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From the unraveled psyche behind The Corner of (Our) Eyes, Eyes Wide Shut, and Schadenfreude, comes a new adventure comedy of horrific proportions!

Ever since Sunset Shimmer, nay, Starswirl the Bearded himself crossed the threshold into the human realm, there have been traces of magic among us. And since that time, there have been those who stood against the creatures of the dark that would seek to do us harm.

Unfortunately, right now 'those' people are a group of high school delinquents who can barely keep out of detention long enough to get the job done. Armed with medium-speed wits, a minimal grasp of magic and monsters (mostly from the internet), and whatever heavy or sharp things they can get their hands on, these boys will stop at nothing to disperse the atrocities that threaten their daily lives.

Suddenly, violently, and all over the frickin' place.

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Comments ( 505 )

For some reason, this story reminds me of the manga / anime series A Certain Magical Index.

Very promising start. Will follow this one closely.

Just from reading the description I expected this story to be set some time after the Humane Seven graduate, with a new group of CHS students taking up the reins as supernatural defenders because they are the best for the job (and the worst for pretty much any other job).

Instead we seem to get four guys who are definitely not the best for the job, but who decided to take it anyway – and more or less ignore the fact that they see the actual A-Team almost every day. It's not even that they outright ignore Sunset and friends completely, or are somehow unaware of their powers, but to them the seven are apparently just another supernatural problem; and the most annoying kind to boot because they don't get to punch it. And I like how most of the examples Rubble gives are actually incidents where they can't have been doing much more than stand and watch while Sunset and friends save (or ruin, or both) the day.

I do like the story and I'm interested to see where it is going. But wherever that is, it's not where I expected it to go when I started into it. And that's fine. And either way, the way there will hopefully lead through at least one very punchable monster face.

This. I like this. I NEED MOAR!!!!!!¡!

This is really good so far. I especially enjoy the fact that the main characters seem to butt heads with the girls due to past problems. I like this. Great work.

If I hadn't already liked this, this chapter alone would have made me. Great job.
Also, Dusty, darling, have you ever heard of repressed sexual tension? Not saying that's your problem...:duck:

Fascinating. A grimmer, grittier answer to the Mane Seven's experience of sunshine and rainbows, a World of Darkness to their Exalted. This shows a lot of promise, and it's already realizing it. Eagerly looking forward to more.

-slow clap- way to drop the ball there sunset.

Very interesting concept, an "antithesis" to the benevolent mane 7 who never encountered truly life-threatening and merciless threats.

I'm on the guys sides on this one. Friendship lesson or not, if some wanna-be conquerer or other monsters come around the corner and simply want to kill you, your friends, your family and everything in between? Well, though luck with "friendshiping" them to the good side.

The mane 7 are extremely naive when they believe that every conflict in life can be solved with "friendship lasers". If the moment comes when one of the girls end up seriously injured, because they always hold back and are naive to how cruel the real world can be... Treble would have the right for the smuggest expression of history to say in Sunet's face: "Told ya."

Oh, and Sunset is an idiot in this fic as well. She has this ridiculous holier-than-thou attitude, has the guts (like her friends) to judge others who actually have the stomach to do what needs to be done and thinks from herself like some wanna-be hero who doesn't deem it even necessary to at least apologize for her past actions.

In fact these whole. "You guys are playing for the wrong team", "You are violent brutes" and "You can't have excuses for your disgraceful behaviour forever" speeches by Sunset and the others qualify them indeed for earning themselves more and more reasons to dislike their guts. Especially Sunset.

If there is one thing most people can't stand at all than it's self-righteousness.

Wow, I have to say that this is a very unique fan fiction. I hope that you will finish it soon. Keep up the good work.

"Look, if I went around apologizing to literally everyone I ever tormented, it would take me months."
"And how long has it been since you stole the Element of Magic?"
"... So! How about those hundred-handed ones?"

Still, good to see the two groups try to coordinate. Hopefully this won't end in too much property damage and/or needless death.

this would be a great movie for some reason.

Lol awww spooks and human twilight are sweet together. and poor Treble lol

Well, he's certainly a better match for her than Timber Spruce.

In any case, I think agreeing to disagree is the best the groups can hope for at this juncture. Sadly, there's just too much built-up bad blood with Sunset for anything better in a reasonable timeframe. Hopefully they'll keep working at it without the Princess of Friendship hovering over their collective shoulders. If these groups could get along more readily, Canterlot High could become one of the most supernaturally secure locations on Earth.

