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Canon x OC, that's my specialty, both in art and in MLP stories


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good intro man looks promising:twilightsmile:

By Celestia this start is dark

I just realized something, is the equestria girls waifu and anthro waifu series supposed to be in the same universe?

Aww, it would've been cool. Oh well

I knew it because I recalled a Plain crash in Rarity's Clop story.

Comment posted by shining paladin deleted Dec 31st, 2018

Whoa. That was different but a good different,

“ “You’re far sexier than even a goddess.”

I find that hard to believe

As I always say this was amazing But as always the question is “who’s next “?

I read all three chapters of this story last night and I really enjoyed it. One of the best anthro Zecora stories I've ever read.

The one thing that perplexed me was why have Naayak and Zecora make love in close proximity to Fluttershy's cottage just to freak out the residents there.

it was NineTailBeastBall's idea for Naayak to get frisky in a risky situation

you know you should the Swahili word for instead of Hindi

hindi - Nayak
Swahili - Shujaa

Okay, thanks. I was drawing a blank for his nickname at first.

Damn dude in Fluttershy's house? You absolute legend :moustache:

“She wasn’t alone, as her cute daughter, Comfy Breeze was holding her hand. In the other, the bat girl hybrid had a toy watering can, showing she intended to help her mother.

Hey! That goes to the story, The Angel that drives you Batty!

“Whoo! That was-” You stopped and grabbed your stomach as a tingly feeling appeared. Both you and Zecora widen your eyes, knowing the invisibility potion was wearing off. And to make matters worse...

It was at this moment he knew, he fucked up

Am not going to lie am very impressed with this story mainly do to one of the main character in this only spoke in rhymes that must have been a task in it self colour me impressed

yeah, coming up with the right rhymes was extremely tricky

Writing this was definitely the most painful thing imaginable, I can just tell.

Which story was he from again, I forgot.

Silver's from the Rarity story The Gem of My Heart

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