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This is way hotter than I admittedly thought it'd be.

YES! Go and get your reward! :D

Cant believe im saying this but i would like to see a continuation of this story. The RD and AJ chapters aspecially.

reverse bjs

In Soviet Russia, penis sucks you!

Yeah, that’s all I’ve got. A Yakov Smirnov joke. ‘Cause I’ve got my fingers on the beating pulse of today’s youths.

That was amazing. 🐍/🐍

That was fucking amazing

The things I read on this site. I swear...

The most normal store you ever wrote on this account

That was very sweet!

He got the better deal. :D

Pfft, no. Silly Anon, you were inside. Pinkie's ass, that is.

So did she come back to life like Zephyr said she would or...?

Ya stole that beginning from monster musume.

Woof, that was actually kinda creepy. Knowing he could get munched on any moment.

What's a reverse bjs?

Exactly what it sounds like. A blowjob, but from the other way. Dick poking out of mouth

...but the candles took three days to enchant so they can't rebooty call tomorrow.

They're also not used up entirely. Anon wouldn't be able to summon a new apparition with those candles, but since her will and spirit are already connected and intertwined with Twilight's, it takes significantly less magical energy to summon her a second time.

I mean, as long as the fantasy pony demon porn is consistent.

I have to say, I originally skipped this chapter 'cause it didn't seem like it'd be sexy...
But I underestimated Rainbow Dash's hotness I guess
And your good writing

That was so adorasexy
lovely job!

My propensity and passion for necrophilia shall not be overlooked

I want to slay all the monster mares, and to erase their souls.

There's not a single one of these six girls that would hesitate to eat you alive and spit you out.

Well that took a turn.

Succubutts a shit. I'm sorry, but it needed to be said.

I don't know what that means

...Hey, i don't want to fuck corpses.

If you don't want to fuck a corpse, then you need to get some sexier corpses

Well fuck this could be a whole story all on its own. Anon eventually learning why the single strongest mage that would ever exist, became a hugely overpowered sex demon. Also question, from what I know about the biblical version. Satan himself requires a ritual for that kind of body modification, and Twilight did that on a whim, the fuck. On an unrelated note, I love the idea that demons that get free of their circles are so common an occurrence that they can just go get a pizza, they way she said it, suggests no one would question it. “Hey, aren’t you a demon,” “yup,” “huh, kill the dumb kid or no,” “nah, I’m not as vengeful as most,” “well good on yah for setting an example”*glares at other demon at a table*”others could learn from it, so what’ll yah have.”

In this universe, Twilight was always a demon. She was formerly allies/rivals with Anon's teacher, Celestia. The two haven't seen each other in quite some time, and Twilight wasn't quite as strong then. But now, Twilight and Celestia are arguably the two most powerful beings in the realms.

Escaping demons aren't especially common, but they're not the rarest occurrence either

That would still make for a great story and the fact that the escaped demons are common enough to go get a pizza unhindered is still funny as hell even if it’s not really common. On a side note did he actually believe that summoning the most powerful demon to exist was good for PRACTICE. Or was he completely unaware that she made her own king look like a pansy ass fuck

In my head, Anon heard tales of Twilight from Celestia, and thought she was exaggerating her power because A) Celestia loves telling a good story B) Wizards are a dramatic bunch and C) Anon is a 20-something single adult male, and Twilight is a succubus. It's not exactly rocket surgery to work out what happens when you combine the two, and Celestia didn't want Anon to be distracted from his stories by otherworldly magical pootang pie.

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