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This story is a sequel to The Girl Who Makes Your Heart Flutter

A couple of months have passed since the Mane 7 found their boyfriends and have planned and set up a big pool party at one of their houses to celebrate the good times they all had together. And to honor one particular couple who are going to be proud parents in just a few more months.

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Well done my friend.

First comment here and I really like the story


Cute story.

This pleases me.

Are you going to do that Captain bird from the movie?

Okay I just remember you did the queen from the movie so was just wondering if you're doing the captain good to know and keep up with the stories I love them

Yes, Captain Caelano will have her turn eventually

I like the story but I hate the name Ulysses

I had to deal with a punk that was named Ulysses he's been pissing me off for two years now I already beat the shit out of him

Hey, don't get mad. That's my friends name, just because you had to deal with an asshole named Ulysses doesn't mean you have to hate his name. Plus, my friend who has the OC named Ulysses Hurtado is in the hospital right now because he has two tumors in his body. He said that he might have testicular cancer. I'm being serious when I say this. He's a really good person and I know it.

Oh I'm so sorry I didn't know Evanzegeek

Sweet! I look forward to seeing what the male protagonist is like! I sure hope he's an acting pirate, even dresses up like one!

He's not even in this story and it's probably not even Seth's style.

o ok thank you for this good story!!!!

o and here's a pirate song for you.

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