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Someone who hijacked the orbital defence grid. Let's hope it doesn't have to be used.

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Alright, I want to see where this goes.

An obnoxious thicc curvy attitude laden Gilda in the middle of "breeding season" with a thin red dinner bell wrapped around her hips?
I'm interested.

Not a bad start. Realistically breeding seasons last for weeks so Breeding Day should really be Breeding Week at the least.

Is there anywhere we can see the full cover art?

As far as I am aware, no. And it's nsfw, so I couldn't link it here even if I did know. It's from a private thing he gave me permission to crop it from.

Damn, I've seen other good cover art by Ebony and always wondered why I couldn't find them. Any chance you could just email me the whole image personally or is that out of the question?

I'll ask the guy if he'd be willing for me to share it

If it's on Derpibooru, you can type the image number up. That's not a direct link.

I'm familiar with that caveat to the rules, but it's not on Derpi. Ebony has it hosted elsewhere privately

Ooooh can't wait for more

Can you please ask him one for me too?

Hey, when is another chapter will be out? Want to hear more.

At some point. Life has been too chaotic for me to get in the groove of writing at the moment. It's started, but nowhere near ready for release - maybe only 10% of the way there.

Okay, understood. And hope things gets better for you. No rush

While this does make me happy, I can't help but feel you could have just made a blog post about this.

I could have, but very few people read blog posts in comparison to a temporary update chapter. Figured I'd send word out farther and do this.

Hope you survived to 2020 I also hope that new chapter is almost done

I hope we get more soon. I want to see Gilda pumping out eggs~~~

Comment posted by Bromad deleted Feb 14th, 2021

Hope you doing ok.

Sorry for the rush bud. But did you got the chapter finished, mostly. And is everything alright?

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