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Israel Yabuki

Canon x OC, that's my specialty, both in art and in MLP stories

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Comment posted by TheShadowKnight deleted Jun 14th, 2020

Well this was something a bit different. A dragon OC as the main character, banging a ridiculously well endowed Ember. Not bad. I have to say, the way Ember came off in this, she reminded me of an anime Tsundere, putting on this untouchable, tough girl front, when inside, shes just a big softy. Wonder who will be next?

amazing work my friend keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

There's a specific word count in commissions based on how many words the commissioner wants in each chapter

Careful about switching PoV, like here:

Truth be told, Volt really wanted to stay here and fuck her some more, but he was on a mission and he had to fulfill it or risk letting his own heritage end here. "So long… Dragon Lord Ember," you said quietly to yourself.

Liking how this is going.

People PM me the story they want me to write for them, I tell them the exact amount and then they pay me through PayPal once I send them my email, it's that easy

I'm sorry, but I can't rp at the moment.

So is toxic shadow gonna get knocked up in this story too or is it just cannon characters?

This chapter lacks the excessive cumflation that I was promised.

Agreed, I wanna see them blow up like a balloon~

So is Spike gonna be male or female (AKA "Barb") for this?

I care more that you do your best. Doing great!

In that very moment, Garble's world span around in circles and then he fainted and fell backwards.

Garble EXE. Has atop working

This was a wild epic chapter I hope he makes a hord of dragon girls.

This was another wild epic chapter I can't wait to see where this and who goes next(no rush).

This was a beyond epicly heart warmingly sweet and awesomely spicy chapter, this story just keeps getting better and better as it goes.

now that was an awesome chapter, I may say their going to be alot more of that in the future chapters

Great work and as always brony on

lol poor Garble gonna have a handfull with that, and Smolder meant business with Volt from the beginning.

Another great chapter you two

Graduated from 2 drogoness to a Changeling, and this story is the best spicy chapter I read, I wonder who's next in volt's love fest.

Great work you two and brony on

Great Chapter! You're doing amazing! No worries about the wait, irl stuff happen so there, so don't worry to much.

This was lovely! wonder who hes gonna impregnate next?

amazing work my friend keep it up cant wait for the next chapter:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:

This was a beyond epic chapter I hope Celestia and Luna are next.

awesome chapter, keep up the work you do and as always brony on

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