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Israel Yabuki

I like drawing. I've been writing stories for about a year now and I've been getting a lot better thanks to everyone's support. Like I always say, brony on everypony.



Twilight and her friends have discovered that there are 6 more Elements in Equestria and is sent to find the 6 chosen spirits of freedom with the help of their friend, Sunset Shimmer, who has graduated Canterlot High School just recently and is now a permanant member of the team.

added genres: romance and sci-fi

Chapters (11)
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I never read the first one, so not sure what to expect.
Bu i vote for Spike finding another mare or dragon to lvoe, sicne Rarity just taking him for Granted.

So you're starting from scratch, huh? I can respect that and that was pretty good the way you added that song near the end of the chapter to make this story more believable.

8187912 I wouldn't be so sure, I mean, this story still remains to be only a story until the readers say it's considered an improvement. I made too many mistakes with my old Rise of Equestria series in a way that it didn't make sense at all. If there's any mistakes in this story, I ask for the critics' and the readers' help and advice on what I should make in the next chapters in order to improve the mistakes I made in the previous stories months ago.

8187923 Sounds like you've been learning from your past mistakes, man. You've definitely earned my respect and a new follower

8187654 She'll stop taking him for granted later on in the series. It just takes time

8188827 Takes time? What do you mean?

8195157 I'd rather not spoil it, otherwise it'd take all the fun out of the story. You'll know soon when I've finished up with this first series

yeah, my old one didn't make sense so I had to delete it. My writing was sloppy

I like the idea of this story and I'm interested to see, where this is going!

Nice one!!
And nothing to thanks for! :)

Keep on rockin'! \m/

Trust me, guys, the idea of Melodia wasn't mine. But if you want to know more about her, I'll gladly tell you in my blog.

Hi guys! I'm actually the person who created Melodia, she's my OC that Israel and I agreed would fit as the being of containment and slavery. Follow me on discord, Skype, here, and Google hangouts! Just pm me if you want info on how to do that!

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