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Master of dimensions... Pleaser of crowds... I am... Dimentio

Stuff I put time into.


Make contact with Regidar [X]
Get a story in the Feature Box[] :(
Get a story in the Popular Box[X]
Get over 1000 views on one story [X]
Get over 5000 Story Views(total) [X]
Collaborate with Regidar in a story[]
5 Followers[X]
10 Followers[X]
20 Followers[X]
40 Followers[X]
80 Followers [X]
Say Luna is best pony in my goals list[X]

My Two Favorite shows.

Best way to show this is to with videos!

Red Vs Blue

(Sorry MLP, I'm only here to read and write Fanfiction)

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Soooo, has he abandoned this or, taking a break?

So, I'm assuming Dimentio is your favorite video game villain as well?

1749501 It's pretty cool, though I'm not a Whoovian.

Dimentio, what do you think of my new profile pic and account name?

1748348 Eh, it's the last place anyone would look for a multiverse destroyer.

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