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Ah wonderful, the saga continues :pinkiehappy:

Yep, will continue so long as I have decent ideas!

I love this series.

Really going for that Gang Bang prize, huh?
It’s going to be so weird reading this series in a random order. :derpytongue2:

1) Rarity’s #1.
2) Sweetie Belle doubles the...
3) Plus Ember and three’s a crowd!
4) Smolder makes four.
5) Is this trip necessary?

I'd honestly churn them out anyhow so long as I'm having fun, but that certainly wouldn't hurt! Who knows though, could be some much faster writer waiting to drop a bunch at once...:twilightblush:

who else is getting in on this?

No one else for now, as this story's already packed! Could do some spin offs with other characters, though!

Rarity, Sweetie, and now Ember and Smolder? Count me the fuck in.

They seemed the most logical choice!

I thought rarity was a dragon too, but it looks to me in the cover image that rarity has no scales no wings

Rarity's a hybrid; claws, wings, and tail, but otherwise looks human. Couldn't really find a suitable pic for that so had to settle.

Hmmm on one hand, he gets not only two new mates and a connection to the dragon lord.

On the other, he'll be stretched thin to please all his mates and raise their children.

Rarity's heart raced with ambivalence. It's true she wanted their spawn to turn out the best they could, and perhaps they could teach her much about her new form. But she also worried it could drive a wedge between her, Spike, and Sweetie.

Rarity is very emotional so would have an immediate outburst. She isn't the type to do something stupid based on emotions like Rainbow but she still expresses it immediately.

Ember's nail tapped the azure gem in her choker. “Made a deal with a wizard. Figured it'd be neat to see how humans live.”

Don't tell me his name is Starswirl. :facehoof:

Indeed, a lot of responsibility!
I figure it was a shadier wizard than old Starswirl!

holy hot kinky!!! what next?? spike gets more gals???

Four's quite a lot, 'poor' Spike will never get any rest!


lets be fair, it would require starswirl getting his head out of his own ass to do it, and that would take alot of work.

How many more girls Spike can handle?

I like where this is going

Thanks! Working on the next chapter, but want to get it right!

Rrity's transformation may have made her a magician, released the magic in her and in the future Sweetie Belle with the books she has in addition to turning into humans again can also use and learn how to use spells, as well as their children. You can use that in future history of this saga.

I'm figuring the brands on Rarity and Sweetie contain magic that became active after mating with Spike.

Who made the cover art?

Lennon Black according to the signature in the bottom right corner.

Love the interpersonal dynamics going on, but I'm not liking how hard it's going on the master/possession angle.

Yeah, been debating how far to take that, but I do want it to be a consensual thing where they can leave any time. More of a kinky game than actual ownership in any way.

Who's next a griffin and changeling joining in later?

So Ember agreed to become Spike's possession? Can't wait till Spike meet his in-law.

Nothing's impossible in a fantasy world, but no plans for either at the moment!
Only temporarily, although Spike may meet the Dragon Lord in a sequel!

Is there a possibility of Garble appearing in the story, like Smolder and Spike invite him over and Spike offers a sort of partnerswap.

Won't show up this story, but it's not impossible he'll make an appearance later. Probably no wife swap though if he does.

Oh well, a guy can dream. Though on that note, will there be any clop scenes with male characters other than Spike? Just asking out of curiousity.

Possible in sequels, although admittedly there aren't too many male characters in MLP that interest me. Discord would be the most likely one, as I already have an idea for him.

I rather not having Garble or his gangs in this romantic building story. It kills the mood entirely.

That's one of many reasons I hesitate to use him; that and the twist of him being Smolder's secretly sensitive brother is in the running for worst idea in the show ever imo.

The only scenario that I would accept such dunderhead into this kind of story would be something like this;
Garble thought Ember got herself a new body to impress Spike. So he assumed if he got himself a human-like physique, Ember would come to him instead. Therefore, he threaten the wizard to change him but the wizard had another thing in mind and put a gender-swap timer in the spell. Garble's gender slowly change during the trip to Spike's lair and become full female just as he arrive. After that, ... well, anyone can guess what would happen after that.

Wonder how long will Ember and Smolder will completely cave in?

Dunno about a changeling, but there IS Gabby to consider

Not really a fan of her, though I've written her when requested.

The worst part of any relationship. Meeting the parents!

True, lucky for Spike that won't happen until the sequel!

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