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To be honest I just write this storys for the goofy titles

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thank you, sir, you gave me something I always wanted super slut ponies. 

You should do a chapter where Pinkie Pie and Sugar Belle competing to be a Creampie Queen Of Equestria by all stallions participating.

Ok, you know what, lets give this a shot.

I think I have to go to bathroom, also I wonder how she became such a size queen, I going to blame the princess for now,

A good idea! And pretty well executed.

Couple criticisms though:

The bits in brackets seem redundant to me. Shoving in "(at 11:30 am)" ruined the flow of that sentence. Likewise, "(except Applejack)" is completely unnecessary, you can expect the audience to realise AJ isn't going to shout her own name when she shows up.

Breaking the fourth wall really threw me, when you mention "that one episode". I don't think referring to the show itself is needed in a fic unless it's for ironic or comedic effect because it completely breaks immersion.

Aside from that, I really enjoyed this, it was hot!

Dash has huge tits and wants sex...WHERE HAS THIS BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!

Keeping an eye on this and hoping Spike gets to have some fun with the girls.

Really fun story! Casualized sexual society stuff like this really benefits from a sense of humour, and there was definitely plenty of that. Looking forward to the conclusion.

It’s been quite some time since the first chapter was posted, is the story even still active?

“I’d like to be between a fuckslut and a double penetrator! Hay-O!” a random stallion butts in. Crate gives him a high five so fucking loud that they can hear it over the music next door. The stallion leaves clutching his forearm.

Mybe... err Underlust ... , not bad ...gave me ideas

While I myself am not often a fan of body parts being so enlarged, I must say this is a good story and I am eagerly hoping for a second chapter. :twilightsmile:

Coverart sauce: derpibooru and search for ID:1545153 (NSFW)

“Babe, could you please open your cervix?” Crafty asks as he rams his cock into her with increased torque. His flare strains against the aforementioned cervix, threatening to break into her feminine temple if not given willing access. At this point I’d like to remind you that this is a biological function of horses, do your research.

Huh, i didn't know that
Clopfics: teaching you new things since... whenever it was that they started

I concur! Clopfics are highly informative, and way cheaper than a formal education.

Yes, truly a marvel of modern society, it is a shame that such method is widely unknown

I don’t know dawg, I’m about 1500 deep into a scene about another slutty brunch, the morning after these events; not unlike the first chapter with a yet different set of ponies present.

So you know…MMMaybe by 2020, but who knows when it comes to matters such as these.

And I hope I almost forgot this thing even exist

any idea when we can expect an update and new chapter?

Any eta on the next update?

Very nice to see how the rest of Ponyville functions and how accepting everything is sexually.

Comment posted by Bathspounge deleted Aug 3rd, 2020

Minor typo, stripped, not striped.

God i hope we get more, like for example, Spike x Twilight with Spike getting paid by getting a turn in all 3 holes.

Comment posted by Tania tokustar deleted June 22nd

Was a new chapter accidentally added today and taken off?

Lil Miss Jay. It says as much in the description, although I believe they're also using the moniker Jynx at this time. Unfortunately the artist signed in the bottom corner, and I had to edit it out with Twilight's crotch.

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