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Princess Celestia had a son whom she lost at birth. But due to the interference of the infamous Grogar, the young prince was resurrected with some minor pros and a lot of major cons. When the demon ram is confronted by two of the most powerful entities in all of Equestria, the stakes could never be higher for the young prince... and quite possibly the human world and Equestria.

Added tags: Sad, Romance and Dark

Disclaimer: TheShadowKnight agreed to help me with this story. Be sure to follow him for a job well done on this story.

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This is a good start, his curse, his journey to the human world in search of his friend, and one that brought my interest, a wager from the three entities for his fate.

I starting to like it already, I be waiting for the next chapter, Good work guys and brony on

It hurts when a child would loose their parents. But it hurts more when parents loose their children. Especially mothers. One example is Mother Mary, who gave birth to a son she loves and cares, only to see him get beaten and hammered to cross as he dies...it hurts...

Yes, it was tragic. But he died for our sins. If that isn't noble, then I don't know what is


So far so good, though I already known that a demon like Grogar would be sneaky, and very creative on Inferno's part

Though I was surprise that both Isreal(you) and Blazing are victims to the disappearance

anyway you guys did a fine work and keep it up

Great work, Especially on the part of Flash Sentry, he must be scared that he should end up peeing his pants and he run off crying lol

"Well, okay if you saw so." Eternal continued eating his burger like normal.

Do you mean Say not Saw

love it so far, though their are a couple of errors in their but it should be easy to fixed, if needed.

seems like things are going to heat up, with the shadow night at work, Twilight's love triangle, and now the young prince curse becomes known, I wonder where it all played out.

Anyway, good work and brony on

Comment posted by Water Storm VA deleted Jan 23rd, 2020

I don't know what I said. Sorry.

This chapter is very good as I review it, after all that was happening, this one got me intensify with Eternal's condition and the emotional impact that comes with it. And good work on my OC bud, I work perfectly in the chapter

Great work and brony on

Seeing thing goes down since the last chapter, Grogar and the entities are stepping up in this situation, and now everyone is on the edge. I do find it funny how Timber is now after the break up lol

can't find ways to say anything else, but the chapter is getting good, good job

what'd you think of the "puny thug" bit?

the guy who steal the jewels, he act like one of the stupid crooks you see on tv, And yeah, I know that reference lol

*blindly jumps into the most recent chapter*

Moments have passed since the group safely secured Heat Blitz, saved a Drakai from death and continued their search for Eternal Flames.

... I think I'm on the wrong website.

Are you freaking kidding us right now

The chapter title explain itself for this chapter, As the love intrest grew, only the shadow knight and starlight were the first to open up. and as the even and eternal's curse, shit hits the fan for everyone, I can say that the plot thickens as the next chapter comes

good work

PS did Pinkie has decide to break the forth wall again, im sure that she have mention you

Love it, and the plots thickens too

Good work, keep it up

Now that the chapter is in it's hype now, not only my OC is doing his part but things have turn for the worst and the fate of the 5 missing people. we all must see how the group must do to save Eternal and the two worlds.

Great work you two, and brony on

Then followed behind them, where the Pillars of Equestria; Starswirl, Rockhoof, Flash Magnus, Somnambula, Mistmane, and Stygian.
You forgot Mage Meadowbrook

oh hell yeah, Love the battle chapter you made, Everyone and I mean Everyone all came together to fight to save two worlds from the demon army.

Pinkie has point us out on the reference lol.

And finally, it's good to see my waifu Tempest making humor on teasing Princess Twilight before battle

Excellent work and brony on

awesome, the battle is over and Grogar fall, Though the outcome is a tragedy, but everyone pulled together and continue their lives in the end.

Great work and brony on

Did I die mother******

. . .No. Your OC is still alive.

Comment posted by Carlosesunbrony deleted May 31st, 2020

Seems like the story is not over yet, a new plot twist has taken root

man the final chapter got dark at first, but we can all see that this is a foreshadowing for a sequel. What fate lies from this event

Awesome work and brony on

It’s my OC, he sacrificed his life to save Heat and Eternal

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