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Huge fan of Sunset Shimmer and Twilight Sparkle. My OC: Inferno Blaze aka The Shadow Knight

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I did not know thanks for reminding me and that is an incredible fic

nice work and how is that chapter of the wrath of midnightsparkle coming?:twilightsmile:

Comment posted by Israel Yabuki deleted Last Tuesday

Happy birthday dude!

many thanks, indeed

Comment posted by Mugen Kagemaru deleted July 19th

This is actually a surprise because it's actually my birthday as well today, SK and IY~

happy birthday to you


What a coincidence, cause it's also my birthday!!


What a nice story. Glad he liked it.

This was excellent! Israel’s such a lucky guy to have someone do this for him on his birthday! All 7 of them at once? Wonderful!

Comment posted by EvAnZeGeek deleted July 20th

ive seen more on pornhub :raritywink:

*Casually Googles how to delete someone else's comment*

Comment posted by TheShadowKnight deleted July 20th

Dude, it's a joke.

I WILL FOLLOW YOU...... on Twitter! ^^

I heard ya, it’s just I’m used to hear shit from you. So it’s part of my instincts

Also, you can be a real killer when some use imagination with their stories. So another reason.

Listen man, I'm not a bad person. If you have the instinct of expecting me being a horrible person, you'll expect me to say horrible things every single time I talk. If there are times where I'm genuinely being a good person, you'll make it seem like I'm a bad person. Don't do that.

I don't wanna try and have this argument with you in this comment section, despite me not liking this story, I'm gonna be respectful and mature and not cause a fight or scene in this comment section where people who DO like the story want to discuss about it.

Well now I know you’re being a good person! Ok! I just cannot tell because we’re communicating on the fucking INTERNET!

Alright, so I can’t tell what’s good or bad! So don’t judge me for a mistake I made.

Alright it’s a mistake, I’m just pissed at the moment! At it’s not towards you. Some of
My stories keep disappearing on my user page and I’m busy trying to figure out why. So leave me alone

Loved the story and hope you do a sequel to it, also 'Happy Birthday Israel Yabuki!' it was cool that this author not only wrote this fanfic for you but also put you INTO the story too.

I try to be a good friend. :twilightsheepish:

Hold on, hold on. Your stories keep disappearing? You sure it's not an error on FIMFiction's end?

I feel like a sequel would Take way too long to complete Who knows but great story and Hopefully Israel will remember this fun and Sexy wild story

who's the artist for the cover art?

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