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Canon x OC, that's my specialty, both in art and in MLP stories


God Bless Her Soul · 5:54pm Last Tuesday

Last night. . . my mom's friend, Vanessa. . . passed away.

Because of this, I'm unable to write stories for a little while longer. My heart's broken and I can't think straight, so I hope you guys understand what I'm going through.

And Vanessa, if you can hear me from up in heaven... thank you so much... for all the good times we shared... rest in peace and god bless you :fluttercry: :raritycry::applecry::ajsleepy::pinkiesad2:

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Sad news. . . ;( · 11:57pm May 9th

My mom's friend, Vanessa (who was like a 2nd mom to me) is in really bad shape. Some time ago, she was diagnosed with cancer and at first, she was kicking strong, but now. . . I got word she's only got 6 months to live (at most.) And just now, she left me a letter stating how close we were, like a family. I'm deeply hurt inside that eventually I'll have to say goodbye to such a sweet, loving, strong and independent, amazing lady.

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I wonder... · 4:20pm March 31st

You know how there exists multiple realities in the mlp world... or in any world for that matter? I'm not sure if you noticed guys, but most of the time whenever my OCs are introduced, it's usually in my friends' stories and not my own because I wasn't sure how they'd be welcome in my own. But when I started making Heirs of Grogar last year and it wound up being... somewhat good, I got to thinking about how you guys would like to see my OCs in another one of my own stories with a superhero

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Good News and Bad News · 5:01am February 13th

Bad news: my laptop is kaput and I'm gonna be late on my Valentine's day story

Good news: it's still gonna be published and I got a new laptop on the way

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Reach For The Light · 2:47am January 27th

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Seriously? · 8:48am January 14th

Again, I get DMs AND comments on my user page or stories on when the next stories are coming out and who is gonna be bedded. If I hear those questions again, I'll end up getting stressed out and POSSIBLY have an ulcer or something!!!

I am just one person! I have a life outside of fimfiction, so please stop asking me about the stories being published and which characters should be written about!

Besides... my laptop fan is broken and I gotta get it fixed.

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HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! · 6:32am January 1st

To all you awesome readers out there: Happy New Year. This year hasn't been the best year health-wise, but we held on to the bitter end and who knows, maybe 2021 will be better. And that gives me more reason to keep writing stories for you all, so now it's time for us to close the book on 2020 and open up the first page of 2021.

Brony on, everypony!!!

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Merry Christmas/Happy Hearth's Warming · 9:56pm Dec 25th, 2020

To all of you amazing bronies out there: I wish you all a Merry Christmas/Happy Hearth's Warming

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1200 Followers!!! WOO!!! · 9:53pm Dec 23rd, 2020

YEAH!!! Now that's some progress! You guys are amazing! I can't thank you enough!

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Top 10 Free Commission Results: (To Be Edited) · 5:57am Dec 4th, 2020

#1: Swiftheart Bolt - Swiftheart as Thor, Rainbow Dash as Iron Man/Girl, Sunset Shimmer as Captain Marvel (100% completed)
#2 Fallout Dude 50 - Fallout Shieldhunter as Iron Man, Pinkie Pie as Deadpool (100% completed)
#3 Who You Think I Am - Shadow Dancer as Nightwing, Pinkie Pie as Super Girl
#4 Yoshikage Kira - Atom Heart as Firestorm, Moondancer as Blackfire

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