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    When Twilight Sparkle appears before Alex White during a storm, their lives begin to change. As the machinations of unknown foes begin to unfold, her faith is tested. One storm ends, another begins. Will they be able to overcome this foe?
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Status Update · 1:10am Sep 16th, 2013

So... a lot has gone on over the past few months.

:ajbemused:: Ah'll say.

Many things have been completely absorbing my time (mainly college). There have been a large amount of ups and downs, but finally that first stressful part is coming to a close. Yesterday, I attended my graduation where I received my Associate's degree in Computer Networking.

:twilightsmile:: Congratulations! Do you plan on continuing your education?

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idk 4 sure man. probably best if you use some foreshadowing towards the 7th element (what it might be, what it's power does, etc.)
other than that, that's all i can really say. Everything else is really great, and i am proudly following and favoriting this story.
good luck with the rest of it.


Thanks for the advice. I will be changing the description a bit shortly. I have decided that even if the title generates some undeserved hate, it will stay. I shouldn't let other's corrupt my work because similar concepts have been done before. Another lesson learned. :twilightsheepish:

Don't change the title: that will annoy the first readers. Instead, drop a parenthetical remark into the description: "Yes, this is a 7th Element story, though probably not the one you're expecting."

Hello everypony. I am new to FIMFiction and to writing in general. I have had several stories work their way through my head, but I never had the motivation to put them to ink (err, type). I really do appreciate any feedback that you can give, it really helps me become a better writer. So, if you read one of my stories and you like something about it, or you absolutely hate something about it, please feel free to say what it is.

On a side note, I have been seeing a bit of negativity being generated by my first story's title, "The 7th Element". I have been trying to decide whether or not to change the title, and description a bit, as I fear several people may have been scared off by it (there is an overabundance of played out 7th element stories). While there is a 7th element in my story, it may be better to hide the stigmata until the last moment. Any thoughts?

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