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A brony with a lot of love for the show and a lot of questions about its direction. Sometimes I write stuff.

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Bio / Thoughts While Chasing Sonic

I'm a mess of contradictions. I've been writing fan fiction for 10 years and still haven't mastered the art of finishing a story. I've been a member here since 2012, but have published few stories. I love to watch pretty ponies but I also listen to death metal. I am the picture of self-control, yet I hesitate to read some fics because I'm afraid of what they will make me feel. I really like Twilight Sparkle, yet I struggle to reconcile alicorn princesshood with her character. And some of my favorite ponies are Lyra, Rainbow Dash, Maud, and Silver Spoon, yet...nope, no contradiction there. They're just my favorite ponies.

My association with FIMfiction is reluctant at best. I love writing and I love the great stories I can read here, but since joining I've struggled with doubts about whether it's the right place for me. Some guy stole my work from somewhere else and posted it here, so that didn't help my confidence level. The thief was banned, but I didn't come back for a year.

Still, the urge to contribute is as strong in me as it is in any fanfiction writer, so here I am. Let's see how it goes.

My philosophy is simple. I write only about things that move me. Every word of every story is personal. I don't write in dialect; you already know how Applejack's voice sounds. I try not to go overboard with any particular emotion, positive or negative. I don't call names, I don't flame, and I do not downvote stories. My favorite pairings (as long as they're treated well) are PinkieDash, TwiPie, TwiSpike, and RariJack, although I may write almost any pairing if the mood strikes me.

Thank you for reading.


How to Get Featured in Five Simple Steps! · 6:19am Mar 27th, 2015

Going by the remarkable experience I have had in the last six days, here is what it takes to get a story into FIMfiction's vaunted Feature Box. :raritystarry:

STEP 1. Before publishing anything for FIMfiction, write for Fanfiction.net for nine years. Make sure your stories range from barely competent to slightly above average and are mostly unfinished.

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My My Little Pony fan wants to ask: Why you no have Scoots as picture?! Scoots is adorbs!
My Sonic the Hedgehog fan wants to ask: Why isn't your profile picture Tails! Tails is adorable! Also!

Thoughts While Chasing Sonic

Who do you think Tails is? :rainbowhuh: Amy? :rainbowlaugh:

You still here, bud?

Hey, Dusty, hope you're doing all right. :heart:

2343573 Pretty good! Finishing up some other projects and getting ready for Thanksgiving. The last chapter of 'Freaking Cold' is in my head, I just have to be in the right mood to get it out.

In the meantime, here's some love. :pinkiehappy:

Just stopping by to see you you've been doing.

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