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This story is a sequel to Confessions In The Sunset

Twilight and her friends have been married to their human husbands for years now, and decided to host a special dinner for her and friends near the gazebo as a way of celebrating their happiness, and the best part is having their children join the party, including a few royal friends

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Awe! That was so cute! Nicely done, my friend!

No problem, bud! I'm looking forward to whatever new stories you have! Along with the new chapter of "The Fashionista That Truly Loves You"!

Perfect, just perfect. Thank you.

So, the children are all anthro ponies?

most of them, but I believe only a few of them are full human but share either their mothers hair style hair color, or their eye colors and maybe part of their personality

I guess to avoid deformities or physical defects, they take after one of the parents.

for a few of them, yes. Others take after both of their parents later on as they grow


So, human with wings or unicorn horn...or maybe human with magic?

I was wondering if it's okay for you if you could do one for Starlight Glimmer.

I'll include Starlight Glimmer in the series.

I like that you tied everyone up in the end. Hope they learn about Fang and Chrysalis. Also, didn't Celestia have twins as well or am I just going crazy here? Looking forward for more and I hope this series isn't over just yet. :3

No, Princess Celestia and Platinum only have a daughter. Princess Luna and Nebula had a son

Actually, I was wrong. She does have twins, so I might as well fix it up a bit

I wonder another one of these with Princess Cadence, Tempest Shadow, and Queen Chrysalis

I don't know when that special will be published, but I'll see what I can do

I can't believe the name of Twilight and Beau daughter's name is my OC's daughter name with Twilight is Moonlight Sparkle

I had no idea, I was just trying to come up with a good name for their daughter

It was a good story but you left out chrysalis

She wasn't ready to go out into the open.

Someone should make fan art of this.

I welcome the idea. Anything goes for their husbands

A very wonderful story.

Say, when will you redo Princess Luna and Sunset Shimmer's waifu stories?

As soon as my editor and I finish up Spitfire, but only when he's ready to edit

Twilight’s significant other = “Beau”


Edit: I promise you guys I picked my name long before I found this site

All right, got my notebook, got my headphones,

L E T ' S D O T H I S

Awww, it's so fucking wholesome!!!

AGH, my heart cant take it...

She's the bad guy who tries to take over Equestia.

No, not just that. She barely opened up her heart to a human. Redemption takes time

Yeah but she got turned to stone along with the other two in the end.

I'm gonna fix that, okay?

Well, now that you mention it, Things have been getting rather wild since there were sitings (sightings) of another human in Canterlot other than me and Nebula. We did a little investigating and found out from the modeling mare herself, Fleur that she has that very same human living with her." Platinum says.

"Seriously? I thought Fleur would be getting married to Fancy Pants." Silver says. (That's what I was thinking. I thought she and Fancy Pants were dating or are a couple or something since they are close in the cartoon version and the one from the relationship article and quote, "From 2016 through 2019, Jim Miller's identification of the relationship between Fancy Pants and Fleur de Lis went from unknown—assumed dating, but unconfirmed[12]—to dating[13] and having "a robust Air B&B Rolodex."[14]. What's robust air B&B Rolodex mean anyway).

Where does this chain of stories start?!

It starts with the Twilight Sparkle story. It's called A Love Stronger Than Friendship.

"Have you figured it out what it's going to be?" Fluttershy asks.

It's going to be a handful, that is what it is going to be.

Right on cue, "Cheese!" everyone says. The flash comes out of the camera on the very instant. Twilight walks back to the camera to see the photo. She checks it and sees everyone smiling. She's glad that not a single man or pony got left out of the picture. It felt good to know how much happiness was into hers and her friends' lives and hope that in some small way, other ponies would find their special somepony, too.

*Meanwhile in the background*

Photo bomb

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