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This story is a sequel to Green and Friends - Prologue - The Origin

Green is now getting used to his new life. Chaos, fun and love: The usual. :twilightsmile:
Pre-read and minor editing by anon26182 (Chapter 1 Part 1), Shadowghostalax (Chapter 1 Part 1-3) and Element Reading for Chapter 1 Part 4 to Chapter 2 Part 2.
Currently edited by Speculore.
Story cover by https://twitter.com/BitAssembly

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Immediately after the Dazzled play finished and everyone prepped for the after party, a delivery boy shows up with four bouquets for the CMC and Rainbow Dash respectively. Sweetie knows hers is from Button Mash, but the other three are not so easily solved. Now, while the party is in full swing, it’s up to Dash, Scootaloo and Applebloom to get to the bottom on these mystery senders.
Takes place after the play. SPOILERS for the Choose your own Adventure series.
Pre-read and minor editing by anon26182

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The Origin Story of the our hero. This is the beginning of the story. Please read this first. I had the help of snipinexpert with editing the story.

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