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Drag Orion


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This was...a surprise for me, lol. For anyone seeing this review, take note, this is not erotica, but a comedic sexromp that is in all honesty, very amusing.

I like the concept and there are actually sweet moment with Spike and Ember. The writing, while having a small handful of typos was pretty good. If you have a since of humor and don't mind a sex/orgy centered story, this is a great read!

we need a sequel maybe a stroy about garble and rarity

Glad you enjoyed it. ^^

That could be interesting. Maybe something involving a fashion show and crossdressing.

Every Day is Spike Day!!!

Yay another clopfic with Ember! Clopfics with dragons are my favorite!:moustache:

Sidenote: We need new Spike emojis.

EDIT: Kinda disappointed due to the lack of sex. I think what could've helped this out a lot is to have done separate chapters for each pony (and Spike) and each of them showing what they did during the orgy. Personally I was really interested in the dragon Twilight was having sex with while taking notes. That and what Spike and the other ponies were doing.

Sure it probably would've required more work, but the result would've been much better in my opinion.

EDIT (again): Hey here's an idea. Why not do another story that looks more in-depth on each ponies' experience?

Glad you enjoyed it. Also, Happy Spike Day!

Edit: I wrote the story a while ago so I mostly just polished up what I had on it.

I was thinking of doing some follow up stories involving the father dragons.

that was a great story, although i was kinda hopping that we'd get to see all of the mane 7 and how they have sex with there dragon lovers but non the less really great story hope to see more from you

I am planning to write a continuation with the parts involving the father dragons start with Garble and Rarity and I intend for plenty more sexy fun to come.

So basically similar to what I said? Because there were a few parts omitted from the story that kinda disappointed me. I for one love smutty Twilight.

I also kinda feel you focused too much on Rarity getting onto Garble. That could've been a chapter by itself.

It was written a while ago so I remember exactly my thought process. I think I just wanted my main focus on Ember, Spike, Rarity, and Garble at the time.

i think it could be a great story to have a sequel in involving the children growing up

That would be a fun thing to write. Currently I’m planning the sequal series around the father dragons, but that can be something good for after that.

ohhh i agree the backstory of the fathers nice also i hope for both

And thus the first generation of kirin were borne.

Lol. This got awkward real quick!

Nice but I would have kinda liked seeing Spike do more to prove his superiority over Gramble.
Also I would think that when Spike is pounding Garble Rarity would join in teasing him.

“Do you really need this many possible names?” asked Starlight looking at the mountain of scrolls behind the Princess of Friendship. “You don’t need more than one, right? And even if you were to have twins or even triplets I doubt you’d need several hundred names. Looking around, I’m sure you’ve probably exhausted every possible name anyway.”

I would think Twilight would focus on how to be a mother. Studying every single book she can find.

This was a awesome and interesting story I hope there's a sequel.

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