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After the defeat of Czar Baldy Bald the Fifth, Bobobo and the gang gets a much deserved vacation. However their vacation quickly goes south as things start to hit the fan. And what I mean by that is that a raging thunderstorm dawns over our heroes. And in a failed attempt to try and combat the storm, they're struck by lightning... how surprising. Anyway, this was no ordinary lightning strike, this bolt was embedded with magical properties.

Magical properties that transport our heroes to a different universe. At that time though, in a land known as Equestria, it is in a dire state. Many ponies are either missing or dead, and everything is falling apart. And it just so happens that Bobobo lands in Equestria. Will the gang be able to save the place from what ever has befallen it?

Believe it or not, the cover art is by me. Crappy first time I know, but I hope to get better in the future.

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Yes somepony remembers Bobobo-bo bo-bobo

Upvote and fave because Bobobo-bo bo-bobo.:moustache:



And I'll never forget it!


Yes indeed.

Whoa. No way. Upvoted just for existing.

4946108 Watched Every Episode 5 Times In A Row

Comment posted by The Avenger deleted Sep 3rd, 2014
Comment posted by The Avenger deleted Sep 3rd, 2014

4946108 I was wondering when someone might do a Bobobo-Bo Bo-Bobo fic. I remember seeing that show. I still remember one scene form a particular episode. I think it went something like this:

Don Patch: *pointing to an imaginary sunset for Jelly Jiggler* We'll have stars in out eyes!

Gasser: I'll give you stars! *punches Don Patch in the face, knocking him down. Pants as Softon walks twords him*

Softon: Me too.

Gasser: *turns around, and sees that Softon's eyes have stars in them*

Softon: I'll have stars in my eyes!

Gasser: *shocked* Softon! I thought you were the normal one!

4946123 Wait, you did?

Trying to write in the visual gags may be a bit clunky, but the comedy is just right

Oh, look at what I found.

This story just made my day

When I saw this was a Bo-BoBo story, I had to check it out. That is my favorite show of all time.

My thoughts on the story? Well, one issue is I see a lot of syntax and spelling errors. There's some frequent errors in punctuation and capitalization when it comes to dialogue; I really, really recommend you look here for a great guide on this very site on how to punctuate dialogue.

Might as well point out some of the spelling errors I caught. Both in the description and the story, "czar" is misspelled as "zar." Also:

A vain bulged in Bobobo forehead.

Should be vein.

Behind him, was some sort lion, scorpion, bat... thing... and was looking strait at him.

Should be straight. Also, better syntax would be to remove the first comma and replace the word "and" with "that."

As for the story itself, well, it's Bo-BoBo. It's very, VERY dependent on you knowing about that show, because otherwise you'll be completely lost in regards to this story. Same with MLP, for that matter; if you're only aware of Bo-BoBo this will probably leave you confused, albeit not as confused as someone only familiar with MLP. Still, I get the feeling this story was deliberately written only for people who are familiar with both anyway, so that's not necessarily a criticism.The style is very similar to the show, although I feel it does lose something in the transition from picture to text.

Regardless, it was funny enough, and I am interested in the upcoming chapters.

Though, why the anthro tag? There's not really any anthro at all. I guess there's that brief bit where Don Patch becomes part-cat, but that hardly counts.


Thank you so much for this, I may have been writing for around two years now, but I'm still learning (and making mistakes :twilightblush:).

As for the anthro tag, that comes into play a bit later in the story.

If Bobobo, Don Patch, and Jelly Jibbler run into Discord or Pinkie Pie, God knows what would happen.

4953632 Fasten All Seatbelts! Seal All Entrances And Exits! Close All Shops In The Mall! Cancel The Three Ringed Circus! Secure All Animals In The Zoo!

I read it in their voices! Very fun.
I saw the dark tag and it made me a bit nervous so please don't make this a grim derp story?


Don't worry, really, the main reason it has the dark tag is because the ponies are missing, evil ponies and a few dark instances. That's pretty much it though


Oh don't worry, they will :pinkiecrazy:.

And what about dingoco man or soften or gaser or torpedo girl


As far as story wise, they won't make an appearance.

4955893 Darn, I would've loved to see Torpedo Girl. :ajsleepy:

Do you realize what you have done?! I am now re watching the series and have gone slightly mad.
I would thank you but it would come off as sarcastic.
Regardless you have earned a fan and will now make my demands:
1.Will there be bobobo theater?
2.Are other recurring characters such as gascan to make appearances?
2.how often do you plan on updating?
2.what is your favorite color
2.will the narrator be involved? (I think a small outro would realy make this feel more like the show)
And lastly 3. You are may ignore question 2 if it were to spoil things too much
4.who is your favorite bobobo character?
5.will it be impolite to offer critic on this?
Thank you for your time.


1. Maybe, I'm not sure yet, I feel as though it would break up the pacing.

2. There won't be any other characters from Bobobo... Except one that will appear in the next chapter. I plan on updating just when I have free time to actually write, I really don't have a set update schedule, especially with the later chapter, which will become much longer. My favorite color is blue. The narrator will not be involved... however, I will take the slight role of it, making comments every now and then.

3. There are your answers for 2.

4. Jelly Jiggler.

5. I'm alright with critics, as long as it's not all "You fucked up, you suck, go burn in a pit," that type of thing.

Oh god, this is kinda terrifying to imagine and urges me to go back and rewatch Bo-bobo.

"Whats this?! The writer of the show revealing that not everthing is as it seems! Could this be a hint of recering themes from the old series? Will we be seeing defeated enemys return as allys? And most importantly will anyone get this joke?! Stay tuned."


you Ravings, are my favorite bunny right now!

This is pure bobobo gold. It made me laugh so much. Great work.

XD MLP crossover with bobobo awesome I love it can't wait to read more :pinkiehappy:

I got a few good laughs out of this chapter. I especially liked the TV and copycat attacks.

I wander who the next pony/ponies to be turn into an alicorn?

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