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i have know idea how i found this but its just to perfect for the story

Looks like I found a new favorite song.

My reaction to seeing a second story by you that would have been unheard of:


P.s. I hope it come out as good as your other story

It's looking good. You have my atention :>

Oh, I forgot. You should credit Marauder6272 for the actual pic. I just added the (horrible) colors :P

Umm, does Marauder6272 do more big breasted ponies? I think I've seen some of his/her pictures of impossibly huge breasts, but I never could figure out who made them.

The reason I'm asking, is because the way the muzzle looks is very similar.

Well, i almost died from sensory overload. Good story.

Oh, thank you very much, friend! :twilightsmile:
Btw, I hope to read more of this story soon! Keep up the good work. ^W^

Oh, he draws lots of huge-breasted pony pics. You just have to check his artist tag on derpibooru.

Lol, Im looking at his work right as we speak, bro!

I love the story. I got to say, I didn’t expected Twilight to be a tease when she was trying to tempt the guy into looking at her cleavage just to see if he wouldn’t get distracted. Especially liked how she teased his leg with her tail and then appeared to kiss him before leaving him hanging. Instant favorite.

Wasn't expecting this, but by no means unappreciated.

Oh my, what do we have here, Doc?
Edit: Unlike XY Chromosome this story seems to have a LOT of space to expand upon.
Makes me want to actually sit down and write a spin-off!
So wonderful.

Can't write much of a spinoff if the story hasn't really gone anywhere yet.

That's where you are wrong, Doc!
The story already has a basically complete background. Writing a POV story, similarly switching between a pony and a human, is child's play! In fact, I have already written similar premises, altough with some key differences. (Read: Ponies are, well, ponies. Not anthros.)
Regardless, I only need a spark to work with and man, this is a sparkler! :D

The only things stopping me from just jumping at it are a lack of permission from you and knowing where the base story is heading. Can't write a spin-off without merging timelines! Unless you want a paradox. :I

It's very interesting and certainly has potential but where exactly are going with this? A regular student manages to hang out with a busty pony that grows into something like he's going to have a harem filled with gorgeous pony bimbos?

I already have a story like that. I'm gonna try to keep this protagonist on a shorter leash.

I was concerned this was going to be another Xy Chromosome. By shorter leash you mean its just going to be a couple dates?

I just stumbled upon this story by accident and holy shit, that cover art reminds me of my wife!

Great story by the way, have a like.

I can't wait to see where this goes.

Oh my Celestia :trollestia:
This is the first story that you have released since "Xy Chromosome" all the way back in 2013 :pinkiegasp:

I loved this story so far and can't wait to see what happens next and where it gos .I hope he can get magic and get a herd .

This is fucking amazing so far XD I love it!!!

Nice start on it. Is it just a human x twilight relationship or is it gonna be a small harem story?

wait if twilight's size was normal then what about fluttershy, rarity, sapphire shores??

Damn, if Twilight is normal size for Ponies, just how Large are the bust of Princesses Celestia and Luna then, not to mention Queen Chrysalis and Princess Cadance, those four mares must have some of Equestria's largest busts around.


So that picture of Twilight you used for this story, about what Cup Size would you say that would be, I think in the Triple range myself but Triple what letter cup size then, I think somewhere in the middle of the alphabet like K through M, but since this is your story you would be able to tell what size it would be for Twilight, then you might double it for the Alicorns and Changeling Queen.

Lemme put it this way, it’s common for mares to get breast reductions in this story.


HOLY BUCK........Well of course the Alicorns won't go and do that, after all they want Stallions to look at them all the time and I would think Queen Chrysalis could easily find Love for her kind if they moved to earth, after all what human guy wouldn't want to be with a Busty Mare even if they do look like a Sexy Bug Pony, I know I would love to get one and with how large her hive is I bet there are a ton of Changelings that would love to go to earth then to collect love or even find a lover.

Honestly, I really look forward to seeing what happens.

I REALLY want to see Dashie in this world!

So uh... its been quit awhile now since the last chapter. Any chance of this going forward or not?

Yes, but even so this story is only second on my priority list, and we all know how frequent I update my first.

Would it be ok if my friend and I continued this story?

Fan. Fucking. Tastic. Another one goes down the drain.

Awww...that's the second story I was tracking to be cancelled. This had potential:fluttershysad:

Oooo, you should, that would be cool. Private Message him if he doesn't respond here!

I won't spoil it now, but let's just say I've been talking to Der-Arzt and we have plans.

Someone I trust to make a good conclusion to this story with me.

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