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Ryan O'Connor arrived in Equestria a couple years back when Twilight was checking up on Sunset Shimmer. Instead of looking through the mirror of Sunset's world, Twilight looked through another and saw Ryan was about to be buried in an avalanche during a rescue mission. Without even thinking, Twilight pulled him to safety but the way home was blocked and left Ryan stranded in Equestria. To Twilight's surprise, Ryan was pretty cool with it and decided to enjoy his stay and the company of his adorkable savior.

Just a little something that came to mind before and since I'm reading a lot of Twilight Sparkle stories I'd thought I should write this down for you guys. And the cover image was great inspiration as well.
It's basically in medias res and history will occasionally be told in flashbacks and referenced in dialogue.
It's mainly going to be romance, fluff and general sillyness. :twilightsmile:

Hope you enjoy! :moustache:

Aaaand we got featured May 12th 2019 :pinkiehappy:

Chapters (6)
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Comments ( 156 )

It's nice, I like it. Can't wait for the next chapter.

"He likes me... " she said to herself and smiled widely "He likes me and we're going on a date tonight! " aaaand back to a frown "I don't know the first thing about dates! " she jumped to her hooves, a look of determination on her face "I must prepare! " she declared and flew towards the library in the castle to do some much needed research. This should be good...

"I must prepare?" This ought to be interesting. :ajbemused:

It's Twilight preparing for her first date. Of course it will be interesting!

I'm picturing him arriving to pick her up and she's not ready to go because she's been studying dating.

This story sounds cool at first sight :twilightsmile: Oh and in the long description you wrote "adorkable" instead of adorable :twilightsmile:


That was the point :pinkiehappy: adorable+dork=adorkable :twilightsmile:

Kind of feels like we're starting in the middle here, but the characters are marvelous. I look forward to seeing what kind of guy this dude is.

Trying something different this time :twilightsmile:
We have build-up in Kulaas ahrk Dovah and in "It's an RPG thing" when I begin publishing it :pinkiehappy:

this story looks hella interesting...too bad its anthro :C

You know what, I'll read it later, but I'll leave a like since it looks good, and the human actually has a name. Good luck with the next chapter!

So you won't continue reading? :fluttercry:

But that's okay. Everyone has their likes, dislikes, preferences and I respect that. :twilightsmile:

i might continue when i get time..but i find anthro is too much like just another furry..nothing wrong with that..i just prefer my ponies be ponies lol

What do you mean "now"? Adorkable has been a word for years.

Anthro is to much... says the guy with an anthro avatar pic. :rainbowhuh:

Eh I'll give it a go... but romance without sex is like guns without ammo. Plenty of cocking, but no bang.

what can i say, was a furry for a long time..it got...borish, but my avatar just carried over :D

Well you owe me a new screen, made me laugh my ass off!

He's around, don't worry :moustache:

This was sort of a "test" chapter. Seeing the response I got it's deffinitely continuing :twilightsmile:

That was really cute. The date also sounds like it could be very amusing. Twilight is going to learn again that theory and practice are two very different things.
So will the next chapter be the date, or a flashback?

By the way things are going, the reception of the first chapter will surpass the entierty of Kulaas ahrk Dovah :rainbowlaugh:
Which kinda' hurts to be honest :fluttercry:


Well, this story is more geared towards a general audience for this site. Crossovers are always a niche. Still, doesn't take away from Kulaas ahrk Dovah being an awesome story.
Besides, while comments are nice traffic and fave count are more of an indicator to how well a story is liked. Plus maybe some new readers from here will also check out your other story.

I hope so. Cuz' I have NO idea how this story will go xD I have some scenes in mind but not even close to the detail in Kulaas ahrk Dovah (as you know). Guess I'll see where the story takes me and hope the readers like it. :twilightsmile:

I am sure that the readers definitely will.
On that note, hope you enjoy writing this story.

Ryan's certainly got exotic tastes. Well at least it definitely isn't red meat, I was expecting Twilight to have to deal with pork tenderloin or summat.

That would have been too obvious. I had to choose something extra special :moustache:

Friends reference FTW.:rainbowlaugh:


Seriously though, this chapter was hilarious.

He may have spent his life on the road but Ryan knows his pop-culture :pinkiehappy:

I wonder if twilight enjoyed her food

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