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Young, Clueless, a dragon with hunger for a hoard of knowledge but my hoard is to be spread with friends, families and more.

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I think this is great and I think keeping them as dragons and teens work the best. I really wanted to see some Spike x Smolder stuff since we haven't really seen anything of them yet but they make a super interesting pairing I say. I really hope you keep this going and explore their relationship. I wonder if Spike would grow bigger if he kept a SMALL hoard of gems for himself in his room. Maybe equal to Smolder? I really think Smolder would bring out both Spike's more dragon side but make sure he stay sweet. Smolder seem like the type to just melt if she was complimented and have passionate mating. If he complimented her the whole time or took it slow and payed attention to her she would melt and best chance submit to him. I think also if he got her to try on all kinds of outfits she would love it. I think seeing the two of them on a date would be nice as well. I just hope before Ember comes into the picture we get a nice amount of Spike x Smolder. It is funny that Smolder seem like she would be tough or wear the pants in the relationship but like I thought if she was complimented and treated sweetly she would melt in his claw. I wonder who else Smolder will bring into this. It would be funny to see even as side story one offs, her bringing her female friends to have some fun with her and Spike. I could see a one shot with each one of them for sure lol. This story really captured my attention and hope to see more from it soon.

thank you for making more spike x smolder porn

Your profile picture matches so perfectly with your comment. It's like Deadpool is actually in his underwear giving advise about relationships and how they develop and work.

Okay, this is pretty good, even wonderful, and I'll wait with all the patience in the world for the next chapter ヘ (≧ ▽ ≦ ヘ)

Oh man!! This is so awesome!!!! I can't wait to hear more! This is going a great fic! I just know it^^

This is good. Adding to tracking now

Sorry... but no one shots... :fluttercry:
Instead... :rainbowderp: I will be putting various other shippins… :pinkiegasp: and the stories will include other dragons! :pinkiehappy:

Your welcome, Your pleasure is my happiness! :twilightsmile:

Well, as soon as I get clearance from the shipping and clop factory up north, you wont wait long! :raritywink:

I would love to hear this fic!... How did you hear it though? :derpyderp1: I don't have good hearing for this story.

Well i'm hooked, Bring on the next chapter.

well great, now im gonna be waiting every second till the next chapter, thanks for the good work

Lol meant "read" not "hear" lol but still great fic and hope you update soon can't wait

Before i read this, can someone tell me if the sex is the main focus of the story or just part of the story. I'm sorry i'm just looking for actual romance fics of this pair and not full blown lewd stuff.

There’s a little bit of romance, but mostly porn from what I’ve read. Can’t really tell with just one chapter.

Thx i guess i'll just wait for the next chp. To find out

Cute start..keeping a eye on this.

I enjoyed this and am looking forward to your next chapter.

It will be a porn but I will slow burn some romance, just gonna be a hot minute before it really kicks in

The first clause doesn't fit into the rest of the sentence right. You're trying to set the time, but that's not how you do it.

Of those pros, the only real cons that irked was that she did not wear clothes that high class schools have like uniforms(secretly she enjoyed them in private). That included a damn skirt(Which provided little cover for showing off panties when her tail was hiked.) and a blouse that gave her that ‘pretty’ look.

So, she doesn't wear clothing, and the clothing she wishes she was wearing includes a 'damn skirt'?

And the second was that she was only two dragons in this entire region

she was one of only two dragons. She is not herself two dragons.

yet the other dragon was sort of the ‘facility’ and ‘assistant’ here to the school. It was also in that same regard, that she actually developed a small liking towards him, despite the obvious signals she has tried to send to him.

In the same regard? I don't quite see what you're getting at there.

Also, sudden verb tense shift from simple past ('was', 'developed') to perfect ('has tried') rather than either more simple past ('tried') or past perfect ('had tried')

Also, through this section, you're doing a whole lot of telling where showing would be easy to do.

I like it. Has potential. Will keep a eye on this.:moustache:

Good for you Spike. Get yourself some! Great story and loved Smolder's character. Curious to see Ember's representation in this story.

More dragons = more happy

You should have more of those two in ship fics more often!!!

a story with a good start but now will the author follow threw?
the story list does not look good.

that is all anypony ask,
it just bothers me to see good story's die.

Really good start, I would love to see where it goes. :twilightblush:

This was interesting for sure. It fit Smolder to be so Tsundere about everything bu honestly I was a bit sad to see it go that route or better to say have Ember come into the picture SO soon into Spike and Smolder getting together. I was really hoping to see them have more time together and see more interaction with them. But Ember came so fast into the picture we didn't get to see some more cute moments of the two younger dragons. And Ember came in clear as day, there wasn't any burying the lead here and she started out talking about mating to him. Idk I really enjoyed the chapter and seeing their first time together and think Smolder totally make how she would react I just wish we could have had more time with just her and Spike and seeing her be all Tsundere with him and him realizing that is just how she is and liking that aspect of her. The duality of both her sides.

Embers entrance was supposed to be here... more than just a letter. Yet I needed smoldering to reflect on her descicion about how she feels about spike. The intervention of ember makes her want to try further but until the next chapter, she will learn what she must decide to do next.

This was great man. I loved it, the clip was awesome. Also can you P.M me that link?

Smolder, someone needs to teach you about the concept of Murphy's Law.
The chapter was worth the wait. Could you pm me the anthro version?

. Ember fired her flame directly up in the ceiling, while Spike’s matched her’s.

I think that should be "Smolder" and "hers".

This is definitely an good read, but the editing can be better. Take your time. There's no rush to get the next chapter out. Really looking forward to a threesome and real open feel from Smolder.:moustache:

Fate had a funny way of showing up at the right or wrong opportunity, especially those whom test it. Let the fool, be quelled by their actions, and least test fate, with their boundless words.

This is a good quote

I>>9426618 have read your other works and love them keep it up (I'm still waiting on dusk shine series tho)

think we can have Smolder in the pink dress while Spike bangs her lol

When the next chapter? because I feel that this story has potential

Build up is one of the most essential parts to good clop. This was great.

building up to a satisfying climax I hope

And they don't believe me when I say that I read it for the plot >:V

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