonata’s body began to glow with a soft hue. Her body warmed to the touch and her color slowly returned to her face. She stirred, her expression twisting to discomfort before finally blinking her eyes open. The girl gave out a soft and pained smile looking back at their worried faces.

“Hey guys.” She said weakly. “Is it breakfast already?”

“Sonata!” Relief spread across Aria’s face as she pulled that idiot in a tight embrace hiding her teary eyes in her hair.

“Whoa! Someone’s touchy… aheh~.” She replied groggily like she was just waking up from a long nap.

“You stupid stupid idiot! Don’t you ever do that ever again! You hear me!?”

“Whaaevver you say~” The girl on the other hand didn’t seem to understand the reason but decided to go with it either way. She returned the hug, smiling ever so sweetly. “Hmm… this is nice.”

Whatever tension the gang had a few seconds earlier was instantly evaporated by the sight of that warm family bond. Sunset knelt and scooped the pieces of the broken artifact only to cringe at the thought that she was now holding pieces of a priceless museum piece, something of great historical value.

“We… we can fix that. Right?” Twilight hoped though a part of her doubted.

“We’re going to need a lot of glue.”

(Celestia/Luna’s Apartment)

“BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Aha! Ahahahahaha! Oh my god! My spleen! Pfahahaha!” Luna held her stomach back as her laugh echoed throughout the apartment. She rocked her chair back and forth dangerously so, a glass of juice in her hand threatening to spill.

Celestia on the other hand looked far less amused, glaring daggers at her sister who seemed to be reveling in her torment. The Principal looked haggard and worn, her outer coat having a green stain on it.

“Luna… please!”

“Pfaha! I’m… mhaha… I’m so sorry sister. It’s just that – that is just too funny!” Luna stifled herself and failed as she just burst out laughing once more. “I mean you haven’t seen him for 20 years and the first thing you do to him is throw up all over his coat!? It’s hilarious!”

“Don’t… remind me.” The sparkly woman groaned angrily more to herself than anyone. “It’s embarrassing enough to live through it once.”

Luna regained her balance on the chair holding her laugh in as the conversation went on. “Well what happened next? Surely that can’t be it. Did you deliver your speech?”

“No~~” Celestia sulked slamming her head on the table, one hand reaching out for her glass. “After I spilled my guts all over Sombra I felt even worse. I spent the rest of the afternoon in the nurse’s office crying over a pillow. Principal Cadance had to usher him in for me and I… never saw him again.”

“Wow sister. I am seeing you in an all new light.” She glared at her once more which was left rightly ignored. “I mean what are the odds? The boy who you broke up with coming back to meet you for the first time in two decades and you just… vomited all over him. I mean who does that?” Her sister apparently but she didn’t want to say it out loud. “You could’ve taken him out on one date first.”


“Alright alright. That was the last one, I promise. Still… what did he say? I mean… after you decided to share your lunch with him. Pfa!”

“He…” Celestia thought back. “He said nothing.”


“I ran off after I puked on him. Didn’t even get a chance to say anything else.” She banged her head on the table mumbling something incoherent.

“Ouch. That must be… traumatizing.” You could say that again. “But hey, look on the bright side.”

“Which is?”

“I don’t know. I was hoping someone would fill in the blanks for me.” Dang it Luna! “Ok. No need to give me the mean glare. But I’m sure he doesn’t hate you. It’s been over twenty years now. He moved on with Sophie. I’m sure whatever happened between you two is pretty much water under the bridge. He’ll probably remember you as the girl who threw up on him instead of the girl who broke up with him.”

Celestia’s face twitched unexpectedly which didn’t escape her sister’s notice. She tried to laugh it off but failed to do so.

“Celestia?” Luna’s eyes furrowed. “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing! Aheh. Why would you think that there’s something?”

“Because you’re making that face.”

“Face? What face?”

“The face you make whenever you have something to say but trying not to say it.” It was a face only a sister like her would know. “What’s wrong?”

“I… don’t…” The blue haired Vice-Principal folded her arms in defiance. “Oh… ok fine. I may as well say it.” Celestia stood from her seat and marched towards the coffee pot (Poison free) looking like a puppy that just got lost. “You remember that story I told you about how I broke up with Sombra right before I left for my new post in Hooverton?” She nodded, eyes narrowing to daggers. “Well… I might’ve left out a few key details out.”

She didn’t like where this was going. Not one bit. “But you did break up with him, right?” There was a pause. “RIGHT!?”

“Yes! Absolutely!” Her little sister slunk back in relief. “Just… not in person.”

“You what!?” Luna choked on her drink before slamming it on the table. “Sister! Please tell me you’re not saying what I think you’re saying. You told me you broke up with him!”

“And I did.” She replied calmly yet also holding a hint of shame. “It’s just that I… decided to leave it on a note.”

“A NOTE!?” Luna screamed like a banshee while her elder sister cowered behind her coffee mug raising it up like a shield that would protect her. “You left this man for 20 years with a note!? That’s not a breakup, that’s a slap to the face! Though I think I’d prefer a slap to the face than a note. That’s so…… so… unlike you!”

“I know. I know!” Celestia groaned, chugging her coffee down. She remembered that night pretty well. The panic she had when she gathered her things while scribbling her last words to him on a piece of paper. It was absolutely the worst breakup ever. “I was horrible.”

“Wow… I am seeing this whole thing with you and Sombra on a whole different light.” The Vice-Principal added sighing heavily. “It’s no wonder he was so worked up about it. And here I thought you were the reasonable one. Even I’d take his side right now.”

“Not really helping here, Luna.”

“I’m sorry sister. I know that the offer in Hooverton was very important to you but what you did to him is simply unacceptable. That man has every right to despise you. You should be ashamed.”

And she was. She really was.

“Ugh… maybe you were right. I should’ve let you do the goodwill assignment. Meeting him again was a mistake.”

“Now now sister. There’s no need to be dramatic.” Luna reached out and patted her on the back. “You said it yourself: We can’t escape our past forever. And if it’ll make you feel any better, you reap what you sow.”

Celestia stared. “How is that supposed to make me feel better?”

“It wasn’t.”

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