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Great Story but a quite few errors...

Brush looked on very surprised by this pegasus guard. A critical side of him wondered how much the armor they wore was actually helpful and how much of it was out of some pervy desire by the Nightmares that their soldiers be basically naked. Made him wonder if they’d even be interested in a stallion. However, his libido chimed in as he eyed up the scantily clad guard and his cock was really throbbing with desire. The vermilion stallion tried to push his cock down a bit trying not to make it so noticeable but it was impossible to hide given that he was after all naked.

That was pasted in there twice, side by side.

That was the major one, with a few spelling and grammatical errors, but It's a very good story, don't get me wrong.
All you need is a good proofreader, and you'll have yourself a a fine story. Have a like!

Oh hoh hoh hoh HOH, what did I just stumble across? Dios mío, this ticks me right in the fetish!

I'm sorry, but the grammar was just intolerable.

So did Brush really knock up both Nightmares?

If you're talking about like if they're gonna have his babies, we haven't thought that far ahead. You could almost look at this being basically the same as a majority of porn where people bang but we don't see any of the major repercussions like pregnancy and such.

Pfff I am can be the same big sex machine to any mare who stand against me about sexy fun. But again Brush Strock made an amazing show to giving lots of sexy & good show


Okay then, so how long until the next update?

Still waiting on updates

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