... for the next nine months, anyway. Graduation never stopped being a thing.

At this rate, I expect Level Seven will be entitled "AAAAAAA".

In any case, good demonstration of both the team's experience and the intensity of the threat. Take that golem and multiply it by one hundred forty-nine.

I can sympathize with Rubble.

Hmm. Well, as far as That Which Man Was Not Meant to Know goes, something that can be killed with fire isn't too bad. Of course, the girls haven't exactly built up a cosmic horror tolerance, so their usefulness in the defense of the universe may be questionable.
On the other hand, Pinkie may get to find out if her explosion powers work on more than candy.

Also, interesting to note that the Barrier Day phenomenon may explain the thirty moon cycle that governed the mirror portal before Princess Twilight overrode it. I wonder what that override entails for the multiversal marble bag...

i want this as a fuckin' movie...
better than anything Hollywood has done in recent memory.

A historia foi xenial! Encantou o desenvolvemento do personaxe e a forma en que transitou entre escenas. A túa descrición fíxome feliz e espero que o fagas ben. Asegúrate de non poñer a salsa na roupa.

Yeah, I'd say Celestia's reponse to the ongoing shenanigans at her school is a reasonable one. Of course, this may mean that certain members of the anti-Beast defense unit may be too busy sniping at one another to focus on the fleshy monstrosities. That remains to be seen.

i love this sunbutt. so level headed.

Love your story bro keep up the good work.

Sunset, these are not the issues you should concern yourself with. If you all get arrested, that means that not just humanity but civilization survived. I count that as a win.

Also, fun fact: the average chocolate bar has more chemical energy than a stick of dynamite. I look forward to seeing Pinkie demonstrate that.

That said, how long has this cult been at it? This is multiple generations of precisely placed tragedies. They probably won't look too kindly on anyone interfering with the ritual...

“What else is new?” Treble groaned. “That girl is MAD about EVERYTHING.”

No, Treble, that's a different story.

In any case, I suppose trying to hijack the golems and get them to destory one another wouldn't end well. Not least because by the time there was enough of them to have an impact, the Beast would likely be able to assert control over them.

Still, with some luck and candy, this might just turn out Avengers-esque:

"I have an army"
"We have a Pie."

hahaha. When in doubt, get the Pie.

They were in the elevator by the time the chapter title clicked for me.

In any case, sure, let's just add another helping of chaos to what is rapidly becoming a seven-layer dip of pandemonium. It's not like it could make things worse.

Don't worry there Dusty, you get to be the all time badass worrying about the real problems instead of the drama that's going to fly when those girls get noticed by the Rainbooms. Boy that's going to be funny. Besides, who said being a hero was supposed to be glamorous?

I like your take on the human world. And I like the characters. Such teenagers. And I really can't complain about the language because I remember the language I heard in the hallways back when I was in high school (you pretty much nailed it).

If you were the script writer for a horror movie, I'd be likely to see it (and I don't even care for horror movies). This works for me.


Also, interesting to note that the Barrier Day phenomenon may explain the thirty moon cycle that governed the mirror portal before Princess Twilight overrode it. I wonder what that override entails for the multiversal marble bag...

Now that is a scary, scary thought.

I saw the title and wondered if it referred to them. I was right. I like how they pick out their dates. It's funny and logical.

I have to say i agree with Rubble's comment on Trebles and Sunsets dynamic.

In fact, Sonata had chosen a dress so close to her own skin tone that in certain lights she looked almost risque.

Pulling a Marilyn Monroe, is she?

“You don’t wanna know. Want some?” Rubble offered, handing her the glass.
She took it. “Hell yeah I do.”

HAH! Absolutely fearless. Guess being who knows how many centuries old means little discourages you.

The Sunset-Treble dynamics are interesting. I almost agree with the angry sex part. But I suspect that Sunset is more likely to end up yelling her apology and then go off on how she is angry at her stupid younger self for making those cruel decisions and stuff along that line. But not yet. Or maybe an apology in the heat of battle. The battle is coming up.

You made Sunset the tsundere. Niiiceeee.

Hmm, well I can see where Treble and sunset are going a mile away. A little too obvious but if it works, it works. Another awesome chapter all the same.

Great chapter!

I love how everyone but Treble was ready to throw down at a moment's notice. I mean Treble is mostly the one in charge of Public relations after all so him not getting the memo or outright choosing to simply ignore being already suited up, is actually really funny. I was half expecting the other three to just tell him to "get on their level" the moment he realized they all were ready to go hero.

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