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The only thing that makes me sad about this is the fact that there is only one chapter to this story.

Otherwise amazing

There needs to be more!!!! I want more!!!! How hung is she anyway!!!!

I want a story with her hyper impregnating ponies!!!!

Very good story.

"Really, this is just drawn out, wholesome, exhausting sex with a side of breeding thrown in" that is what I am HERE FOR :rainbowwild:

Edit post read: very well done more than enough of the right stuff to do it for me :raritywink:

The people want more purple pony breeding

duithy #6 · Oct 22nd, 2020 · · 10 ·

If only it was not anthro

Thank you! There’d be definitely potential to write some more about the others, or even get Celestia involved, but I think I will keep this one as a one-shot for now.

Probably pretty fucking big, as an alicorn and all. I didn’t think much about it here, but really, I’ve written some pretty absurd hyper proportions with massive, obscene sizes and absurdly bloated cumguts. The usual.

Glad you liked it!

The people always do. They are insatiable.

A follow up could perhaps be Applejack (since she wasn't even mentioned in this chapter) Or maybe a sequel, when she bred Fluttershy and Pinkie

Great story loved it.

Though I have to ask. What happened to Applejack? Obviously she wasn’t a big part of the story, but it’s weird she wasn’t mentioned at all when even Pinkie and Fluttershy was.

Too bad, this was nice. I would love to see Twilight's harem grow.

I was considering to bring up Applejack at the end, say... another 300 words or so of Twilight finally feeling like she’s about to properly start her day and stepping out of the shower, only for Applejack to stumble into her home going “What in tarnation” at Rarity/Dash, and Twilight inevitably getting hard again at the sight of AJ’s thick, fertile hips struggling to be restrained by her hotpants.

But I decided that the current ending works fine, and wanted to submit this story that evening, so...

Yeah, it’d be fun to continue this eventually. There’s a lot of possibilities here. For now I might focus on another story or commission, for the time being. This one here was a commission, so if anyone wants to throw money at me to continue it according to their wishes, be my guest.

Derpibooru, ID 711010. Drawn by Anarchy, whom I forgot to credit apparently!

Damn, that's fucking lewd, and I love it.

This was a epic story I hope for a sequel to show how this started and how it ends . I also hope all of the pie sisters join Twilights herd.

What is this lack of Applejack?

This was a really enjoyable clopfic, very hot and sexy, just the way I like them, thank you :)

Fuck, this is hot. I don't know what it is about futa + ponies + excessive cum, but I think it equals "favorite". I want to learn to write like this. So graphic and physical.

Glad you liked it!

Thank you! Really, it’s a matter of practice. There’s a good chance hung dickmares blowing excessive loads of jizz are going to be a recurring themes in my stories.

I imagine Twilight using their kids to cope with the fact her friends are dead in the future.

Not bad. Something about your structure and style took me out of it, but I liked it well enough.

I will say, the onomatopoeia of the actual story throbbing and Hmf-ing was really distracting, and I wish fewer stories did this. Just my opinion.

This is actually a bit better than a "solid attempt" as my bookshelf claims, so solid that I'll actually give it a like anyhow. I just don't have a shelf for "better than solid attempt but not quite a favorite"


Not bad. Something about your structure and style took me out of it, but I liked it well enough.

Oh hey. Thanks for the feedback. If you want to go into more detail with that comment there, I’d be really interested. I’m still figuring out how to get a proper feeling for flow and style, so with a bit of luck whatever it is that took you out of it is going to improve over time.

I will say, the onomatopoeia of the actual story throbbing and Hmf-ing was really distracting, and I wish fewer stories did this. Just my opinion.

Almost makes me want to put up a survey whether people generally like this stuff or not. I could see that going either way.

Absolutely adorable stuff!

Great work! I'd love to see more of this where Twilight starts knocking up more ponies like Chrysalis or others.

If Twi really didn't want to knock her friends up she would have used a dragon sized condom. :rainbowlaugh:

I absolutely loved this story. Hit so many of my kinks and it was so well written! Love the fact that Twilight is just a horny dork with a huge cock, and her friends absolutely shamelessly take advantage of that fact. I too would love to see a prequel of Pinkie and Fluttershy, for now tho this will be tucked into my favorites.

Thanks a whole lot for the kind words! They mean a lot to me. :twilightsmile: I wrote a sequel, by the way. That said, maybe a prequel (or a second sequel) is in order at some point!

Rarity’s words calmed her down, even as her friend worshipped her cock

mere smell of a mare in heat was enough to set her breeder instincts off.

Not bad, not bad. A bit sparse on the details at times, though. Sometimes it wasn’t even clear what position they were in.

Also, really needs a sequel where AJ gets knocked up. Poor background pony is being left out again.

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