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This story is a sequel to The Rhyming Beauty

Twilight has invited all of the people with human lovers to her castle to celebrate the New Years Eve with her and her friends in order to make up for not being able to come over for Hearth's Warming. Though, when the party gets going, she's gonna be really surprised in seeing how many humans are in Equestria.

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nice work.:twilightsmile:


That was a great surprise. It is nice to see how the others are doing and I really hope you continue this series for as long as you see fit. Happy New Years to you sir and many more amazing stories.

Genus, Can you explain me why Fleur is not mentioned in this story? (Twitches) :twilightangry2:

nice work!
Is chrysalis going to pop up again at some point?

Awesome story but where's Trixie

I knew this day would come I have been looking for it for a long time well done Israel and ninetailBeastball can't wait to see what you got planned for next year keep up the good work guys

Awesome work but we did see Queen Chrysalis and Fang’s children yet unless i missed on Zecora’s story. Freedom Feathers one thing came to my mind was Attack On Titan the Scouts logo Wings of Freedom

I think NineTailBeastBall and I forgot.

forgot forgot, FORGOT!! Do you have any idea What your are upsetting?

good work keep it up

Calm down, calm down.

I talked with my editor, he said that he wants to know what Season 9 has in store for us. That's why not all of the characters were included

Well thatn, looks like the Modecan Navy has Been Upset to hear that Fleur was not mentioned
But since you mentioned Pinkie pie and the Modecan Army has been happy my guess is that we will Let you off the Hook For Now

Because we didn't want to Loose our Clop distributor.

Aw man oh well good story

Dude you’ve really outdone yourself excellent job!😉

I hope we get to hear from king fang and mystic again soon, they're my favorite characters

as a Question where is Emily, we received Mentions of her in the story but she has yet to be seen, all i saw is Spike and Flamethrower, is she okay?

yeah, she was just blending in with the crowd

Suggestions for your next Waifu stories.

1,Cherry Berry.And a human who is also a pilot.Make him former U.S.Army.A chopper pilot.

2,Octavia.And human violinist.

3,Bon-Bon.And a CIA agent killed during a mission.

Thats all for now.Hope this helps.

Most of the kids were all running around, having fun, playing tag or hide and seek. Of all those with human husbands, Shujaa and Zecora’s child was the only one who has yet to be born, but they did learn that their child was going to be a boy and decided on naming him Rafiki.

Sounds like he's going to be 'monkey'ing around! :rainbowlaugh:

And let's not forget DJ 3 Pon. The one with the headphones and glasses.

Hey, what Shearing Shimmer look like anyway? You know, the son of Ignis and Sunset?

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