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Canon x OC, that's my specialty, both in art and in MLP stories


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Aww, this one is so sweet, I felt the tears in my eyes, too.


"And you're a sexy hairless monkey... or should I say...gorilla" she retorts seductively.

I certainly hope that wasn't a length innuendo, considering gorillas have some of the smallest dicks in the animal kingdom. :unsuresweetie:

Very sweet I hope Pinkie eventually introduce Frosty to her family…and cousin family (AJ) at some point too

8207576 She was actually talking about his physical strength, if that's what you were wondering

Hopefully Pumpkin and Pound Cake didn't hear them :rainbowderp:
Because that would be a hilarious side story of them (or Carrot and Cup Cake) having to explain the noises coming from Pinkie and Frosty's room :rainbowkiss:

8209504 HAH! You're right, that would be a funny side story

Given that Pinkie is in this one I should have expected a huge dose of cute. That mare is something special.

No story has yet to get a star from me that shipped Pinkie with someone and her alone... until now.

 "I took the gun away from the robber's hand and shot him in the arms and legs and started smacking him in the face with his own gun." If it were that easy your parents wouldn't be dead buddy.

okay, who the heck is disliking these comments?!

Jesus Christ I've just gone through I think about 7 web pages trying to find the original, how many did you write?:pinkiegasp:

About 10 anthro waifu stories, my 11th is still a work in progress.

Oh hell yes me and pinke pie, we go together.

This is why pinke pie is my favorite pony.

"The problem is that *sniff* the other ponies think I'm too childish to date." Pinkie turns around and sobs into her pillow. It breaks your heart to see Pinkie like this. You always thought that Pinkie was always such a happy and cheerful pony since you and her first met. But still, you never considered what it'd be like to really get to know Pinkie... as your marefriend. She lifted her head out of the pillow so she could finish what she has to say. "I know I love throwing parties a lot, but that doesn't mean I'm childish! Sometimes after a whole day of partying, I lock myself in my room, hoping to be with at least one stallion who doesn't think I'm too childish." she says all choked up.

BRONY USA: Pinkie, I don't even care if your too childish to date, I just like the Way You Are, with the pink poofy main and tail, that cozy light pink fur and those beautiful blue eyes of yours, you are the perfect marefreind and best pony that I ever have in my entire life (Hugs Pinkie pie) :ajsmug:

Pinkie Pie: thanks moises, I really liked it (Hugs BRONY USA) :pinkiesmile:

You really love that "Like what you see?" quip, don't ya?

I can't help it, it's just so fitting?

I can think of a few other lines that'd work just as well.
Take MJ Watson's first line in Spectacular Spiderman. "What can I say, tiger? You just hit the jackpot."
Tell me that wouldn't get a reaction out of a guy. I dare ya!

Found a video of it. Low visual, but saves ya watching the whole episode.

she'd come home late at around 10 or

since it was downloaded from the PS4 from your birthday money.

Doesn't it make your taste buds tingle?"

"No, not all of 'em. The Cakes made their fair share."

They'd want you to keep smiling and moving forward,

Nowadays, the ponies referred to the two of you as Pinkie and Frosty:

heard the sound of the someone knocking on the door.

You hugged her back for a moment

Pinkie Pie giggled as you kept staring at her boobs like that.

exposing her her beautiful pink flower.

After speaking out your hearts,

whoops, XD I type so fast I didn't make time to correct those mistakes

There’s also some capitulation errors in there too. I just didn’t want to point them all out.

I wanted to ask if you have any plans on maybe extending Sunset's story aswell?

I love what your doing with these stories. Keep up the good work.

That would be great. Im not saying its bad or anything but all the other ones follow the 3 chapter format and it would feel a bit out of place to leave it like that.

Love the new cover art! Suirano is always a win.

“Still being stubborn, eh”

I plead guilty to the offense with which I am charged.

Thank you for this. Really. Thank you. It made my 4:30am... XDDDD

Their love was so lovely.
Everything was fine until Chesse Sandwich came XD

Say where's Cheese anyway?

Cheese Sandwich: * Depressed sandwich noises *

Oh don't worry, I heard that Pinkie made Cheese as her second husband. Don't fret. After all, they have their herding rule as in harem in their saying.

Geez dude I just reached the Tempest story....

Did someone made of video of Pinkie's Story with Frosty?

Also can someone make a video of Yabuki's stories that involved the anthro waifu?

I meant any anthro ponies that made their video story besides Pinkie. Like Sunset Shimmer or the rest of the Mane 6. All I see is just Pinkie's story.

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