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But Tiamat is a female dragon's name...

Is it? The name was actually a mispelling of the actual name, but I had no idea it was female. When I asked if I should fix it he said I didn’t have too.

Interesting so far but when finding out its a commission it quickly killed my excitement. Fics like this tend to end in two ways:
1, the commissinor decides to stop it for unknown reasons.
2, they run out of money and it just gets left in limbo never to be finshed.
This is especially true for multi chapter fics such as this, the future is not looking bright.

The name Tiamat is not a misspelling. It's one of two things; the name of an ancient babylonian goddess who was possibly depicted as a dragon, or the name of the DnD character who is a female dragon goddess. Either way, female.

Still, either way, it's your story. I just wanted to point that out.

I meant a mispelling of the original name, “Tamati.”

Oh. Then perhaps it's just an odd coincidence that the misspelling turned out to be an actual dragon's name.

yeah i knew it from the start but be kinda weird if i used my real name

It's kind of distracting for the character to be a male dragon with the same name as the notorious female dragon goddess from D&D.

honestly, I think you're right, though I find it distracting in a good way, laughing at the unintentional joke is pretty fun. :rainbowlaugh:

Since it seems to be a big a thing to a lot of people, maybe I’ll make it a joke in the story that his mom wanted a girl and that was the name he got stuck with as a result and adds to his motivation to be seen as a dominant, nasculine dragon in spite of his name.

Nice, sounds perfect. sounds good to me, I do enjoy it even if you weren't aware of the names having an origin. :twilightsmile: (Leave it to us nerds to point the name out hehe! :rainbowlaugh: )


Tiamat was always pretty dominant as the goddess of evil dragons.

I love this story and can't see the next chapters in the future.

Excellent. Can't wait for more!

Eh, if most of the fandom could latch onto "Artemis" for genderbent-Luna's name, I don't see why this shouldn't work. I wish it hadn't, but Sailor Moon proved too influential.

I never had a negative issue with it, it's to fun to not love it.

Neat but some of the paragraphs are REALLY long. You should avoid having them be over 3 lines long and only make rare exceptions for them being past 5.

hot. I do wonder what he did to the males of the hive though. He needs to have them under his control as well in some way.

Also I would think the way to break the mane 6 is to seduce them. However he would need to be subtle. If he can turn them into harems one by one the power of harmony is broken.

“But this time I don’t think I mind it,”

I think if he was trying to prove his dominance he would object to Twilight giving him orders. Taitin is trying to get Spike to his side right? Since his loyalty to Twilight is born out of submission it would make sense to make him dominant over her to cancel that out.

Interesting take. I was kind of expecting him to seduce the mane 6. After all a chain is only as strong as it's weakest link. Going for Twilight makes sense as well as she is a big part of keeping the mane 6 together.

So is what Twilight said right? Is Spike only a project?

I admit this chapter was a surprise.

Stories with mind controlling objects don't usually have their bearer helping another get laid with just advices and tips.

Hard to say. She wasn’t quite herself when she said it, although this is an alternate universe too so things can be different here.

Well, for Tamati, all’s fair in war, but when it comes to love and matters of the heart there are no shortcuts and you gotta make the effort.

Well, Tamati didn't ask her to lie... was it maybe part of the truth?

Possibly. In this darker version of Equestria, it could be very possible ponies were attempting to find a means to tame dragons.

That's going to be an interesting conversation to possibly have in the future.

So did Spike's love for Rarity completely switch to Sweetie Belle, or is it going to become a three way relationship?
Because I'd kind of prefer the second (though that's more the Sparity shipper in me than anything else)

Sweetie Belle is just the start. Spike’ll be getting lots more to join his harem before long.

I love the idea of this but the anthro aspect just doesn't appeal to me

Sorry to hear that, but you can’t always please everyone.

Just makes us more unique and life less boring lol

It also makes sense in other ways. Maybe Celestia wanted a lover who wouldn't die of old age (a common motive for her in fanfics) but who wasn't boorish like most other dragons.

On second thought, Tamati might be overcomplicating things. He could simply go to the Princesses and seduce them into being his consorts.

Maybe he is just wasting his time taking the scenic route to complete domination, but he’ll probably enjoy himself as he works his way up to them.

So I decided to give this a chance and other than a few grammar errors, I must concede that this is well done enough that I'm gonna make this an exception to my general dislike of anthro stuff. You've won my follow. :moustache:

I am honored by your watch and humbled by your Spikestache my good sir. :moustache:

“I’m not part of your harem,” hissed Cid. “Now, get off.

That almost made laugh real hard

I never thought about shipping those two before

“This place appears to have been a temple built by the Zeikah Tribe, a tribe of Zebra who were said to be able to see beyond the darkness to the truth. Legend has it, those of the tribe scoured the world for objects of darkness to seal them away from the light where they could do no harm. Those symbols all over the wall are their insignia and I doubt it’d be all over the place if that wasn’t the case.”

“Looks like a crying eye,” commented Spike as he peered at a nearby one. “Kind of creepy.”

That Legend of Zelda reference, tho'.

That ending! Haha! Looking forward to more.
Keep up the good work. Deus tecum.

I'm kind of torn between wanting his plan to succeed and someone stopping him at the last second.

Win or lose, the most important thing is the fun he has along the way.

I wonder if Celestia and Twilight friends could share Twilight view? Let's say Pinkie ask the innocent question of "Where is Spike" or "Can we visit him?" and maybe the rumor of the "illegal for ponies tracking spell" escape.

Well, this is a different Equestria with Changelings never turning good and dragons still considered scary, dangerous beasts. Twilight’s friends might be concerned for Spike, seeing how Pinkie has been, but who knows about Celestia, if what Spike has learned about why he’s there is actually true.

I never realize that I would have a soft-spot for Tamati, being a dad sure changes things. You could have probably split these chapters into mini parts, especially since it went in detail with Tamati's kids.
Favorite Draglins is Media! She is a support Soldier! She buffs the Draglins.

Wow, Twilight you are becoming what you have set to destroy!
I gotta say I didn't expect that from Pinkie, but I am intrigued by her actions it seems that she is more open-minded than Twilight, and maybe it means that there are others who might help or join Spike, and it makes me wonder if Fluttershy would join Spike since she is the element of kindness.

I do like the contrast of how Tamati is gaining a love and appreciation for a family while at the sane time Spike is losing his own sense of that and becoming more beastly.

And Twilight best be careful. The more she’s trying to control the situation the more she’s losing control of it altogether. Maybe a chat session with her friends will help her to get a better grasp of hiw she should proceed.

I didn't realize about this until later.
Since this is adding to my previous comment. TT, RR, AJ, RD, PP, FS are the elements of Harmony, which they represented the elements of Magic, Generosity, Honesty, Loyalty, Laughter, and Kindness. Wouldn't Twilight's experiment on Spike cause a rift between her friends if they were not aware of it? In which it would give Tamati the best advantage when invading as they will be fighting themselves.

Very true. It was Tamati who first planted the idea in Spike’s head at the start and he’s just casually allowed things to progress with minimal interference on his part. Could he have planned this far ahead?

Why all fic who read the crystal empire is the first to fall?

Does he have the worst security in the world?

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